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  1. I could be wrong but I feel like the host needs to be the one who has them all completed for it to count for everyone else. I'm pretty sure when I helped my friends they only got the RK5 after I helped them with REV and not after they had done it with someone else who didn't have them all finished.
  2. AC 3 required that shit for one pointless trophy, could be the only choice if it works and they don't fix it.
  3. Looking for 3 players to help with the short fuse achievement, I have most of the other trophies but I am very knowledgeable about the game and can help you with other trophies after we get this one knocked out Send me a request and mention Payday 2 in it! PSN: Footballpro52 GMT-8
  4. Still up and running, I don't expect they will be closing any time soon either.
  5. As a lot of you who have played this game already know, it is riddled with bugs and glitches, some of which can stop you from getting 100%. This wouldn't be an issue if getting all the pivots weren't required for 100% and now that the servers have shut down, making a small mistake could outright prevent someone from getting the platinum for this game. I wanted people who know of any to post them in this thread so others can avoid making the same mistakes when they return to complete the campaign. So far the only glitch I know of that can prevent 100% is when encountering the UFO side mission after starting it, leaving the mission can cause it to no longer appear on your map and will be unplayable afterward. If you know any please feel free to leave them down below!
  6. For now yes, but I suspect this won't be the case for very long as Ubisoft hasn't said anything to my knowledge about AC Brotherhood server closure since their last announcement.
  7. It comes with the Die Rise DLC and it's definitely still doable but the trophies might be a little difficult if you don't have someone to boost them with
  8. It will 100% require a little bit of grinding, at least to complete the campaign on veteran per usual, but the zombies will be your largest pain in the ass if you aren't very skilled. I had difficulty finishing it up by myself and I have been playing for years, and if you didn't know, the easter egg on ZIS is harder the more players in the match. It can be really easy if you have someone who knows what they're doing and they complete the ee and let you join the match afterward (the soul key is a physical item in the game you can pick up, even after the ee has been completed) and have them carry you through sticker pack. The one and only multiplayer trophy is, of course, the only one that's buggy, but can be obtained if you didn't get it initially after completing a multiplayer match in Asian servers I believe. Everything else is pretty straightforward and fairly easy to get if you just follow a YT guide while going for whatever you missed during the campaign but I would recommend getting zombies done first and practicing as much as you can, every match makes you a better player!
  9. It's just a bad game, had to basically force myself to finish the game 3 times and by the 3rd I was ready to never see that game again.
  10. Man you knew exactly what you were doing with this one She will be alright though, I think the game scales for each player if I'm not mistaken
  11. Black ops 3 for the PS3, Fortnite, and the 3rd is more like a goal which is to 100% all Star Wars games. So far I have Black Ops 3 for the PS3 which took me months of non-stop grinding every day to get.
  12. Until I have the 3 platinums under my belt which I believe are among the hardest to obtain. So far I have one, currently working on number 2.
  13. BEST METHOD FOR ME: Play a bunch of solo show and the first mini game should always be a racing round. Just race to the finish per usual but before crossing the finish line, if you aren't going to be first just let the other players qualify and move onto the next show. Keep doing this over and over again until you do get first place and finish out the rest of that show, as you will most likely be in a lower competitive bracket now that you've failed to qualify for multiple rounds in a row. This should help you get first place in any other racing rounds in that show and potentially even another crown if you can win the final event. As for other general tips, don't go for this trophy in any other mode other than solos because its unclear weather being in these modes requires you and your team to both get first place for it to count towards it or just you.
  14. Will it unironically pop if you do wait 10 years though?
  15. As someone who did this after they nerfed the xp gain from doing hideouts like Pike's, it is definitely not worth taking the time to get legitly lmao. It's just so much time wasted to get a trophy on a game whose multiplayer was second thought to the masterfully crafted single-player experience it was made for. It's just tedious and time consuming to get lvl 50 in RDR online nowadays.