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  1. If there are no more events, then currently, unless you have them already, all 3 trophies relating to those events: Hearts and Earholes, Community Service and More Than a Hobby
  2. So I've only just started playing this far too late as well unfortunately and getting my head around the whole "social" thing... But, I'm pretty sure every two weeks there should be a new event: the first week is open to submit mixes into the event, and the second week is voting week, where you can vote on the previous weeks mixes. However, since the last event ended a week ago, there has been no new event started. It's starting to look like even though the servers are still up, there will be no more events created 😔
  3. I still occasionally listen the MSX FM mixes! As an Australian teenager at the time, MSX FM was pretty much my introduction into Drum and Bass music. I agree it's a shame there's no real DnB station on any of the other games. I understand the decades the other games were set in, but at least on GTAV? Something like the Hospital Records station in the Forza games would be amazing! Not sure if you remember the PSP/PS2 "stories" games, but there was also MSX '98 on Liberty City Stories. Also, if you are interested, MC Codebreaker during the GTA4 era was trying to get Rockstar to add another MSX-style radio station to the game, but Rockstar said they had no interest in doing so, so Codebreaker recorded a mix and it was released as a "mod station" you could listen to. If you search YouTube for "Blueprint X" you will find it straight away.
  4. I also want to shout out @Smzthyy and @aaron_trucker19 for yesterday's session! Thanks so much for helping everyone out guys, very much appreciated! 👏
  5. So, just to confirm, all the episodes are contained on the disc for this release?
  6. Platinum #153 / Trophy #10,000 Pro Skater Returns Complete all other Trophies! Good old Tony Hawk. So yeah, a little bit of planing went into this one. I wanted something a bit special for my 10,000th trophy and decided it should be a Tony Hawk trophy. Like many others, these games were a huge part of my teenage years. I remember, long before I had a Playstation (I started late in the PS2's lifetime), I picked up THPS2 for PC - it was a collector's edition with a THPS2 cap (which I still have!) and played the absolute shit out of it, downloading old gap guides, trying to hit them all... Once I got my PS2, I picked them all up: from THPS3 to American Wasteland, but THPS2 holds a special place in my gaming memories. Originally I thought I'd have no chance at those "Hard" Get-Theres, so was planing on having the Gap Master trophy be my 10,000th, as a tribute to my attempts at hitting them all as a teen. However, once I managed to get through a few of those Get-Theres, well the challenge had started, and I couldn't give up. Literally ten's and ten's of hours later (I'm looking at you School II and Bullring), I finally managed to get lucky and pull them all off! So the plan changed from Gap Master to making the platinum my 10,000th trophy. All I needed to do now was the Level 100 Grind. After grinding away for hours and hours (pun intended), I finally hit level 99. So this is where I decided to go a bit extra for the planning of the unlock... Trophy 10,000...on my son's 10th birthday...unlocked at 10:10am (I tried for 10:10:10, but was out by 2 seconds lol) I know it's been said plenty of times already, but this game here...this is how you do a remake! The addition of new content in the form of updated skaters, the new challenge system, etc all come across as welcome additions, and in no way take away from the original experience of the games at all. Yes, trophy-wise there are a couple of pain in the arse trophies (the Hard Get-Theres and the Level 100 grind), but that just makes the Platinum feel like all the more of an achievement. Serious credit to Vicarious Visions for bringing the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise back from depths of despair it ended up in. I, like many others, will keep my fingers crossed for more remakes in the future! 🤘
  7. "Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced: Limited Complete Game of the Year Deluxe Gold Edition (contains access to GTA Online)"
  8. PRO TIP: Make sure you don't strap it too loosely so the controller swings around too much while you're going for the high score, or the only purp you'll be wearing for a while will be your set of bruised balls!
  9. The only one that comes to mind off the top of my head is a trophy in Cloudberry Kingdom: Cut the Cord - Finish a bungee level with 3 dead allies You need 4 local players with a controller each for that one.
  10. I don't actually think there is anything wrong with your main itself. I believe it would all be down to having someone matchmaking the same time as you who was around the same ranking as you. Because the game is so dead now, this may be almost impossible to manage. Even if you organise boosters, you may simply not be able to ever match with each other. I am not exactly sure what the matchmaking criteria is, so have no idea how much leadway it gives you when it comes to who it will allow you to match with.
  11. Hmmmm...I know that it's extremely hard to match up with other uses unless they are very close to you in rank. Maybe we got lucky years ago with our alts not updating onto the leaderboards as quick as they should have? The alt's will be able to match no problem because they are both fresh. Wish I could help more, but I can only put it down to this games strict matchmaking rules. Would love to hear from someone who managed to get this recently on how they managed it! The only way I could see it working would be to boost with a full tables of users, each starting at the same time and alternating wins so that (hopefully) everyone would stay level enough to continue matching until everyone was Top 50...
  12. Note: This is from my memory years ago, so I may have this completely wrong. If anyone else has any experience with trying this recently, please give any tips on how you were managing to boost this game still. I tried doing this with someone years ago now with the same issues. We ended up deciding it just wasn't worth the massive amount of hassle and gave up. IIRC, the matchmaking system will only match you with users that are really close to you in rankings. There is however, a delay (I think it was a few days?) before everything is uploaded to the leaderboards correctly. IIRC from when we tried, the alts would match with our accounts for a few days, because they were not as of yet registered on the leaderboards (we kept checking). Once they were registered after a while, they would stop matching with our main accounts. The only solution was to create a new dummy alt account. We would have needed to keep doing this once every few days, until we hit the Top 50. It's a shame, but I honestly don't think it's worth spending hours and hours on anymore This trophy would have been a lot fairer if they just reset the leaderboards frequently.
  13. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I played through once myself, and used the guide on my second playthrough (on the same game profile). Both "Cesium-133 Crystal" and "Large Donkey" unlocked, however "Eagle's Eye" didn't. I've just done a third playthrough on a new game profile and it unlocked fine this time. So my advice to anyone in the future is to make sure you use a brand new game profile if you are going for this trophy on a second playthrough and it everything should be fine 🤞
  14. I just went back and decided to complete the DLC late last year. Basically, difficulty will only matter for Jimmy's Vendetta DLC, IF you choose NOT to use the driving glitch. I decided to do it without the glitch, and yes, it took somewhere between 10-15 hours of just driving back and forth over the highway while watching YouTube videos 🤦 The reason it matters if you don't use the glitch, which I wish I had have actually researched before I started, is that the trophy for 1 Million Points is pretty much unobtainable on lower difficulty settings. This is because you get bonus points for harder difficulty, and only the highest score counts, so you can't just replay missions and add the entire score to the total. The scores for all the missions will most likely not be high enough to amass 1 Mill (I think I finished on about 650k, then needed to do a replay on Hard just for the 1 Mill trophy). ...If however you use the glitch, apparently, according to guides, the constant acceleration bonus adds up to 1 Mill "environment points" in about 3-4 hours. I did the whole lot of Joe's Adventure DLC on Easy. Edit: I should point out, the DLC are different selections from the Main Menu, and there are different save files for each, so you can choose different difficulties for the main game and each DLC story. Tl;dnr: Play the main game on Hard ("Tough Nut" trophy), Joe's Adventure on Easy and depending on whether you choose to use the glitch or not, Jimmy's Vendetta on Easy (with glitch) or Hard (without glitches)
  15. Long winded response incoming... tl;dnr: Me too. 😄 I'm interested in this, but whether I will follow through with it for the whole year is another thing lol. As mentioned above, I'm hoping it won't be a huge amount this year, and I will finally get through some of my larger games in my backlog instead. I might try and do this in 2 sections, My youngest son has just got a Switch for Christmas which means no more using my purchased digital games on his PS3 and purchasing him some Switch stuff when I can also. So I will try and keep two running totals, one for my spends and one for my spends for my sons Switch. So far this year My Spend: 12/01/2020 FMV Murder Mystery Bundle (The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and The Shapeshifting Detective): £7.99 Total: £7.99 Switch Spend: Total: £16.61