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  1. Yeah, the issue is that the game is known to quite regularly crash right at the end of a song, exactly when it is trying to save your game. If it crashes mid-save, theres a good chance that when you load the game back up, it will have corrupted your save file and will force you to delete it and start over. The major problem with that is that your GHTV stats are all saved locally - no stats are saved online at all. I've read posts from poor people who've been at like 700k-800k strums and lost everything because of one stupid little game crash 😮. I cannot stress enough, if you are going for this trophy, especially with only about 3 weeks left, constant back up of saves is crucial!
  2. I purchased a mixer to try that method as well, but unfortunately as some people have mentioned, it's just too noisy for me, especially since I have neighbours a wall away! I've just been slowly but surely persevering with getting it done manually, but it's taking forever! I was at about 250k once I'd done everything else on GHTV, currently sitting at 720k as of this morning. My shoulder is killing me, but if I manage to play 1-2 hours a day of strumming as fast as I can while watching YouTube or something, I can manage at least 20-30k strums a day. And as everyone has mentioned, make sure every hour or so you back up your save! The save corruption has already happened to me once. I exit the game every hour or so and backup both on cloud and on a USB stick. A huge pain in the arse, and I'm missing the likes of RDR2 for this shit, but I know that if I don't get this done before the end of November, I will regret not pulling it off.
  3. Doesn't change my ranking at all yet, but I have a K now: Killzone 3 Multiplayer which makes me 20/27
  4. Hi can I please be resigned up for this? Currently a Friendly Visitor with the Giants plat. Thanks!
  5. 6/10. Another one down. Manage to complete GTA: San Andreas. I now have platinums for all the different GTA games
  6. Finally gone back and completed GTA: San Andreas (PS4). Which now makes me a... *drumroll* Criminal Mastermind Now I only need to go back an finish off Gay Tony and eventually try and complete those Heists. I'm still planning on replaying GTA:SA on PS3 at some point too, then I'll have all unique GTA Plats!
  7. I would like to make a change to my pyramid if possible please: 😝😂
  8. EDIT: Well, turns out I must have been on the wrong page 😂 I'll still stick with Mafia III anyway! Nice selection of plats there, communistwookiee, seems we play a lot of the same kind of games! You have quite a few plats I need to go back to go on my list, but I'll go with Mafia III, really need to get back to that one!
  9. Managed to get another two games knocked off my list, taking me up to 5/10 complete
  10. Wow, Rango really was an easy game! I've no idea why I gave up on it last time and didn't see it through! Anyway, Plat #3.
  11. Two down now 😃 ...not bad considering I've been spending 95% of my time boosting Crysis 2!
  12. One down, Nine to go!
  13. "The Cave" (PS3) has been delisted from stores for a while now as well.
  14. Count me in! This is great idea to motivate me to go back and work on games I have abandoned / keep meaning to get back to. Here is my pyramid: Ultra Rare Guitar Hero Live (0.94%) [current trophies: 43/50, 81%] Very Rare Skylanders: Spyro's Adevnture (8.98%) [current trophies: 14/38, 37%] Wheel Of Fortune (5.17%) [current trophies: 41/46, 88%] Rare The Adventures of Tintin (NA) (13.64%) [current trophies: 37/51, 62%] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (13.04%) [current trophies: 9/33, 15%] Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (10.30%) [current trophies: 8/45, 11%] Uncommon/Common LEGO City Undercover (26.02%) [current trophies: 2/49, 3%] Life Is Strange: Before The Storm (61.94%) [current trophies: 0/35, 0%] Rango (54.17%) [current trophies: 15/47, 26%] Virtue's Last Reward (NA) (37.92%) [current trophies: 4/33, 5%]
  15. Yeah, they are saved locally. After corruption, when you load up the game it says the save data is corrupted and you need to delete it and start again to continue. I had this happen to me recently, and unfortunately hadn't backed up my save since I played last in late 2017. Had to download that save off the cloud, otherwise everything was reset.