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  1. I've only done this twice so far, both for platinum milestones, which i also ended up making nice even trophy numbers. I was participating in a Platinum Rain Day and GTAIV was one of the games I working on. Ended up being able to work that into being both my 4,000th trophy and my 50th platinum. I was really happy about being able to do that because GTAIV was the first game I ever played on PS3, and "Off The Boat" was the very first trophy I ever earned on my account. My 100th Platinum was Resident Evil 7 and I managed to work that out as also being my 7,000th trophy. Definitely something I will try to keep up in the future, but probably only for the big plats. Maybe I can try and pair up platinum 150 with trophy 10,000 or something like that? I guess we'll see when the time comes. I have thought about trying to get all my milestones to at least be games I really enjoy, but have never really bothered following through with it. I'm usually more focused on just getting what I'm playing at that moment completed and trophy milestones just come and go without me planning ahead too much at all. But I do think it's a great idea!
  2. That's ok, you could just make it the last game you acquire before attempting the square. If you are constantly collecting new games, wait until you get one that you really want to play sooner rather than later that doesn't really fit into any categories of your remaining squares at the time, and go for it then 😉
  3. This was asked about earlier in the thread. Basically, it's down to your interpretion of it. So, it could be the last game you acquired at the time of creating your list, or at the time you start that challenge, or any other way you can make it work Personally, I chose Detroit: Become Human for my square. It was the last game I had physically purchased (no PS+ freebies or digital) at the time of creating my list.
  4. Well i think it's about time for an update! Just finished Soma and since my update I have also managed to get the 100% for Rain and Happy Dungeons and the Platinum for LittleBigPlanet Karting, bumping me up to 6/25 now complete. My son really enjoyed playing through Happy Dungeons with me co-op, and it's also one of those games where you can 100% without actually completing the story missions. With the goal of this event being to complete the stories of games, I've included a couple of screenshots to show we also finished the story missions, at least on the "Human" difficulty. For February, my son and I have now moved onto Lego City Undercover as our next game, and I might work on Agents of Mayhem, and also try and get Lara Croft and Psycho-Pass finished off for a complete O, but we'll see how it pans out! Happy Dungeons: Updated Bingo card:
  5. ^ This. I still have all my PS2 games put away under the bed, a lot of which I introduced my son to gaming with on an old PS2. He now has my old PS3, and some of the games I've finished that I feel are age appropriate I've passed onto him. If I like them, he borrows them, or if I didn't like them and only got them second hand/for the trophies/to play through with him he can keep them now. Nowadays though, I have such a backlog of PS+ titles, that I rarely buy physical games now unless I want to, in a way, archive them for the future (Rockstar titles, etc), or pick them up really cheap. Once I've completed them, they are just stored away to clear up a bit of shelf room, but considering I rarely buy games at full price, 99% of the time I hang onto them after completion. There has been the odd exception, which I will sell (I'm looking at you Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust 😬)
  6. Managed to get the first few easy ones out of the way. I've decided to change my "Hype!" game from Hyperballoid HD to Hyperdimension Neptunia PP. Reading the Hyperballoid HD Trophy Guide, seems the DLC trophy is badly glitched and as I don't already own game yet, basically I don't want to spend money on a game I can't 100%. Also decided to redesign my bingo card, so all information is available in the one place:
  7. You know what, I never did get back to this collection, so this will do just fine! Thanks Evil_Joker88 😃👍 List complete, roll on 2019!
  8. Okay, so after having a look around my backlog and the games I really want to get around to playing soon, I've come up with a list. I know it's completely about completing storylines for this competition, but I'm going to go one step further, as a personal goal, try to Platinum/100% most of my list as well - will be quite a goal, as there are quite a few games on my list which will take some time! Once again, here is my bingo card: ...and here is my list: Just need some recommendations from you guys now for my I2 square and I'm sorted. *EDIT* Thanks Evil_Joker88 for the recommendation. Nice mix of game there, and a nice mix of backlog and games I haven't even started yet. Some long games, but I'm up to the challenge! Really looking forward to marking some of these off in the new year!
  9. This seems like a lot of fun. Count me in please! *Edit* trust me not to fully read the first post before posting lol. Here's my card: Some really interesting choices here, will have to sit down and see what I can come up with for some of these. Looking forward to this!
  10. Strumillionaire, and Guitar Hero TV now complete! :yay:

    1. Neeterrr
    2. masdawg1988


      Thanks :)

      You know, I'm actually going to miss GHTV when the servers go down. Some really good, fun songs on there. I really like the 6 buttoned controller too. But I don't think I'll ever replay GH Live once I get the last trophy I need.

    3. DamagingRob
  11. Managed to get Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure finished a few days ago for 7/10 now. But I held off on the update until I had some even better news... *drumroll* I have finally just earned "Strumillionaire" in Guitar Hero Live, meaning I'm now done with GHTV Only the frustrating "Ooooh, You Fancy" trophy left now, but at least I can do that at my own leisure, when I have the patience! I'm still going to just mess about on GHTV most days until the server shutdown, I think I'm really going to miss it once it's down you know. Now just a few fun games to do a co-op playthough with my son, then trophy clean-up solo afterwards. I'm already putting together my second Pyramid list 😂
  12. Yeah, the issue is that the game is known to quite regularly crash right at the end of a song, exactly when it is trying to save your game. If it crashes mid-save, theres a good chance that when you load the game back up, it will have corrupted your save file and will force you to delete it and start over. The major problem with that is that your GHTV stats are all saved locally - no stats are saved online at all. I've read posts from poor people who've been at like 700k-800k strums and lost everything because of one stupid little game crash 😮. I cannot stress enough, if you are going for this trophy, especially with only about 3 weeks left, constant back up of saves is crucial!
  13. I purchased a mixer to try that method as well, but unfortunately as some people have mentioned, it's just too noisy for me, especially since I have neighbours a wall away! I've just been slowly but surely persevering with getting it done manually, but it's taking forever! I was at about 250k once I'd done everything else on GHTV, currently sitting at 720k as of this morning. My shoulder is killing me, but if I manage to play 1-2 hours a day of strumming as fast as I can while watching YouTube or something, I can manage at least 20-30k strums a day. And as everyone has mentioned, make sure every hour or so you back up your save! The save corruption has already happened to me once. I exit the game every hour or so and backup both on cloud and on a USB stick. A huge pain in the arse, and I'm missing the likes of RDR2 for this shit, but I know that if I don't get this done before the end of November, I will regret not pulling it off.
  14. Doesn't change my ranking at all yet, but I have a K now: Killzone 3 Multiplayer which makes me 20/27
  15. Hi can I please be resigned up for this? Currently a Friendly Visitor with the Giants plat. Thanks!