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  1. Did I miss a step somewhere? Played 2 6-player games on a "fresh" PS4 system last night (4 of the devices had never played a game of "That's You" before). The game wanted to and we allowed it to update to the latest version before we started playing. Created a few questions of each device before game 2 and believe all players chose to select/use a question before we started 2nd game. No one "dropped" during the game AFAIK. Wasn't even aware you could select game length (or whether that's changed again during the life of this product). Whilst we didn't collude on each question/category chosen initially, pretty sure we got thrown into a 5-round game because remember seeing 2/5 and 3/5 display towards top-of-screen during the game. I also believe I saw noticed one of "our" questions during each of these rounds and during one round (round 3?) I definitely remember seeing two user picture questions because they were on the same topic (draw someone in their swimwear) appeared. Confirming again after the game, everyone says they chose a question to be selected (but I didn't ask further if they remembered seeing it.) Yet, whilst the "card background" (because we selected first 6 in first game, 2nd six in second game) trophies popped as well as the Authority (use a text question) and Doodling (use a picture question) trophies, "Prolific Creators" did not. Did I just miscount by one? Is there a 6-round or more game I should have selected first? What happens if 6 people choose 6 different categories (although we appear to have doubled up on one at least) at the start of the game... does the game automatically get longer to accommodate all locations (since I believe the category of the question chosen drives the location) or does one of the rounds become a "generic" location where the other 3 questions are done (assuming 3 round locations from 3 questions, 1 round with 3 of the "other" questions and then the final round). I see other people have obtained both the platinum and this "Prolific Creator" trophy since October 26 so I assume I've missed some glaringly obvious but I'm not sure what. The other posts mention " but the way how it unlocks may confuse people." and " I just tried twice and the trophy didn't pop. I had six devices connected and the game length set to long (which only gives 5 rounds). The Prolific Creator is therefore unachievable as of now. Just saw the other post on here that there is still a way to obtain the trophy, going to try now. " Have I missed an explanatory post somewhere?