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  1. I'm trying to get all the trophies for Hitman 2 before the end of the current sale so I can pick up Hitman 3 and transfer my progress. I'm also working on FFVII Remake sidequests and such before starting my hard mode playthrough.
  2. This article was written in January. I also thought it was an April fools joke. But turns out it's the real deal.
  3. Got my second and third game done 0-20% - Hitman 2 Legacy Bangkok DLC ✔️ 21-40% - Maquette ✔️ 41-60% - Final Fantasy VII Remake (57%) 61-80% - Crash Bandicoot 4 (67%) 81-99% - Remnant From the Ashes ✔️
  4. The person above you says it's free to play on PS4 until April 5 according to Twitter, but looks like it's still deemed a trial but people are still earning trophies. You could probably platinum it in that time. Even if it is just a trial, it's not that weird to be able to unlock trophies. The Division's trial unlocked trophies. I think back on the PS3 all trials did iirc.
  5. I bought the fancy steelbook exclusive from Best buy after a momentary lapse in judgement. I don't usually fall for hype but I just can't say no to steelbooks. I have it sitting on my shelf yet to be played but I'm ok with that for the time being. I will wait a bit before I start playing even though I do have a PS5. It just doesn't look like a game I want to invest my time into just yet. I'm also working on clearing some backlog before starting anything new too, so I'm not just poopooing the game. It'll happen eventually. I might even just end up waiting for the PS5 version.
  6. So I know this contest goes off UTC time but I wanted to make sure it was officially April 1st where I am before finishing my first game. I've been sitting on a couple trophies all week just waiting for it. Remnant from the Ashes is now platinumed.
  7. Nah my friend. I never even take those estimated times into consideration, because my game times are always wildly off in comparison. Does not mean I'm a bad player. I don't buy games to rush through them, so why do I care that my time to platinum is so much higher than what a guide says? A game takes as long to platinum as it takes me to platinum.
  8. Ok I think I'm ready to put forth a list: 0-20% - Hitman 2 Legacy Bangkok DLC (0%) 21-40% - Maquette (24%) 41-60% - Final Fantasy VII Remake (57%) 61-80% - Crash Bandicoot 4 (67%) 81-99% - Remnant From the Ashes (95%) I'm not getting many points for these but I'm here to finish games, not win anything.
  9. Heck yes I've been looking forward to another one of these challenges. Sign me up! I'll have a list closer to the start date.
  10. Eee seeing a thread with a title like this...yikes. I had an interest in this game but apparently the demo sucks? I'll keep an eye on it and see but sounds like the consensus is that it's going to suck. What a shame.
  11. I thought I would go through without a guide. Apparently I'm dumb and this game triggers my motion sickness (for whatever reason!) so I'll be using a guide when I get around to it.
  12. I signed up for the email notifications at a few retailer's websites. Never got any. The night before the day they said pre-orders were going to be available, I was in the bathroom scrolling through Facebook and saw an ad saying some places already had pre-orders available. So I quickly went to Best buys site and nabbed the last preorder for the disc version. I threw it in my cart, finished my bathroom business as quickly as I could, ran across my house to get my credit card info and majorly lucked out. Told my bf to get his done ASAP and he managed to get one through Walmart.
  13. Loved A Way Out, can't wait to play this with my boyfriend. Looks crazy and fun. This game was designed as a co-op experience so unless you've got some good dexterity with a second controller, you might want to look elsewhere for a solo experience.
  14. One month is the perfect amount of time to prevent challenge burnout as I like to call it. Mission 3 was my favourite but I think that may have just been because I ended up being in the perfect position to be able to get two platinums in a week. I did like the secret mission idea because it didn't allow a lot of time to dipsy doodle in my planning stage; I had to commit to a game and couldn't really back out of it if I wanted to complete it. I didn't find it that bad with how the missions were revealed the way they were.
  15. Yay I did pretty good. I accomplished exactly what I wanted to accomplish and I'm proud of myself for that. Thank you for hosting yet another fun challenge! Taking a break from challenges this month but hope to come back in month or two.