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  1. If the Trophy list stays the same as the Achievement list, it'll be an easy Plat. There are missables, but everything can be done in one play through
  2. You can get a high kill style by spamming takedowns and headshots. Weapon variety didn't add much to the score for me
  3. I had several Trophies do this too. It seems like they get stuck. I got them to eventually pop by popping something else. Kinda like a different Trophy unlocking would push the stuck one through
  4. Take it slow. Slowly comb through the area and inch your way forward. You can order your squad to fall back on you so they stay back. This also takes place over 2 rooms. The initial one with the majority of eggs and the very next room with only a few near the objective marker. You can try watching my video if that'll help at all. It really was a pain. Also, there are some eggs around a corner near the first room exit that kept hatching when I wasn't near them. Try getting a grenade over there before getting too close. They'll be on the right side of a wall that leads into a hallway into the second area. There's a grate looking thing on the ground. They kept popping as i crossed that grate
  5. I had the bug in Watson where Regina would call with information with the previous Gig. I also had 3 Gigs that I had finished but were not marked as completed in my Journal. I cleared everything in Watson, but no Trophy. I just continued on clearing other sections of the map and the Watson Trophy popped after I completed a Crime Scene loot box mission. So, 1. it is still possible to get the Trophy with the bugs I experienced and 2. I think the loot box may have been the reward from a Crime Scene mission that took place in Watson. I'm thinking the Crime Scene reward location was just not in Watson, but completing it was tied to Watson. I hope that makes sense. Also, one of the gigs that was stuck in my journal as not completed was a Cyber Psycho mission. That Trophy still popped for me as well
  6. a new file from the main menu and then yes. You'll need to win the races that unlock drivers again. You can still use cheats, just don't enter RRTANGENTABACUS
  7. Okay, so using the code that unlocks all cheats also unlocks every character. Doing that will lock you out of the individual character related Trophies. You can still earn them on another save file, so you aren't completely screwed here. I cooked up a Trophy guide yesterday. 👌
  8. If you replay any Act or Interlude, any Trophies that you did but didn't pop will then pop. I got most of them, but I have to replay a few parts to get the rest. Appears that the patch really did fix everything. 😁
  9. Here you go! 😁
  10. So, here's my guide. It's ready for whenever the game is patched. What glitched on PS4, I picked up on PC
  11. There are missables, but most of them are glitched as well. Here's my guide on it.
  12. Has anyone been able to pop a Trophy in their game that has previously glitched?
  13. I will have one ready to go 😁