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  1. If you replay any Act or Interlude, any Trophies that you did but didn't pop will then pop. I got most of them, but I have to replay a few parts to get the rest. Appears that the patch really did fix everything. 😁
  2. Here you go! 😁
  3. So, here's my guide. It's ready for whenever the game is patched. What glitched on PS4, I picked up on PC
  4. There are missables, but most of them are glitched as well. Here's my guide on it.
  5. Has anyone been able to pop a Trophy in their game that has previously glitched?
  6. I will have one ready to go 😁
  7. I played a new game and FINALLY got it to pop
  8. Just got my 34 to 36 and it did not pop for me. Here's to hoping that it works on the new game i've started
  9. I tweeted at them, but got no response. Good to hear you were able to get one! Back to Death Stranding as we wait for a fix
  10. I dont know how many are in each chapter, but im at 34/36 and I know that the one in the throne room that catches on fire and forces you to fly as a parrot did not register and the one in the snow chapter right before you head up that narrow path to the temple did not register.
  11. @stupid0089 I just did a new playthrough and I checked after each one i picked up. 4 of them didn't register. Looks like the counter is glitched. Reloading the checkpoint and trying it again fixed some of them, but not all.
  12. There are 36 memories. You can see how many you have by selecting New Game or Load Game from the main menu. Mine is stuck at 34/36. Ive been through these chapters so many times and nothin. It's driving me nuts. 😫
  13. Just something I'd like to point out here. Whether the Guarma animals are needed or not, the Trophy progress is seperate from your in game progress. I'm in chapter 6, checked the Social Club Trophy tracker and both animal related Trophies were at 52% and 44%. I loaded a save file I have at the very beginning of Chapter 5 and checked Social Club again. The percentages were still at 52 and 44. SO, you could finish the game, skin/study everything and then reload to a previous save and pick up the remaining few animals and the Trophy would pop. Your in game animal log would revert back to where your save file is, but the actual Trophy progress would not. So, as long as you have a save file from before Chapter 5, you'd be good. I know it's looking like Guarma is not needed, but I just wanted to share anyways.
  14. Yeah, I really enjoyed his character. He was deeper than Ezio and I liked that. I guess we will have to wait and see!