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  1. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Can't find time anymore to play JRPGs, wich I love it when I was young. 😥
  2. Yes you have to start a new game puting the name "RICHTER", you can skip almost all boss battles, and yes you have to get to center of the Inverted Castle
  3. Anyone have problem with this trophy? Already beat Shaft 2x times as Richter and no trophy. (I have 29,7% map completition, only killed the medusa boss, and I was killing Shaft with the rain attack from the sacred water) Dont know if anything of this is causing this problem EDIT: Well f*** me, 3rd time is the charm, did the exact same thing and got the trophy, execpt this time I didnt receive damage, I think this was bugging the trophy at the moment he died he attacked me
  4. Yes, it still works, you have to select ps3 in "plataform" (the upper left part of the site)
  5. Just found this website you put your PSN ID in the left corner, and all your stats from the game will appear. I took the liberty and watched for you, you have 7 challenges done.
  6. Hello Cristian, had a similar problem yesterday with 2 other friends (me - 3 consoles, friend1 - 2 consoles, friend2 - 1 console) Me and friend1 could connect with a maximum of 3 players in a squad, never more or never could find the same match with 2 differents squads. What we realize was that everytime friend2 was trying to connect within a squad he caused others to being kicked from the squad making impossible for those that dropped to connect in the same squad again. Our solution was to make friend2 the host of the squad, and everyone connected to his squad, this way we're able to find a match. Maybe you are suffering with something similar, test diferent squad host, and see if it works this way. Hope it helps and sorry for the bad english.