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  1. Here I am again asking for the community help because BHV refuses to fix this damn bug… Please upvote and comment, let’s try make it this thread so big they can’t ignore it. They keep releasing new stuff full of bugs and then in the next patch they fix the mess of the previous one ignoring the older ones…
  2. After playing matches going for this I can sadly confirm it hasnt been fixed... Idk what theyre doing, this bug gonna be 3 months old next week. They fix one trophy and ignore the others?? Very dissapointing
  3. Please go here to upvote the thread. With the major patch thats gonna drop on tuesday theres a possibility for this to get finally fixed.
  4. I made a post before starting this game and they legit said Behaviour is amazing at fixing trophies.
  5. Yup and the adept trophies for the killers are also bugged if you’re iridescent because you can’t get devout emblem. All of them have been bugged for over 2 months now, which is funny because before I started this game people were saying that BHV is very good when it comes to fixing bugged trophies. With the new chapter of the Knight coming out this will hopefully get fixed if not I will lose hope. They even acknowledged some of these bugs in their forums lol
  6. I don’t see the join feature on the PS5 maybe they removed it too 💀
  7. Oh yeah forgot about that, thanks for reminding but I also don’t have more games to earn trophies in 😂. Also are you on 24/7?
  8. Apparently to create a session you need to earn at least 1 trophy in the game, but I don’t wanna start it without knowing I can finish it (I’m a completist)
  9. Hard to find someone.
  10. I tried to get into a game with 2 consoles but only the host can get in, the other gets kicked. Is there a work around this? I’ve seen the play together thing in other thread but PlayStation removed this feature so I have no idea how to even invite people.
  11. I'm thinking of starting this game and going for the platinum but I see there are some issues with the multiplayer, I tried to matchmake yesterday for about an hour and didn't find any games. I think this is still possible since people earned the trophies like 2 days ago but how did they do that?
  12. We need people to go here and upvote and comment this thread: It’s been 2 months now and todays patch didn’t fix it. Let’s make ourselves heard so the devs can’t ignore it any longer
  13. No, this site isn’t number 1. It’s filled with toxic and narcissistic people. Even though the site itself isn’t bad per day the community ruins it, at least in the forums part. Everyone being so entitled thinking they’re above everyone else. Psn trophy leaders is the number 1 trophy site, not only has more features, everyone is welcome and friendly there.
  14. It is indeed bugged, but the devs have acknowledged it at the very least. If you want it fix go here upvote and make a comment to increase the chances of being fixed next patch.
  15. Update: thanks to everyone that upvoted the thread the bug is now acknowledged! This means there’s a high chance it will be fixed in the next patch. Just goes to show you that if enough people complain about it they’ll do something, this applies to 99% of companies.