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  1. It’s not a bad game but it could do with being cheaper, I’ve earned 1/4 of the trophies so far. Game play is average.
  2. Reach out to the developer then? I’ve had no issues this far, must just be a handful of people having issues. The walkthrough I mentioned was how to get it, so it is indeed useful.
  3. There is a trophy guide at Griffins Gaming Guides. Give it a read.
  4. So I haven’t long started this game but I’ve had a couple of error messages stating about a corrupt save. Has anyone else had this issue or is it just me? Playing on PS5.
  5. What do you mean impossible? Works okay to me
  6. Peter Griffin, so easy. I have the playlist so add and message me as I need people to do it with. Besides, why would you not complete the DLC?
  7. This game won’t find my console through the app it needs to work. Any workaround? I don’t have a PS4 so that isn’t an option.
  8. How do you win on Master difficulty?
  9. Looking to download this but I can’t find it yet...
  10. No aim assist sucks, trying to get my last trophy for an inner bullseye is a pain.
  11. Looks challenging. I'll pick it up though.
  12. I set up a crew, the name is TrueTrophies. Tried to join PSNProfiles but the owner hasn’t been on for a long time. Feel free to send a request to my crew I’m very active and I play Heat every day.
  13. This race is on fire! 😂