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  1. I did it on ps4 and i changed it all in one go. Like the trophy name suggests, you need to be Thorough. Be sure not to skip anything. For example: go to health - click on the wrench - click on anything - if you see slider and per players option, then you need to set it up to look like in the the picture I posted above - if there isn't options for slider and per player then just click on anything and if you see only per player option change it for all players. if you don't get it add me on ps and i'll guide you through it all. i know my explanation is confusing, but customization in this game is complicated at first look
  2. Here's how i get it yesterday after days of trying: -changed everything in the menu where you enter on that wrench (don't know how to explain) -wherever you see slider options (L2 button) change that too (any value) -per player customization (R3 button). also change that for each player. -if you see slider and per players, you have to change that too. you set one slider and assign three per players options. -after you change every customization, press start and start round. the trophy should pop-up after 15 seconds or after the round ends. it should look like this
  3. Go to two players and go to kustom kombat and when you are prompted to choose modifiers, you'll open a list of modifiers. some of them are locked and to be honest, I don't know which ones I had from the start. If you don't have a second controller, download remote play app from google store. The only problem is that I don't know how to set phone to be the second controller, so it will be hard to boost XP, but at least you can check modifiers.
  4. Here's how I got this trophy. Played few matches with Ash Barty for online promotion trophy (3 wins). Then I created a female player and started career. I took a pen and paper and counted EVERY winner (not opponents errors) and after the 150+ winners, trophy popped. The funny thing is that it popped after my opponents out. Off topic: I got trophies This isn't volleyball? and Racket man in Tournament. Seems it can't be done in Exibition mode (at least it didn't work for me after few hours of trying). Then I switched to Tournament and got the trophies after 30+ minutes.
  5. Has anyone had problems with I am the ultimate! trophy? It won't pop up for me. I played first 300 matches with Kage-Maru and the trophy for 300 ranked matches popped. Then I changed character and picked Jean Kujo and finished next 300 matches, but I only got trophy for 600 room matches. I currently have 308 matches with Jean and still no trophy. EDIT: After I played 316 matches with Jean and trophy didn't pop, I switched to my previous character (Kage-Maru). When I started my first match, the number of matches for Kage-Maru was (somehow) 299. I played one match and finaly got the trophy. Hope this will help someone and hope this won't happen to anyone.
  6. For some reason I thought that The Comrades DLC was in seasson pass. But I deleted the game :(. Will have to start everything from the scratch.
  7. Hi, everyone. I've popped my physical copy of FF XV and it's currently updating and installing to version 1.30. I've decided to buy seasson pass, because I'm missing DLC trophies. I'm a little confused by all this, so if I can get a short answer (YES or NO) I would be really grateful. Can I get the comrade (since it's included in seasson pass) and the rest of the DLC trophies after I purchase Seasson Pass or no? Thanks in advance.