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  1. Ive been thinking about getting the ps5 version of GTA5 and was wondering if anyone knew if the trophies Online trophies count towards the missing ones on ps4? I had a borrowed copy of GTA5 for the ps4 and now dont have access to it, recently I started going through my backlog of games to 100% my account. So im wondering if I have to get a copy of GTA5 for ps4 again or if I can just play the ps5 version and unlock for both lists. Any help is appreciated, Cheers
  2. Yeah it was the maxed out 2 packs I managed to pull the robinson from! I had opened so many other packs over the last few months so definitely a good feeling to finish it off
  3. Im pretty convinced they did juice the odds, I opened 4 packs (locker code, challenge and 2 singles) and managed to pull holo amethyst Duncan Robinson on my 4th! Definitely worth having a few goes at pulling from these packs!