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  1. Yes they are making fun of the anti vax crowd.
  2. I got it on my first try. I got -15 overall and -8 with my player. No bogeys. I mistakenly putted the last hole with my guest player but still the trophy popped. I think the conditions are no bogeys and both players below par on the scorecard.
  3. Platinum # 102 Difficulty: 5 /10 ( Challenge 6 and 8 are hard and RNG ) Fun : 2/10 I like sports games , but this one is badly developed game. Graphics and player reactions are comically bad. This is mine? trophy takes about 30 hours of grinding to earn, took me 2 months of on and off playing to finally unlock it.
  4. Finished my first pink game. Will try to do hotline miami next.
  5. Great cause ,I'm in. Pink: Will try to do some more. Need to look through my incomplete games.
  6. Mine are, Longest trophy streak - 39 days, 595 trophies Most Platinums in one Month - 14 (Nov 20) Most Platinums in one Year - 49 (2021, so far) Rarest Platinum - UFC 3 Fastest Platinum (non auto-pop) - Baseball : Breakthrough gaming arcade (1 minute 55 seconds) Slowest Platinum - Assassin's Creed Unity (4 years, 5 months)
  7. I thought people were being hyperbolic about this game being shit, nope this is grade A shit game. My first PES game and would be my last one if this is the direction they take. Fifa is million times better than this crap.
  8. That list looks super easy and I don't see any online trophies. If it's free ,I'm going to try it.
  9. It's 5 bucks a month, even less for most people who use deals. This year we have gotten shadow of the tomb raider,contorl, concrete genie,FF7,Zombie army 4,Wreckfest, plague tales, hitman 2. For me, subscription has been well worth it.
  10. Newest to oldest: 1 Overcooked! All you can eat 2 Dirt 5 3 Assassin's Creed Valhalla 4 Subnautica 5 Control 6 Wreckfest 7 Madden 21 8 Astro's Playroom 9 Maquette Favorite out of all of them is Astro's Playroom.
  11. Will definitely play PGA , not interested in hell let loose.
  12. I'm not here to argue with you about dlc rarity. You asked why I think it's better and I gave you my honest opinion about it.
  13. Because ,it acts as a middle ground between players who want only dlc owners to count towards rarity and players who want all game owners included in dlc rarity.
  14. Grand Theft Auto IV Unfortunately, I don't have a ps3 to play this. Hoping for a remastered version.
  15. Different groups argue for what makes their profile stats looks better. If you want an actual realistic rarity rates of trophies ,use the psn rates as it includes whole population instead of these small sample sizes that each of these trophy tracking sites have. But, that will make most trophies rare and certain groups of players will get mad about it. In my opinion, the formula that is being used is better than the alternatives being suggested in previous threads about this topic.