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  1. I platinum'd the game last month but only got my hands on the DLC this week, and I have to say they're far superior than the main game. I'm first working on them via "Challenge Tombs" menu, and getting rid of the score/time attack modes before actually doing the missions, so I have no opinion on the storytelling so far. But the environments, transversal and puzzles are so much fun! I don't know why they couldn't add this content to the main game.
  2. I need to try that, then. I got the game via PS Plus and for some reason the DLC was not available for me.
  3. I'll be honest, I have been trying to plat this game for years and every time I play it I get so BORED. I'm not even past the first 5 or 6 missions because it's just not intriguing to me.
  4. It took me awhile to get used to the game. I didn't like it at first, but as I got used to the systems I really enjoyed it. The map is stupid. But the environment is really well done and the wall signs are super helpful. I just followed them. The upgrade system is nonsense but once you get all slots and find mods that you're comfortable with, you don't even bother with it anymore. The RED only pissed me off in the final boss battle. I couldn't see shit 😆
  5. I only realized Assist Mode was a thing after getting the platinum and tbh, I'd like to know it sooner because I almost gave up during Dr. Tomasii's side mission. I was fully maxed out, all my weapons were insanely modded and yet that stupid Hiss Distorted would appear out of nowhere and one-hit kill me. I liked this game, but the combat can be VERY unbalanced. Like someone said in the previous page, it's ridiculous that your character can have all the abilities unlocked and yet still dies after two hits. It's like upgrading and going through that entire nonsense of finding parts + mods is worthless. Well, now I'm going to try Expeditions with Assist Mode on. Blowing all the Hiss up without being worried that at any moment I can die stupidly is going to make it much more enjoyable.
  6. I'm halfway through the game right now and I'm enjoying it. I found it pretty boring at first, but now that I'm familiar with the game systems I'm having a lot of fun. The story is bonkers and tbh I don't really care for it. I do enjoy the fights, the puzzles and the exploration though. It's also VERY satisfying to destroy the entire environment just for the sake of it.
  7. Oh, that's great then. I'm not following any guides so I thought it was odd when it happened. Good to know that there's video proof of it.
  8. This trophy literally just popped out of the expected order for me. I was doing the side mission called A Captive Audience for the Psychic Occupation trophy, that unlocks the Compel/Seize ability. As we all know, the trophies for abilities only pop when you finish the astral plane training and reach the Control point. However, during the training for this particular ability, I was able to get the Cognitive Intruder trophy (Compel 10 enemies with the Seize ability) before unlocking the trophy for the ability itself, because I used it too many times to fight the enemies and progress in the training. I thought it'd be a good idea to make a thread about it to point out that it is possible to get these two trophies out of order in case it happens to someone else, and also in case the trophy order gets called into question/anyone gets flagged for it.
  9. Aw, Lost Legacy is my favorite after Uncharted 2. The pacing is on point, the story is cliché but engaging, and the visuals are phenomenal. Seriously, every new chapter I was blown away by the scenery and atmosphere—when Chloe and Nadine arrived at the Lost City I said "wow" out loud. I also really enjoyed the semi-open world chapter (Western Ghats). It felt like classic Tomb Raider to me, which i loved, and it's ironic because the Tomb Raider franchise as it is now can't replicate the same feeling of the originals.
  10. I got the Endurance trophies a couple months ago with some friends I've met here, and it was very buggy. The most common glitch was my partner just... floating above the trees instead of running by my side like it was meant to be.
  11. I got this one a few months ago, but I remember that it took way more than 1,000 emeralds
  12. Thanks for the tips. I played this game almost 4 years ago but dropped after the intro because it didn't grab me at all. Now I want to complete it.
  13. Currently on the last checkpoint before the final boss fight on Deadly Obsession. I don't think the difficulty is that bad. Like everyone else said, it's more annoying than hard. I'm playing on NG+ after getting 100% on my first playthrough, so I have all the skills and guns I need. Combat is a joke, and it's so scarce that it really doesn't present a difficulty. I only died in that moment where Lara is covered in mud and goes full Predator on Trinity, and it only happened because the game doesn't allow you to run away from the 'arena' if the enemy spots you. I was impatient and tried to go full YOLO running for the exit (a platform leading to the other section) and the game didn't allow me to grab the ledge until I killed everyone. So the enemies flanked me and RIP Lara. The glitchy platforming sections were the cause of 99% of my deaths, and all of them were related to the grappling hook: in Cozumel, for some reason, it wouldn't work in the main puzzle room and I fell to my death several times, which brough me back to the archaeological dig. I made through Cenote fine on my first try, but in the last room (the cave with the tree, where she says "there's no way, I have to jump") the hook just didn't attach to the wall and I died. It was very irritating to repeat 20-30 minutes of boring/easy gameplay due to the game's badly designed platforming/controls.
  14. Currently one trophy away from the plat (the Deadly Obsession one). I only played it because it was for free, and I've heard it was an improvement over Rise. I mean, it was, but that doesn't mean much. Combat is terrible. The gunplay doesn't feel good, melee is objectively bad and stealth is clunky. The whole skill tree is a joke; it gives you a bunch of crap you don't even need. And it makes no difference anyway, because the combat/exploration/puzzle ratio is so unbalanced that you barely have any chances to use new equipment/abilities. The platforming is inconsistent as all hell. And by inconsistent I mean: BUGGY. Sometimes Lara refuses to grab the ledge or attach that stupid grappling hook to surfaces, even though you're on the right spot and pressing the right button. It's also ridiculous how scripted most sections are; you can't climb a small hut (because the devs didn't program the ledges on it) but you can jump through an impossible gap (and Lara literally 'floats's th towards the other edge). I skipped all cutscenes I could because I couldn't stand the plot/dialogue/acting from the get go, so I only know fragments of what the story is about. To be honest, I don't think I'm missing much and I don't care. I laughed out loud at certain "dramatic" moments I couldn't skip (Jonah being kicked out of a helicopter like a puppet, "it's Dominguez, it's Trinity, it has always been them", the flashback with Kid Lara). On top of that, all the Wanna-Be-Uncharted set pieces are poorly executed and repetitive. On the bright side, I do think the puzzles and overall atmosphere were a lot better than TR2013 and Rise. Some aspects of the exploration are also nice. Kuwak Yaku, Paititi and San Juan as "social hubs" were dumb, but if you ignore the sidequests, they're fun places to run around and explore just for the sake of it. More of that, please.
  15. All of this. I feel like going for a platinum makes me experience everything the game has to offer, even if it's meaningless. So when it's done, I feel like I know the game inside out and move on.