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  1. Just got the trophy!
  2. Reported the issue as well. They said that they are aware of the issue (the trophy being un lockable on all platforms) and are passing the feedback to the dev team daily. Default answer, but it's something.
  3. Oh no, this sucks. I just started the game today. Hopefully Bethesda fixes this.
  4. I'm still working on my platinum but I can safely say this game is not hard at all, just very repetitive. It takes a while to "get" the game and its philosophy, but after you understand what you need to do and that the purpose of the whole thing is to try different combinations of perks/weapons over and over again, it's simple.
  5. Can't wait for this DLC! I absolutely loved this game and it's one of my favorites from the past years.
  6. It's simple: I played for some time, explored a bit on my own but the game started crashing and I got bored, so I decided to use dev console to get it over with.
  7. Got it today using a mix of Dev Console + legit play. Dev Console works, but disable some of the cheats before going for specific trophies (all the "no cost" and "fast growth"/"fast scan" cheats, I don't remember all of them). And I also recommend saving before transporting to a new area.
  8. I got it today. After buying Downtown Cab, I drove 5 passengers around San Andreas. The last one of them asked to be dropped off in the Sandy Shores area. A random event happened next to me and eventually I got chased by the cops. Immediately after I lost the cops, I got a call from Raul and he asked me to pick up Kwak.
  9. I'm playing it legit and it does take a loooong time. I don't play 24/7 due to work & family, but I try to play at least 1 hour every day to complete my daily objectives, but in other games 1 month is usually enough for me to level up to the max level. Here, I still have 20-ish more levels to go. The double/triple XP events are really the best way to level up; I hope they add some interesting modes and bonuses for Christmas.
  10. I put off the Survival trophy for years, but I finally got my 100% last month and @shorty2905's guide is still helpful as hell. I wouldn't have done it without it. Some levels I did it on my own, while others I played with randos via matchmaking. I thought I'd have to spend months grinding, but it took me a week (and I only played at night). Completing the daily challenges to unlock points is crucial, so you can buy the weapon chest and upgrade your arsenal. I also recommend replaying some boss battles (with me, Stage 6 gave me the best guns) to upgrade your weapons to level 5, it really makes a difference.
  11. A couple months ago I bought a tent with gold, so I was worried the trophy would glitch on me. Today I bought 4 flags in different colors using cash, and the tophy popped normally. So either they fixed the weird bug or it's something else that's affecting the people who are buying stuff with gold.
  12. I just got it today on my third try. First two times I was electrocuted. The third time I flied above the towers in the final section, aiming the petals at the mountain walls to make them go upwards. Trophy popped when I returned to the main menu.
  13. It only worked for me when I did the following steps in order: 1) Trapped a villager in a spot so they couldn't hide/run away when the raid started 2) Started the raid 3) Waited until the villager was attacked/killed 4) Rang the bell
  14. I platinum'd the game last month but only got my hands on the DLC this week, and I have to say they're far superior than the main game. I'm first working on them via "Challenge Tombs" menu, and getting rid of the score/time attack modes before actually doing the missions, so I have no opinion on the storytelling so far. But the environments, transversal and puzzles are so much fun! I don't know why they couldn't add this content to the main game.
  15. I need to try that, then. I got the game via PS Plus and for some reason the DLC was not available for me.