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  1. All of this. I feel like going for a platinum makes me experience everything the game has to offer, even if it's meaningless. So when it's done, I feel like I know the game inside out and move on.
  2. This is going to sound ridiculous, but Minecraft. I played the co-op in 2019 with my little brother and some trophies popped during that, so this year I decided to clean up my list and finish it. It's not my type of game at all, but I was bored and wanting to broad my horizons, and it seemed like a simple platinum. Boy, I was wrong. The game is super easy, but trophies are a mess and going for the plat in the conventional way (like I did) was a weird experience. The game is VERY glitchy and some trophies don't pop when they should, which makes you redo tasks several times. Some trophy requirements are obscure even if the descriptions appear to be simple, so when the trophy doesn't pop you wonder if the game glitched on you or if you just didn't do the right thing. Another problem is that due do the constant updates, all trophy guides are outdated and based on older versions of the game, so if you need help finding a specific object in a world or if you just want some sense of direction, best of luck. Tutorials were also removed from the newer version, so you can get overwhelmed very easily. There's a trophy you get after playing for 100 in-game worlds (roughly 33 hours), which sounds simple enough. The problem is that the game doesn't show your stats anywhere, so there's no way to track down your progress unless you count every day/night cycle and write it down somewhere (or if you just let your PS4 on for 2 days until the trophy pops). I have no patience for that, so after almost two weeks I wondered if the trophy glitched or if I just had to play more. Eventually it popped for me, but there was no way to follow the progress in the game itself. Not related to the platinum, but if you're a completionist, the game is a nightmare. Not only there are 13 DLC packs, there are two versions of the game, and if you're going for 100%, you need to go back and forth between them using a button in the main menu that allows that. The problem is that, for some people, one of the versions is not available due to a random bug, which can make it impossible to go for full completion. It was fine for me, but just seeing people struggling with this annoyed me because I didn't know if the bug was going to happen until after I'd re-installed the game.
  3. 30 year old woman here. I understand what you meant and definitely can see where you're coming from. I'm not a 'gamer girl', don't have any interest in streaming and don't plan to use gaming as a source of income/prestige/whatever in any way. I also often dislike playing with other people, so the few times that I do (for a specific online trophy, for example), I don't speak on mic or tell my gender because it makes me uncomfortable, as I know a lot of male gamers are really annoying towards female gamers. I only added my gender to PSNProfiles because it looked like a chill community, and I felt safe doing so. I have 20+ years of gaming, and from my experience, more often than not, men act like dogs when girls join gaming groups due to how males are socialized to act around women (no matter how they look like). It's ridiculous and embarrassing, and there's a lot to be said of how this group behavior is problematic within the gaming community. On the other hand, it's also true that some girls take advantage of that to assert themselves in a group (flirting, acting like a Gamer Zooey Deschanel), but when I see that, no matter how annoying it is, I feel sad for them because all I can see are girls who want to belong in a community and think they can only be seen if they act like that. It's depressing that you need to rely on your looks/artificial quirks instead of your skills to be even remotely respected, but that's what happens a lot of the time. When I was around your age, I had similar feelings about 'gamer girls' and felt defensive around them. It's normal to feel like this because we're constantly being compared to other women in our lives, even against our own will. There's always someone prettier, quirkier, cuter, and that makes it feel like other women are threats. It's annoying as all hell when we're with our male friends and they ignore us and then fawn over some random girl who shows up out of nowhere. I understand that feeling completely, but like @Mesopithecus mentioned, it's a symptom of Only Girl Syndrome. That's part of a large issue, starting from stupid conversations I've heard since I was a teenager, that girls are dumb, vapid and don't like videogames, and that women like me were special because we play "real games" and not "stupid shit like Candy Crush", or that we like gaming and not silly girly things like dolls and makeup. So you develop skills due to a genuine interest in gaming, and you feel that maybe people will respect you because of that, but then turns out that they just ignore you as soon as someone else shows up. It sucks and it hurts, but there's a whole social dynamic there and it takes time for us to grow out of it. Took me a long time to understand that each person has interests and hobbies and they're all valid, no matter how superficial they may look. It's not like videogames are super serious stuff either, so it doesn't really matter if a girl is using her looks to get views on Twitch. You're young and self-aware, and it seems like you're trying to work out on your issues of jealousy and lack of self-esteem, so I'd say that's a great start. I only changed my perspective when I got older, met other women who also played games and became friends with them, without competitiveness or petty drama. So maybe that could help you? Playing with other girls, joining a community so you can see that we're all the same, really. No one wants to steal your boyfriend or seduce your friends, we just want to play games, the same way that you do.
  4. I have joint hypermobility (ultra flexible joints) and can 'rotate' my elbows and knees almost to the max, and when I do that it makes it look like my arms and legs are backwards. I used to do that all the time when I was a kid to scare my friends, and they'd freak out. Edit: I also wear glasses for myopia and astigmatism since I was a kid.
  5. I enjoy watching speedrunners on YouTube, because I feel like they truly master the game systems to achieve the desired times. You also need to be extremely skilled to pull off certain things in a ridiculous amount of time without using glitches, so most of the time people come up with really creative/surprising methods for that and it's fascinating to me to see the process of a gamer achieving that. So I guess I treat it like a tv show or a movie, something entertaining to watch when I have nothing better to do. However, as a gamer, I don't see myself going for that... ever. I'm an anxious person and I play games to decompress. Trophy hunting is appealing to me because it's almost meditative, having the patience and the dedication to go through a checklist of things and execute them, mostly at my own pace, is what I enjoy about it. I feel like speedrunning lacks this quality, because it's more about speed + efficiency + muscle memory, so there's no room for error, for you to take a break, or to even think too hard about what you're doing. Whenever I go for trophies that involve speedrunning, I get frustrated and/or stressed. Leaderboards don't really interest me, so it's whatever. I do respect speedrunners though, especially the ones who go for glitchless runs.
  6. This was the most annoying challenge for me in Endurance Mode because I kept dying like a dumbass in crypts, especially due to what you mentioned in 3. I often cleared an entire crypt while entering it, opened up the sarcophagus/codex, and when I was returning, new traps mysteriously spawned (most of them were collapsing floors). I also noticed that it took me way more time to find a crypt with this challenge selected, but that could've been me just so tired of playing the mode that anything felt more difficult than it was.
  7. @walafc0 Agreed, that's why I decided to open a thread about it. I already have the plat, but I had to re-do the gold scores I got when the servers were down, because the game simply didn't register them. My cards were also unavailable when it happened (yes, the ones I had already bought).
  8. This one took a bit for me. Can confirm that it worked once an enemy attacked a villager. If you're having trouble with that, just trap a villager outside so they can't run away or hide in their homes.
  9. I'm playing this game right now and I plan this to be my first platinum in 2020. It's a gorgeous game and I'm having a great time, but holy hell, it is hard! I'm taking my time, exploring everything, and so far I have 7 in-game hours, so there's a lot more for me to find. When I get too overwhelmed, I turn off the console and go do something else to relax 😂. I'm particularly finding the platforming mixed with the labyrinthian map the most challenging aspect of the game, so far. The combat is difficult, but it's manageable (imo). Edit: One month and a few weeks later and I finally have the plat. I've been playing only Hollow Knight since January and I like hard games, but this one made me curse several times.I have more than 50 hours on my main save file and I practiced so much that my fingers hurt. White Palace is nightmare fuel for platforming and the less said about Pantheon 5 the better. I still keep my previous opinion that the combat is not so bad, but the platforming and the map are a pain in the ass. So... I loved the game but I have to say I'm exhausted, and I'm glad to move on to something else.
  10. Yeah, I had a hard time at the beginning because I had no idea what to do for certain trophies and the guides were all outdated. But in the end, they helped me to at least know what object I was looking for and what should I do to achieve certain trophy. If you have the Editions button working for you, everything can be done in the Aquatic Tutorial, with the exception of certain trophies (if I remember correctly, Treasure Hunter, Ahoy!, Sail the 7 Seas, Me Gold and Ring the Alarm). And yes, after converting my world from Editions to Bedrock, I was able to still get trophies just fine. I just had to explore more beyond the borders of the map to find the new additions (like bees).
  11. I understand your feeling of dissatisfaction. Sometimes it happens to me, not necessarily here; I get annoyed with the aesthetic of certain pictures on my social media profiles, certain posts I've made in the past, small things that just bother me and make me want to delete it all, a cleansing of sorts. Well, I learned that deleting stuff you dislike doesn't solve the issue, because in a couple months you'll get annoyed by something else and will want to delete it all again. It becomes a cycle of creating new things/deleting them, and it's just a waste of time. When it comes to trophies, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 bored so much I couldn't even get past the first story mission on both, only played the online for a while because I enjoyed creating avatars of myself and messing around for a bit in the world. I have no intention whatsoever to finish them because they're just not my style, but I did play them at some point and they're on my account, they're part of my gaming history (or whatever), so I came to terms with it and moved on. Maybe one day I'll have the energy to give them another shot and even enjoy the experience, who knows. If I deleted my profile just because of these games, I'd lose all the progress I made in other games that I like and invested time on (and I don't even have many games on my account lol). In my opinion, it's just not worth it. I'd advise against starting over because there's a high chance that in a new one, eventually you'd play a game you hate and want to delete it all over again. But of course, it's up to you. Do whatever you think it's going to make you happy.
  12. If anyone is still reading this: Got it today on my first try. Me and my co-op partner went for Adventure Besties and Master & Apprentice at the same time. I was the host and picked Besties while my partner picked M&A. Neither of us used any codex skills cards, and I was the one who picked up all artifacts, including the smaller ones, while my partner stayed near me all the time. After 4 medium, 1 large, and 20 small ones, we waited for day 11 and I lit the bonfire. Trophy popped for both of us during extraction.
  13. I'm playing this game for the first time because a great friend of mine recommended it to me, and it's been a fun ride. The trophy list is ridiculous, but it fits the theme of the game and to me that's enough. Since I'm using Undertale as a palate cleanser after getting the platinum of a game I hated, I'm grateful for its simplicity. After my Pacifist run, I intend to go for a Genocide run just to see what it's like, and the lack of specific trophies for that doesn't really bother me.
  14. - Online components in single player games. Recently I played a game where one of the trophies was a time trial of sorts across the main campaign levels. However, due to stupid leaderboards they implemented for no reason other than to stimulate micro-transactions, you’re forced to be connected to the servers while playing on your own. If the servers are down (which happened to me), even if you do the required time, the game will not register your progress. Annoying, to say the least. - “Survival” mechanics, like hunger/temperature. It’s boring, it’s never well implemented, and the attempt at realism falls flat when the character needs to eat a whole bear every 30 seconds just to keep going. - Unnecessary crafting. I enjoy it when it’s creative and actually central to the game (e.g. Minecraft), but it’s ridiculous when it makes absolutely no difference in the gameplay and it's just there because the devs had no idea what else to add to the game but were forced to by the suits so they could promote "a cool new feature".
  15. I did my Bachelor in Visual Arts (major in Cultural Studies, minor in Semiotics), then my Masters and my PhD in Media Studies, with emphasis in Linguistics. I'm now a full-time academic and quite happy with it. It's funny because at high school my favorite subject was Biology, but I've always been an abstract thinker and excelled in humanities/arts. I plan to study Psychology in the future, but that's more due to curiosity and personal interest in the field than wanting to work as a psychologist.