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  1. Is the Pirates DLC (and Muppets while we are at it) accessible from the start of the game? Meaning i can do everything else on my own region copy then switch over to Korean Digi to clean up pirates DLC? Assuming saves wont be compatible
  2. Is there a list of Vita games without a PS3 or PS4 edition? Want get a Vita but just for the exclusives. playstation exclusive that is. i know a lot are on Nintendo etc
  3. Nah i'll wait for hitman 5 so i can also play 1,2,3 and 4 on it all together.
  4. You can turn all that crap off in the graphics settings. Film grain, chromatic aberration, depth of field, motion blur and lens flares. All on by default
  5. Yeah they shouldn't listen to the people that are actually are interested in trophies.....
  6. The more i see the new game trophy thumbnail the more i get annoyed. Surely psnprofiles can make them 16:9 to keep the uniformity? As for the game. ill play it whenever i can get a PS5
  7. Is it confirmed the regular ascendant challenges spawn the emblem? The reward is shown for the timed trial one. I am at 4/6 for regular but timed trial only 1/6. lot of conflicting information regarding secret victories. blind well has been thrown into the mix as well
  8. Why wouldn't Sony gather feedback before implementing such a drastic change to the trophy system? Its a big middle finger to trophy hunters.
  9. Games are expensive. Trophy hunting is free
  10. Its most likely less about people disliking the new model and more that they dislike the change itself. Doesn't matter how good the new model could have been, people would still complain.
  11. Great Milestone plat option
  12. Personally i hope backwards compatability doesn't work like that. Would prefer to continue where i left off not start a new list. Keen to see how all this backwards compatability and upgrades play out in relation to trophies sets. Save files too for that matter.
  13. The PS3 leaderboard bears the most meaning on this site. No Ratalaika shit there
  14. i think they misspelt "HD remaster"
  15. Last one was Peninsula (train to busan 2). Tomorrow will see Tenet. A lot of great movies delayed this year. pretty disappointing