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  1. Personally i hope backwards compatability doesn't work like that. Would prefer to continue where i left off not start a new list. Keen to see how all this backwards compatability and upgrades play out in relation to trophies sets. Save files too for that matter.
  2. The PS3 leaderboard bears the most meaning on this site. No Ratalaika shit there
  3. i think they misspelt "HD remaster"
  4. Last one was Peninsula (train to busan 2). Tomorrow will see Tenet. A lot of great movies delayed this year. pretty disappointing
  5. I hope my PS4 disc gets the upgrade too.
  6. 1) Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart 2) Spider Man Miles Morales 3) Horizon Zero Dawn 2 4) Suicide Squad 5) Lord of the Rings Gollum (hopefully, dont know what genre it is yet)
  7. Awesome i knew the wait would pay off. i can play without annoyance now.
  8. Id like the first 2 witcher games
  9. Most people dont have good enough internet to stream 4k Netflix etc (i cant even stream 1080P in consistently good quality). I dont think we are anywhere near streaming games becoming the normal. Doing so would eliminate a lot of the market.
  10. As long as people keep buying then physical media will keep going. Limited run games is a great example of what collectors are willing to pay for a physical copy I will keep supporting physical media until the end. Digital is more expensive for games anyway
  11. The loudest my pro has been was on Wolfenstein 2.
  12. Sure they can co exist. They can also let the players decide and give us the option to disable it as not everyone likes there tv to look like there are millions of mosquitos flying around. The biger the tv and higher res the more noticeable the grain gets.
  13. Film grain has no place being in video games. No point having super realistic graphics if they are gonna cover it with grain. Hoping they patch it before i start.
  14. Nowadays i dont usually sync a PS3 game until i have the online component done as PS3 servers can be shut off any time. Goldeneye for example i was halfway through when the servers got shut off so i deleted the user.
  15. I am not a fan of stacking for the most part. Seeing multiple of the same trophy set in a list doesnt look appealing to me (really hate the Sly trilogy too). Stacks like the most recent Mafia 2 remaster which have a different image would look decent in profiles but i personally would still stay away from it. Hundreds of new games to play that i see no point in stacking. If i wanted to replay a game i wouldnt want to do the trophies all over anyway. Bioshock for example is a game i plan on playing again someday. Fuck doing those trophies again though.