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  1. Building my zipline network made me realise we need more chiral bandwidth. Almost at max bandwidth with a few generators, a couple bridges and the rest ziplines. Either more bandwidth or longer range zip lines i would like added
  2. Yes especially the vehicles that are stuck right outside the Cosplayer
  3. Im having a lot of fun mapping out my zip line network. You need to get lucky with the online zip lines though to have enough bandwidth. Most are in decent places but some are placed on low ground which end up needing to be removed since they are useless. peaks of mountains are great since they allow 360 degree connectivity. perfect for those ones around heart man EDIT - Does anyone know how much effect the request signs have? i just put up a bunch of zip line requests in hopes other players will put them there and actually show in my world to free up some bandwidth for myself
  4. Does anyone know whats up with the creators for roads? i should have about 3 roads where i should have been the top contributor but after actually building the road it shows 3 random players. Even had one road built in my name but after logging back in the next day my name had been replaced by some other. I am still receiving a massive amount of likes but yeah i dont know why they arnt registering as my own roads.
  5. Im glad not everyone has that thought process. In a world where gaming is heading towards being multiplayer focused we need to show our support for well made single player games (that interest you of course). You know to prove EA wrong when they said "single player is dead" or something along those lines i forget exactly.
  6. I wouldn't want backwards compatibility for ps1 ,2 or even 3 in some cases. Rather them focus the budget on current gen. Not only that but old games look like shit upscaled on modern TV's. Red Dead on PS3 gave me a seizure when viewing on my 4k tv, id hate to see what a ps1 game would look like
  7. My favourite part of the game is the Online component. If other players place brides/ladders etc it shows up in your own world
  8. Just finished Part 1 of Season 3. A lot of questions were answered but not that many action episodes so far. Hopefully part 2 is more action packed when it comes out on Blu Ray.
  9. wow lengthy platinum. Looks like ill have to finish the game but come back to the grind after Star Wars. Why are they released so close together
  10. Its not completely delisted. You need to buy the complete edition from the US PSN store
  11. Its something we haven't seen before so ill be supporting and buying on release.
  12. Hitman GO. Not bad for a puzzle game but very boring.
  13. As i was already expecting this to happen i dont mind at all. The next delay will be Cyberpunk (like The Witcher before it)
  14. Keen to give this a try one day