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  1. Maybe, if you keep it as one stack And AAA games thrive off micro transactions, doesn't justify exploiting people. Wow really? so calling EA every name under the sun is okay and quite common on this site, but criticising an Indie is taboo?
  2. From the gameplay ive seen id rather watch paint dry...
  3. I thought the episode was decent for a first episode. They teased Elephants last Season and now we dont get to see any.
  4. To those that are saying there is nothing wrong at all with the trophy system i would like to hear the defense or opinion regarding the bronze, silver and gold. What i mean is bronze are meant for the easier trophies and gold being for the hardest. For these EZPZ games that is obviously not the case hence trophies start to lose there meaning.
  5. Ah damn too bad "eatmyturd15times" was already taken
  6. Well the way things are heading that is certainly a possibility. Thats the main concern when you see these types of threads. Restrictions on how many stacks a game can have and whether or not (very) short games have a plat and 1200 points would help improve the system and add some value back into it. It will never be like it used to but hopefully it will get better
  7. Exactly, if there only selling point is the trophies they are doing it wrong. At least from a games perspective. Indies can definitely still be successful without going to this extreme. Still i cant blame people for going for all these stacks because for people like yourself who are aiming to go up in the leaderboard you dont really have a choice. its just too many points to pass up on. As @Shadiochao said its just disappointing to see what has become of the trophy system (our hobby). I remember when the new games list on PSNprofiles home page was always filled with quality games and now these lists are starting to become the majority. There are so many games that deserve a decent list with a platinum but dont, and yet a 4 minute game does. I would like to see Sony's rules for trophies. I hope Sony steps up to improve the trophy system or add some restrictions as 7000 points or whatever (almost a whole level) in half an hour or so is just.....whats the point? Anyway thats just a little rant from me. Ill go back to work now
  8. Why not keep it as one stack? Its already bad enough these games have a plat you dont have to make it even worse.
  9. The turn based Final Fantasy games.
  10. I love that game banner. Much better than the PS3 version. Since its already on my profile I'll stick with the PS3 version though.
  11. Ok surely that is all of them now. Can we finally get the original with trophies please
  12. Just like most cheat codes, Share play should disable trophies also.
  13. Not taking care of my ps1 and 2 games
  14. Play games you enjoy and those grindy trophies wont be as bad. Is it a waste? Well, in the grand scheme of things yeah..... but there are worse ways we can be spending our free time