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  1. Keen to give this a try one day
  2. If you cant report that probably means he's already been reported
  3. The movie was good and Joaquin's take on the Joker was great (beside the annoying laugh) but i found it pretty boring overall. heath Ledger is still #1 for me
  4. Its very useful information. Go ahead and add it i would say. I think a full list of games with daily/weekly or time limited events (tied to trophies anyway) would be useful to know too since those are pretty risky when it comes to trophies.
  5. Came back to gaming after 5 years to stack EZPZ's
  6. Nah im lieutenant now
  7. You shouldn't be wearing ladies underwear
  8. I bought the original Mafia for PS2 not long ago but looks like i'll be waiting for this one instead.
  9. like i said in my first sentence you get your money back and then some with all the games. Id hardly call that a scam. They are providing what is advertised. They have given some great games this year. whether you already own them or not is irrelevant. Anyway it doesn't matter all this will repeated next month
  10. Well.....I mean 1 month and you basically get your money back. PS+ is a subscription service. If you play online (which i can see you have) that is what you are initially paying for. The free games are an added bonus and yes a bit of a gamble. Seriously you all complain too much for 80 bucks a year.
  11. The PS3 trophy lists were longer because it was the age of tacked on shitty multiplayer modes and with that useless online trophies. Disregarding the pointless online grinds (mostly earlier games) i'd say the PS4 has just as many truly difficult games.
  12. Always love to see a bit of effort and creativity put into the trophy lists. Too bad i dont have a milestone coming up, any one of these would have been great for it.
  13. I haven't had to give up yet but almost did for the bloody palace trophies in DMC 4. Since no re spawn you basically waste an hour each failed run. pain in the ass.
  14. You should have started it after you 100%ed Uncharted 3