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  1. Just implement the rarity leader board
  2. 1 new feature/update a year would be nice
  3. Haha i like the "why does this game have 6 lists?" on the main page. Who's in charge of the series feature? Why does this game have 6 lists?
  4. It is going to have to be something drastic for that to happen. Right now its only affecting small fan service games. Country based censorship is worse than Sony's IMO.
  5. You realise the people complaining about the censorship are also a loud minority. The majority really dont care or even notice.
  6. Is there any chance of this fucking up our milestones for existing plat achievers?
  7. I want it. i dont even like final fantasy but i want it. Cant see it on EB games site though. dont tell me already sold out? EDIT - Square enix store exclusive im guessing. I will have to think about it. shipping is a bitch EDIT 2 - nevermind i see its one of those movable figures. I will pass
  8. Yeah its a big difference. I still preordered though. There is a chance the price could drop. it has happened before
  9. My brother had the same thing when on BO4. Hes using my Plus so he came complaining to me. Glad hes not the only one. hopefully it gets fixed
  10. Hopefully it is different to the original. Sort of like the Ratchet and Clank game.
  11. I would like to see this implemented. Having the MAX at 75% kinda defeats the purpose though so my vote goes to MAX 50% (even this still includes some telltale games). I'd actually say 30% but its not an option to pick.
  12. Fucking platformers? is this a new genre?
  13. While i dont understand censoring cleavage i can see why that intimacy mode was removed. Thats the type of thing that should be left for a porn game
  14. I loved it. Fun gameplay and hilarious. Go and play Thor or Iron man and then you wont be calling this the worst superhero plat.
  15. Where is that coming from? Announcing server closures is the one thing EA are reliable for so im sure it would be on there service updates page if it was.