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  1. Nowadays i dont usually sync a PS3 game until i have the online component done as PS3 servers can be shut off any time. Goldeneye for example i was halfway through when the servers got shut off so i deleted the user.
  2. I am not a fan of stacking for the most part. Seeing multiple of the same trophy set in a list doesnt look appealing to me (really hate the Sly trilogy too). Stacks like the most recent Mafia 2 remaster which have a different image would look decent in profiles but i personally would still stay away from it. Hundreds of new games to play that i see no point in stacking. If i wanted to replay a game i wouldnt want to do the trophies all over anyway. Bioshock for example is a game i plan on playing again someday. Fuck doing those trophies again though.
  3. Mirrors Edge
  4. I haven't read any leaks so i'll stick my original decisions and keep my preorder
  5. The Manhattan skip at 1:40:00 didn't seem to work. He just stands from crouch when try to jump and doesn't vault over. Not that the level is hard anyway
  6. I thought i was crazy until i realised that trophy guide was edited. it did say 14+ platinum before. This is the latest screenshot i could find from internet archives before it was edited. So Guide writers messed up in every guide i have checked
  7. Fucken Oath It was still active daily
  8. A billion dollar company cant have the common courtesy of letting their customers know that a service is ending?
  9. Anything involving luck
  10. You mean December i hope. Unless it has been changed?
  11. The profiles that begin with Gibbo
  12. Well if it less than 3 games you can hide them and return to the leaderboard. You can still use the site either way, you are not banned just removed from leaderboard ranking.
  13. Damn man you are dishonouring our name.
  14. For such a big company this is very unprofessional. You dont announce something after the fact.
  15. Yes. It is fair enough to close the games as they are dead after all but come on just give us some warning.