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  1. Just give up on the thought of 4A Games to patch these trophies. They've said multiple times they seem to be unlocking fine... even though of course they aren't for us. The exploit workaround is the only way that works if they are bugged for you.
  2. If your friend hasn't played the PS5 version of the game before I'd assume the trophies should pop but I'd still follow all the other methods to ensure that they do (disconnect internet, play on fresh save, etc).
  3. The theory is that there is a cache of the game stuck on your console that prevents the trophies from unlocking. Resetting your console deletes the bad cache.
  4. Cool thanks! I noticed on a post on r/Trophies that someone has already been able to use our advice to help achieve 100% when he was having similar issues so I think the revisions to the Sam's Story Trophy Guide will help others as well!
  5. Thank you. Using a V-Preca card worked!
  6. It was worth it for me to finally get the 100% after so many attempts. Just backup your stuff.
  7. Here's the breakdown so you don't need to read through the whole post: The Last Hero & A Man of Principle trophies for Metro Exodus' DLC Sam's Story on PS5 (potentially PS4 too) are heavily bugged. The Last Hero is awarded for just finishing the DLC (any difficulty). A Man of Principle is awarded for obtaining the good ending: The only confirmed solution that has been found to work by multiple players in this thread is to reset the PS5 to factory settings full wipe (before you do back up everything: saves/media to cloud or USB, games to HDD). Once console has been reset the only thing you should do is sync your PSN account but don't go to trophies (don't sync trophies). If you own the digital version or via PS4 upgrade you will need to download the whole game again otherwise install via disc (pretty sure the PS5 version is still just 1.0 so no update needed). If you moved the game to a HDD you might need an internet connection while trying to move it to your console. Once you've done these steps turn off the connection to the internet on the console and play Sam's story for these two trophies. Play on a fresh save, don't download or move from USB. You will have an empty trophy list which is fine / might be how it works to obtain these two trophies. Now hopefully, if you do the good ending correctly you will get A Man of Principle along with The Last Hero trophies. You will unlock a couple other trophies that you already have which is fine because when you go to sync trophies once you restore connection the timestamps are always overwritten if there is one previous to what is being synced. That's all I can think of that we have worked through to get these two trophies to unlock so if you have any questions let me know!
  8. Read through this forum and find out
  9. Yeah I see it in browser but on my PS5 PS store I didn't see it.
  10. That's what I'd like to know as well. I looked in the PSN store and it didn't specify [PS4][PS5] like you see on some other store listings so doesn't look like it. EDIT: Never mind, it looks like it is in fact cross buy.
  11. I transferred the game to my hard drive then moved it back over after the factory reset so didn't need to download again. Had to connect to internet to be able to transfer the game for some reason so enabled then disabled after.
  12. Hope there's a trophy list for PS4 and PS5 so I can get 5 platinums for this game!!
  13. Still looks like you can't rate parks so last 3 trophies are unobtainable
  14. Not that we're aware of unless you got lucky