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  1. Damn sorry, are the levels maybe rng? Someone else I know tried it and said it worked.
  2. For levels 5-11 you can just hold x from the start to finish and you wont die at all.
  3. I would love a remaster of jeep thrills, used to play it on the ps2 when I was little.
  4. I’ll try this thank you, my highest score was 5000
  5. Nope, unfortunately it has no trophies, I think it's basically a demo.
  6. You're not wrong, and if anyone is thinking of using a helicopter as a faster route or to get to an island, prepare for hell.
  7. It should, I did it on x-mas. In the beginning when you're entering the first code and it selects play, even though it doesn't in the video, just keep entering the rest of the code it will work. Also, when you have to select the final cut scene for the last trophy, the video shows you can access it through the wheel of options while in game but I had to exit to the main menu and select it from the scene player there.