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  1. Hope everything's fine over there, my kiwi friend.

    1. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      yes am alive, is gud


      hope u r gr8 iin ur masturbatorium buddy

  2. This is the moment where we all point and laugh at Argentina and their abysmal football.
  3. If they play like they did before their match against Ecuador, then yes, Argentina has huge chances of fucking up; however, I doubt they will. As for Mexico, I'm sure they'll barely beat South Korea, get rekt by the germans and then "surprise" everyone beating Sweden - whether they qualify or not will depend on the goal difference.
  4. Turns out Peru's government is considering a takeover of their football federation, to which FIFA responded by threatening them with disqualification (essentially opening the doors to a New Zealand classification, but some news sources claim it'd be given to Chile instead). That will surely stop any nationalization of the organization on its tracks, but who nows if it'll actually work - football involves a lot of money and I'm sure the peruvian government would appreciate the extra income for whatever purposes it sees fit.
  5. Italy's embarrassing display is some of the funniest shit I've seen in a while. Nice send-off for Buffon.
  6. Let's all cross our fingers for an Argentina humiliation.
  7. England's pretty much through, they just need to win the next game - or at best tie and then win. If Slovakia doesn't win their next game, England's pretty much through.
  8. Have some faith, Argentina is shit and football can be unpredictable (specially South America's). I, too, think Argentina will get a helping hand (if not several) from the refs, but there's always the chance they'll show us all just how bad they are. If not, we'll just have to deal with laughing at them fail miserably at the world cup for the sixth time in a row.
  9. Except Lewis, unlike Alonso, has been able to compete due to his car alone. Skills not withstanding, that car he has is the reason he's winning so much. Take that away and he's good, not championship-winning good. Same way Vettel dominated due to his car a few years ago.
  10. Dude message me on Steam when you can. Me and mesa were worried about you after the hurriance hit and we'd like to know how you're doing.

  11. Gratz to Juve for their 7th final lost and trying their best, but they were just not the better team by a long shot.
  12. Do you still live?

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      Yes, you damned feathered rugby fan.

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      Eat my butt, bitch.

  13. I almost gave up on reading when I read that "Tankoubon are still printed in recycled paper", since that's wrong. Magazines are. Tankōbon are printed in good paper (some better than others). Magazines are meant to be thrown out and recycled so you go buy the tankōbon and support the industry, hence the difference in paper quality. I've bought several old and used (or what Japanese call "used", which is to say nearly-mint) tankōbon over the past year and they're not yellowed at all, not to mention I saw several older volumes of various series around the buttload of BookOffs I visited as well - no yellowness. I wonder how people treat their stuff for it to get yellowed. Probably leaving it under constant sunlight and shit-poor conditions. Additionally, you should educate yourself on how much of a pain in the ass it is to draw a weekly chapter even for the most mediocre of series. Coloring ain't as expensive as it used to be, but it's still time-consuming. Not everyone can get their publisher to hire another assistant or two to help ease the workload and many authors are already knees-deep in work to be able to pump out a new chapter every week fully colored - let alonefor the tankōbon. No one can touch things up on the tankōbon except the author him/herself - and that means cutting time dedicated to their already heavy workload. All that said, sure, colo could make things look nicer and tidier, but it's not really something manga needs. If anything, it needs to get good. So much average crap out there.
  14. Those examples are awful because they were all localized. By the time we got them they had been out for several months and wouldn't have issues as ridiculous as these, not to mention two of them are visual novels, not exactly something glitch or bug-prone.
  15. I'm a few days late on making this post, but conn delivered on the price and now I get to play this for free.
  16. Watched the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! movie in 4D. Getting splashed with water in the face made it a bit annoying at times, but overall it was worth every cent.
  17. But we can use the other side of the argument as well: someone predicted more winners than the other one, even if he didn't get lucky with the exact results. I don't really have any ideas as to how to break the tie. I'll just trust Conn's judgment (and hope it doesn't screw me over ).
  18. If you're that bothered by it you should just stop being a France supporter. Probably the best solution to not having to cry over losing all the time. ...But Spain is the best thing to happen to international football since the late 1990s lol. If anything, it's Greece in 2004 and Italy in 2006, and it all stems back from Italy beating Brazil in 1982 ("the day football died").
  19. I predicted Griezmann's golden boot award .
  20. France BTFO. I didn't care who won but once Payet fouled Ronaldo in such a dirty manner, I couldn't help but wish for their demise. Shame the score fucked me over from winning this, but w/e. I'm happy for Ronaldo. Brotugal managed to pull off a Greece.
  21. You'll have to specify which of the two .
  22. Sunday 10th July 8pm Portugal 0 vs 2 France Wtf I just checked the standings. How the hell did I get to second place when I feel I botched most of my predictions?
  23. I don't really care who wins now, but it'd be kind of funny if Portugal did. Ronaldo would have the chance of fucking over the host nation with a vastly inferior time - like it happened to him 12 years ago. A handball is a handball. That's what sucks about the rulebook - it's all up to the ref lol.
  24. Lel