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  1. That's a cute avatar you got there haha.

  2. Wednesday 6th july 8pm Portugal 2 vs 1 Wales Thursday 7th July 8pm Germany 1 vs 2 France All hope rests on your shoulders, France. Don't let me down.
  3. Yeah, everyone's calling the ref as the reason Belgium lost, but here are some numbers (Wales on the left, Belgium on the right): Belgium kept the ball much more but hardly shot on-target, and both them and Wales were pretty even as far as shooting goes. Belgium crossed the ball a lot, but most of those were bad or cut-off and only a handful ended up as shots (and most were off-target). Belgium lost because they couldn't score more than once, so even if the ref fucked up a bunch of calls, it's still on them for not scoring when they could. It's the same as when Uruguay knocked Ghana off the World Cup in 2010: Ghana lost because they couldn't score that one penalty kick, not because the match was a fraud.
  4. I think Belgium wants to beat England as the greatest jobbers of the tournament. At this pace I don't think they'll ever stop being "the little team that could but doesn't", with the way they always seem to screw up at the last possible moments. Great job from Wales, with an overall less talented team and assets they took their chances when they had them. You know this is one heck of an odd Eurocup when one of the semi-final matches is freaking Portugal - Wales. Luck or not they won and Poland didn't. We all know this sport isn't 'fair' (ask the Netherlands and their Clockwork Orange) and we all know the only tournament Italy actually played football in the past 20 years they lost 4-0 whereas their crappy 2006 World Cup resulted in a win. It's just part of the sport at this point, and unlike the MLB or the NHL you don't have multiple matches to play and prove your worth. Accept it and move on, hoping next tournament your team pulls it off (same way 22 other teams will this year).
  5. Not the same level of competition, but Portugal is reminding me of Paraguay 5 years ago during the Copa America held in Argentina, reaching the final without winning a single game (although they lost against Uruguay). Would be a bit funny.
  6. Thursday 30th June 8pm Poland 1 vs 2 Portugal Friday 1st July 8pm Wales 1 vs 2 Belgium Saturday 2nd July 8pm Germany 0 vs 2 Italy Sunday 2rd July 8pm France 2 vs 0 Iceland
  7. At least now Germany's getting kicked out of the tournament. Then France can kick Italy's sorry ass and lose to whatever crappy team from the other key reaches the final (or not).
  8. You know most European teams are falling short when the Colombia-US match is better than most matches in the Eurocup - and it was still rather awful. And once again, Croatia shows they suck when they have to prove themselves, against another sucky teaml. It's quite sad to think that out of Italy, Germany and Spain, only one will reach the semi-finals yet Poland or Portugal will also be there. They've alll fallen short on at least one match so far, but at least they play organized and structured football - much more than anything any of the Ps can say. Shame Ronaldo didn't score. Great thing Portugal's goal came off his shot. Yay for Croatia getting kicked. They seemed to start having an ego out of their win against Spain.
  9. Saturday, June 25: Last 16 2pm Switzerland 1 vs 1 Poland Saturday, June 25: Last 16 5pm Wales 2 vs 0 Northern Ireland Saturday, June 25: Last 16 8pm Croatia 1 vs 2 Portugal Sunday, June 26: Last 16 2pm France 1 vs 0 Republic of Ireland Sunday, June 26: Last 16 5pm Germany 2 vs 0 Slovakia Sunday, June 26: Last 16 8pm Hungary 0 vs 1 Belgium Monday, June 27: Last 16 5pm Italy 0 vs 2 Spain Monday, June 27: Last 16 8pm England 1 vs 0 Iceland
  10. Wednesday, June 22: Group F, 5pm Iceland 1 v 1 Austria Wednesday, June 22: Group F, 5pm Hungary 0 v 2 Portugal Wednesday, June 22: Group E, 8pm Italy 1 v 0 Republic of Ireland Wednesday, June 22: Group E, 8pm Sweden 1 v 1 Belgium Easy to say with hindsight, otherwise we all would've bet. Same for Iceland's historic and heroic ties. Loved how the keeper stopped Ramos's penalty after jumping like 5 meters from the goal line though. We know a couple though
  11. England being a joke again. I wonder who'll kick them out of the tournament lol. EDIT: Hugely disappointed with Spain today. Played sloppily as hell and started taking it easy after just 15-20 minutes. Didn't think I'd miss Xavi and Xabi (specially when taking penalty kicks) as much as right now. Guess they'll have to kick Italy, Germany and France out of the tournament now, unless UEFA does penalize Croatia (which now I hope they do lol).
  12. Sunday, June 19: Group A, 8pm Romania 2 v 0 Albania Sunday, June 19: Group A, 8pm Switzerland 0 v 2 France Monday, June 20: Group B, 8pm Russia 1 v 2 Wales Monday, June 20: Group B, 8pm Slovakia 0 v 1 England Tuesday, June 21: Group C, 5pm Ukraine 0 v 1 Poland Tuesday, June 21: Group C, 5pm Northern Ireland 0 v 2 Germany Tuesday, June 21: Group D, 8pm Czech Republic 1 v 0 Turkey Tuesday, June 21: Group D, 8pm Croatia 0 v 2 Spain
  13. Wouldn't doubt some of the players are just hiding behind the incident to excuse themselves from their piss-poor end-game performance, but that's just conjecture on my part. I see where you're coming from regarding the punishment's "severity", given it's a handful of people fucking over a whole country, but that's the way things are. Liverpool fans were responsible for Heysel and the whole country paid the price (and I dare say it helped educate them in the long-run, though this year they seem to want to say otherwise), and it wouldn't be the first time a handful of fans harm a club as a whole. They've gotta do something to deter anyone from any similar actions from here on out though, so a penalty of sorts is to be expected. Also, I'm really surprised this is happening in Europe. It tends to be, as far as football is concerned (and specially on the west-side of the continent), the educated side of the world. I'd expect that kind of crap from all those apes down in Argentina or other Latin American countries, but it never happens during any qualyfing matches, let alone the World Cup or even the Copa America. I certainly hope (and expect) the French security to try to step up their game to avoid any future incidents, but with the way things are with the new labor reform and the terrorist boogeyman I don't think it'll be enough.
  14. Well Germany sure tried to score. Kind of surprised they didn't, too, given how things go for them 90% of the time. Still, props to Poland for holding out. Guess this proves Germany's not so hot afterall. lol I wouldn't say 'great'. They have somewhat skilled players, but nothing special. It's a team made up mostly of 2nd rate players that's always being overrated because it has one of the best players ever. They're a long-shot from what they were ten years ago, let alone 50, but because of Ronaldo the media (specially morons) say they're one of Europe's "big" teams, yet they always fall short in the big competitions and struggle to qualify. A 100% chance is a goal. They had one. Sure, they had some chances that were close to being a goal, but the fact remains that they didn't do it. They had a lot of possession but they didn't really know what to do with it, and most of it was spent crossing the ball (most of the time badly) and hoping for a header or a rebound, nothing else. Iceland spent most of the match defending and did so well, and even though they hardly tried to score they seemed to have a better idea of how to do it.
  15. Thursday, June 16: Group B, 2pm England 2 v 2 Wales Thursday, June 16: Group C, 5pm Ukraine 2 v 1 Northern Ireland Thursday, June 16: Group C, 8pm Germany 2 v 0 Poland Friday, June 17: Group E, 2pm Italy 2 v 0 Sweden Friday, June 17: Group D, 5pm Czech Republic 0 v 1 Croatia Friday, June 17: Group D, 8pm Spain 2 v 0 Turkey Saturday, June 18: Group E, 2pm Belgium 2 v 0 Republic of Ireland Saturday, June 18: Group F, 5pm Iceland 0 v 2 Hungary Saturday, June 18: Group F, 8pm Portugal 2 v 0 Austria
  16. Portugal's other free kick takers are bad - letting anyone other than Ronaldo them take 'em would've been as useless. Also, I don't think anyone with half a brain and that knows football thinks Portugal can achieve anything, given how mediocre they are as a team and how Ronaldo is their only exceptional player. At least Messi, in his mediocrity with Argentina, has good players around him. Ronaldo can't even say that much. Add a complete and total lack of organization (unlike Iceland, whose players did their job well) and creativity and you've got a pretty average team. There's only so much a single player can do for a team.
  17. Monday, June 13: Group D, 2pm Spain 2 v 0 Czech Republic Monday, June 13: Group E, 5pm Republic of Ireland 0 v 2 Sweden Monday, June 13: Group E, 8pm Belgium 1 v 1 Italy Tuesday, June 14: Group F, 5pm Austria 2 v 1 Hungary Tuesday, June 14: Group F, 8pm Portugal 3 v 0 Iceland Wednesday, June 15: Group B, 2pm Russia 1 v 2 Slovakia Wednesday, June 15: Group A, 5pm Romania 1 v 1 Switzerland Wednesday, June 15: Group A, 8pm France 2 v 0 Albania
  18. I had a feeling this would happen. England had an amazing qualifying round, so expectations were a bit high for them; naturally they had to take a huge dump on them all. They looked better than they did in Brazil and their young team gives them lots of promise, but it took them 70 minutes (and a humongous error) to score a goal in a game they dominated until the last 10 minutes of the match (during which they defended like a bunch of amateurs). To make things worse, some of their stars did jackshit - Sterling being the main culprit, although Kane is certainly trying to get the 'overrated' tag added to his bio. They lack creativity and a lot of finishing, there's no merit in reaching the opponent's area if you don't create chances, and Wales and Slovakia's organization may prove to be a problem unless they fix that and play more like they did during the qualiyfing phase. I don't think they'll fuck up to the point of not reaching the next round, but I think the damage's been done and they'll end up as second (or even third), and they better hope it's second, otherwise they'd face Germany or Spain (excluding fuck-ups). Anyway, they certainly screwed us all out of a point or three.
  19. Friday, June 10: Group A, 8pm 3 France v Romania 1 Saturday, June 11: Group A, 2pm 0 Albania v Switzerland 2 Saturday, June 11: Group B, 5pm 2 Wales v Slovakia 1 Saturday, June 11: Group B, 8pm 1 England v Russia 0 Sunday, June 12: Group D, 2pm 0 Turkey v Croatia 1 Sunday, June 12: Group C, 5pm 1 Poland v Northern Ireland 1 Sunday, June 12: Group C, 8pm 2 Germany v Ukraine 0 Winner: Spain (fuck ze germans) Golden boot: Griezmann
  20. I'd love to get Dyanamite Jack and One Way Heroics.
  21. Could never give it a try, so I'll be sure to buy it when it's on sale or whatever.
  22. Here's hoping it's not as awful and (as Happy said) CGI-heavy like the movies.
  23. Happy new year bae.

  24. Hey bae, what's your most recent account nowadays? So I can add you and stuff.

  25. I know, but the main characters show up on the trailers and what-not, and there's a chance the games and the series intersect in some way, hence my previous post.