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  1. I watch the anime. it's bad, but fun as fuck. Will definitely try to get this, especially given the anime turned out to have a plot after 8 eps, and the game may expand upon it.
  2. No Rain and no Noob makes me a sad panda.
  3. 1.- Demon's Souls. 2.- Metal Gear Solid 4. 3.- Mass Effect 2. 4.- Final Fantasy XIII. 5.- Assassin's Creed 2. 6.- Valkyria Chronicles. 7.- Deus Ex: Human Revolution. 8.- Journey. 9.- Borderlands 2. 10.- Portal 2.
  4. Yeah, it's quite the endevour . I can read some stuff here and there, but the momeny kanjis get into the mix it becomes hell. One of these days I'll start the PSP version of FF2 again but in Japanese and see how I fare . One thing's for sure, though: persistance a huge factor lol.
  5. In all fairness, he did slow down a freaking island-sized Metal Gear on his own way back in MGS4 . Regarding your Chapters question, he means the way the story progresses, which is like Peace Walker's. You play through chapters that you can select from your "headquarters" (so to speak), and everytime you start one out it has credits at the beginning of the mission and at the end, sort of like a short film. Great for replaying stuff, but a bit of a hindrance to the way the story progresses since its cut everytime, though due to it being a bit non-linear in that regard it hardly matters (most missions don't really tie into each other directly; only a few pick up exactly where the previous one left off).
  6. Well, it got to 900k earlier than I expected. Now it's bound to raise over a million and, who knows, maybe more than 1.1 or 1.2kk. I'd love to own good English and legit translations of all those Type Moon VNs, but I don't think it's happening for a while - if ever ;___; I've pretty much started to resort to learning Japanese and just importing the Vita versions of F/SN and F/HA (and the eventual Tsukihime remake).
  7. When they announced the final stretch goal I thought it wouldn't happen, but now it feels possible. The last day will bring in a lot more money than the previous ones since that's how it usually goes (perfect example is IGA's Bloodstained), so there's a chance we can get the figma and the physical CODEX. That said, I'm very curious as to how they'll go about the figma. That junk was a special release to begin with. They better not be buying them off Mandarake or someshit and work a deal with Max Faggotry to release more of 'em.
  8. The thing with Revengeance is that it was never going to be like previous MG titles, so it's not a fair comparison by any means lol. If anything, it certainly kept the spirit of absurdity that's been the core of MG and just bumped it up to 11 with its ridiculous gameplay and one-liners. Same goes to you, boyo. We have each other on PSN and Skype and we hardly ever send a message hahaha.
  9. I've read comics far longer than I've read mango, but I honestly wouldn't pick one over the other. Same goes for comic strips. They both have their pros and cons, but what makes either good is not whether they're one or the other, but who is working on them. Sandman's great because Gaiman's an amazing writer and he's had the joy of having a crapton of talented people draw his stories. Berserk and Monster are incredible because of Kentaro Miura and Naoki Urasawa respectively. Those works aren't inherentely good because they're comics/mangos but because of those involved in their creation. It's the same way a movie, TV show or animu is shaped by its director (and to a lesser degree the screenwriter, among others): it's not good just because it is, but because of the people who worked on it and came up with what makes it good. As a final note, I don't think Asterix, Tin Tin, etc. classify as something other than a "comic book" outside of, maybe, the release format.
  10. Nice read. That said, there will be more MGS, even more so given the way Phantom Pain ends (or doesn't, depending on how you look at it). After that's done and released, I'll kiss the series goodbye. It'll have been a pretty sweet ride up 'till that point, but it'll probably be nothing but a stale and boring one afterwards.
  11. Watched the second Hotel Transylvania movie. As entertaining as the first one.
  12. Not by a long shot lol.
  13. I never tried the original, but I had some fun times on 2, although they wer emostly jarred by the high-speed internet connection I required and lacked. I'd shoot people and they'd die seconds later, not to mention I'd get kicked out of matches due to the same thing. That said, I once took donw like 4 people as Snake in the span of 30 seconds with CQC thanks to it, so I guess I can't complain that much.
  14. If Germany faces Italy or Spain they're toast. My vote goes to Spain, but I think France will win. He failed to qualify the Netherlands to a World Cup, helped Real Madrid dominate Spain for a while due to his disastrous and pathetic run at Barcelona and then went and spent millions on a bunch of players just to get rid of them a season later at Manchester United, not to mention he's allienating one of the best goalkeepers in the world because he's and imbecile, and even though he needs defenders he didn't buy any good ones until this season. There's also how he goes around treating anyone good that played under him at some point as his prodigial son and a by-product of his incredibleness, when in fact they have nothing to do with it. Just calling him "overrated" is a compliment to the idiocy known as Van Gaal.
  15. Modern anime that's educational, proper and safe? I think only Mushishi might fit that criteria.
  16. I just found out the Premier started today (lol), so I'm in as well.
  17. Screw you, Toriyama
  18. Did Vegeta get shit on as usual in favor of Goku? Or could he finally show off, be badass and save the day?
  19. I watched the second Captain America movie (didn't like it as much as the original), Toy Story 3 and Ant-Man, which greatly surprised me due to how entertaining it turned out to be (shame about Janet though).
  20. Arguably the best thing to come out of Part 4. If it does get animated, I expect someone to to sub it a la Duwang. Got a feeling so complicated.
  21. Got to love Argentina's efforts by the last 15 minutes of regular time: "Don't lose guys! We can still win if we reach the penalty shoot-out!"
  22. Pero 0-1 Paraguay
  23. Pixar's newest masterpiece, Inside out. Truly an exceptional film.
  24. Wonder what the hell happened to Paraguay. It's almost like they didn't want to play at all. Chile 2-1 Argentina