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  1. I think the way the games are organized looks bad. While listing all the games under the respective letter (or number) is fine, the way they are organized makes it look like a textwall and it certainly makes finding a game a little complicated at times. Why not try to list them in rows instead of columns?
  2. If the forum is well organized, there should be no need to use Ctrl+F. Still, Sly's reply works anyway.
  3. I remember you used to go bananas over all that stuff.
  4. Really? In they do! Bizarre they only do it in one though.
  5. Have you tried creating an account in Amazon's European branch and linking your card from the US there? I'm not sure if it works, but if it does, you can buy PSN cards and have the code given to you if I'm correct.
  6. I am ready to join that 'Dark Side' of yours. Where do I sign with my blood?

  7. How long do you think it'll take for us to upload our own backgrounds?
  8. Wonder how long that'll last lol.
  9. Got Portal 2 and L.A. Noire about 2-3 weeks ago. I also got inFAMOUS, WipEout HD and Dead Nation from the welcome back package.
  10. So you just need someone who is registered to get a new game, and when he syncs the site will automitcally get the game up?
  11. Come on guys, they are just walls of text written on the internet. I think it can be hardly considered "inellectual property" on a courtroom, and I doubt any of you would even go as far as going to a courtroom about it (even you Pie). If you wish to put them here, do so and don't complain if .com does something about it.
  12. Great thinking right there.
  13. I'm not getting the Vita (at least not this year lol), but if I did, I'd get the Wi-fi version. Not only is it cheaper, but like Parker said, iPhones/Androids can turn into hot-spots and I have friends with both, so I could just ask them to do me the favor while I'm with them lol.
  14. My laptop's screen is 1280x800, so it has no problem with 400x200, but you do have a point. I also assume a lot of people use netbooks nowadays, so it would certainly be better to leave it at 200.
  15. It actually looks well on mine. How big is your screen?
  16. It's called skill !
  17. I see... I'd rather jizz and comment later though. They tend to make things funnier, so I don't see how having 5 or 6 more smileys could make things worse.
  18. Ah, that works too . Thanks!
  19. Must it be done in that order?
  20. Now that's a very interesting feature! Now I can see how much time it took me to get GTA IV's platinum (1 year and 3 weeks) and RFG (1 month and 1 week) .