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  1. I'm sad to see Colombia lose, but I'm hopeful Argentina will fall sooner or later. They're another pathetic team living from their previous accomplishments, just like Brazil. Chile 2-0 Peru Argentina 2-2 Paraguay, Paraguay wins on penalties.
  2. Yes, 'cagados de montegay' . And they had the best decade of their whole existance, winning 3 league titles (though one was pretty much a gift for De Nigris dying off somewhere) and 3 international ones (and then being pathetic overseas), so I wouldn't say so. It's all been downhill since they fired Vuceshit though.
  3. The enemies aren't really repetitive, so don't worry about that. The fights sitll being 2-3 parters will keep happening, though.
  4. Chile 2-0 Uruguay Peru 1-0 Bolivia Argentina 1-2 Colombia Brazil 1-1 Paraguay (Paraguay wins on penalties)
  5. The Enemy of the Week formula will stay all the way to Part 7 (no idea about Part 8 since I'm not reading it until it ends), but Part 4's focus is mostly on slice of life, rather than battle, hence many people liking it (and hence me not liking it lol).
  6. Colombia 2-0 Peru Brazil 1-1 Venezuela
  7. Man, no one could score more than one goal against Jamaica. Argentina's truly a disappointment - again.
  8. They better. After Crap (I mean, Part) 4 and Kira and KIller fucking Queen, there's a lot of crazy, amazing and interesting shit, from King Crimson in Vento Aureo to Foo Fighters in Stone Ocean and flipping Gyro and The President in Steel Ball Run. It'd be a shame if we never got to see all that, even if it's in the same awkward style that Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders were adapted.
  9. Mexico 2-0 Ecuadro Chile 2-0 Bolivia That's one shitty team. Same for its neighbour. Then there's also the shitty fans, who think they're the "best fans in the world" for some moronic reason.
  10. I'm surprised no one got the Brazil - Colombia winner right. Guess it shows how overblown Brazil is - again. Peru 1 - 1 Venezuela.
  11. 15th - Ecuador 1-0 Bolivia 15th - Chile 2-1 Mexico 16th - Paraguay 2-0 Jamaica 17th - Argentina 2-1 Uruguay
  12. Actually, I also bet on a draw.
  13. A bit too late for Chile, but I can still guess Mexico. Glad I noticed the thread. June 13th: Mexico 2 - 1 Bolivia June 13th: Uruguay 3 - 0 Jamaica 13th: Argentina 1 - 1Paraguay 14th: Colombia 3 - 1 Venezuela 14th: Brazil 3 - 0 Peru
  14. On the contrary, I think it'll be very fun. Last one was full of surprises, not to mention Forlan and Suarez, so I can only expect this one to be up to standards, even more so with so many competent teams in it for once. As for the Women's World Cup, it's always fun. Hopefully it ends with a shocker, like the last one did.
  15. My respect towards Juventus, they did way better than I thought they would. Loved the end of the match, where the ref added 6 whole minutes (I felt they should've been 3, maybe 4, but who knows). Also, congratulations are in order for them, for becoming the first team to lose six Eruopean Cup finals. Truly an amazing feat. Now to watch the Copa America, and see Messi not do jack.
  16. I wonder if this means we'll be able to create female players, as well as adding them to random teams or playing career mode with them.
  17. So how would this work? I can understand streaming episodes, but what about reading mango? Either way, JoJo is something that should be read, not watched. The anime is okay, but its pacing ain't exactly great, not to mention it'll take it a decade to even get halfway through the available material. That said, since you're a Hokuto No Ken fan, you'll definitely enjoy it. I fully suggest you to watch and read Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) if you haven't. I'm not much of a Shoujo fan (haven't read/watched much), but that one's certainly top-notch.
  18. Never been much into Resident Evil, but I'd probably get this. Much better than RE1 for sure lol. I must say I agree with both statements.
  19. Had a fun time watching The Last: Naruto the Movie at the theater yesterday. More fun than I imagined it'd be.
  20. As expected, Real fucked it up. Now for Juventus to become the record-holder for most European Cup finals lost. No kidding, and unlike Real they're one freaking lucky team lol.
  21. Cost means jack, look at Tottenham and how much they paid for who they did with the money they earned from Bale. Besides, it's not like Pogba's the only good player they have nor the team's flag. Tevez and Pirlo have played a huge part in the team's success, not to mention their defence. They also have very competent and skilled players in the squad as it is, so playing the "THEY HAVE A BIGGER BUDGET!" card here is moronic. A midfield without any proper structure matters a shitton. There was no one organizing anything, and Isco, James and Bale (who was way up-front in the first place) were not distributing balls nor organizing plays, especially considering James and Isco were way too close to the wings. Had there been anyone distributing balls and organizing play, the striker issue wouldn't have mattered at all, not with the players they have. There was no structure for gameplay, and Ramos's addition to the midfield ended up being a liability in that regard. I'm not an imbecile Gota, I know that shit. I've actually kicked a ball and played football in my life, you know? I'm not some basement dweller who only played FIFA - to even bring that up is insulting. Funny you say that, because there are actually some pretty incompetent players in the semi-finals. Boateng and Pepe being the first that come to mind - funnily enough, Pepe is also partly to blame for that gigantic hole, and to make things even funnier, Ramos too, who was on midfield. Have you seen Madrid play at all during the season? As in, all season-long? Not just a couple Champions League matches? The moment Modric went down the midfield became lackluster. Isco and James would ocasionally work as replacement (as in proper replacements in the midfield - not as wingers, that's different), but it was an on and off thing that mostly relied on Ronaldo, which became pretty apparent as soon as the winter break was over and they started fucking up. When he came back they got back their momentum, then he got injured again and they've been struggling ever since. Ramos has been used in the midfield a baffling two times, both this week, both against competitive teams, and both times the team lacked proper organization, game building and what-not, and the defence has suffered a crapton from it, what with Pepe and Marcelo being so bloody average when it comes to that, and Carvajal and Varane being so erratic at times. Juventus won fair and square, but they didn't exactly look good when doing it. More than them deserving it for their own merits, it's Real Madrid's demerits that allowed them to win - they just took advantage of their chances. On the other side, Pogba's loss hasn't caused them as many issues. They've won the Serie A with ease again (surely no illegal transactions were involved this time around ) and they've still got a gamebuilding machine named Pirlo (who didn't really play well but still did a better job than Kroos and Ramos). Anyway, we'll see what happens at Bernabeu. Knowing Real, they'll fuck it up, but at this pace Barcelona will demolish Juventus at Berlin, and that's pretty much guaranteed.
  22. I don't care for the guides, but I'd really like those litographs. Do neither of you even remember the Enemy Skills? A handful of them are missable. Then there's also some of the weapons and equipment you can only get at certain points or with certain mini-games.
  23. Seeing how they lack any proper midfield - yes, they are lol. Unless you think reinforcing your midfield with Ramos means you're on top-shape, which would be hilarious. Never said they didn't win fair and square. This isn't Chelsea - Barcelona from 2009. They simply didn't play well. The match was full of fuck-ups from both sides, Real's being more blatant. The first goal came from a gigantic hole in defence, and any competent player would've taken advantage of it. Outside of that and the penalty, Juventus hardly did jack. They tried and pushed but it hardly amounted to anything. They looked fairly disorganized up-top at times, and very uncreative, especially Pirlo. Had Real Madrid had a proper midfield and their players playing more creatively, Juventus would've gone down the same way as Bayern if not worse. Either way, if the way Juve played was world class, then god help us, for in-form Barcelona and Real Madrid squads aren't bound to this physical dimension.
  24. Their chances are as good as Bayern's at making a comeback (on that topic, the poll results are hilarious after their match against Barcelona). Real played awful, yet they almost tied (and won) that game. Juventus is really nowhere near the other 3 teams, even if they're decimated by injuries. Shows just how bad Italian football has become. Still, knowing Real and their love to fucking everything up (especially when defending), I can see Juventus being crowned the biggest European Cup Final losers, finally beating bitter rival Benfica for the spot so they can reign at the top.
  25. These will be some awful semi-finals. Madrid playing awful and losing to a very shitty Juventus is definitely not something I was looking forward to (wanted to see a good match, afterall). As for the other side, Bayern's been decimated by injuries whereas Barcelona's on good form (even if their defense is crap). I can also see Guardiola making one of his reknown amazing decisions and having Dante play as striker or some other dumb shit. God help us all if Farza wins again.