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  1. I expect it to be full of power level bollocks and awful pallete swaps. Toriyama being part of it just makes me mre skeptical.
  2. Well I must say that was an exciting derby. Was kind of worried at first due to how City was all over the place, but I must say the team did well to get out of that. Shame Carrick had to left, otherwise they might've scored a fifth goal instead of receiving the second one, but whatever. I'm surprised I never saw this message lol. Yes, I do. I preffer Real over Barcelona any day, and I consider myself a fan mostly due to some players I loved watching play over the years. Then there's Barcelona cheating their way to the final in 2008 and beating United, which only made me mad at them and UEFA. Aside from those two, I also like Athletic due to personal reason.
  3. Fun read, but nothing else. The best part is the art, as well as the coloring.
  4. Yeah, I do . I don't pay what I do for all the channels just to watch Barcelona and Real Madrid once a week haha. Haven't watched much of anything recently, though, since I've been too busy.
  5. All of Batman has been good - not necessarilly excellent, but good. Azarello's Wonder Woman was good, Geoff's Aquaman and Green Lantern runs were good, Soule's Red Lanterns run was good. I think that's pretty much all the 'class' New 52 titles. Everything else's been average - or worse. I'd like to say Future's End is good too based on the premise and the project itself, but I don't read it, so I'd be lying lol.
  6. They're not really rebooting the New 52, they're just dropping half the titles and adding a bunch of others. The continuity will stay pretty much the same, but most likely will have some added stuff so Flash and Green Arow are more related to their TV show counter-parts (ugh). As for Marvel, everyone suspects they're scrapping the Ultimate universe and merging it with 616 (as well as other continuities). We're all expecting for Spider Gwen to be added as well, to bank on the moronicly huge success she's had.
  7. Lupin Gear Persona 5: Tuxedo Mask. Maximum hype.
  8. I miss you, you sonofabitch.

  9. So, we all know I don't like Van Gaal. However, it's been tough criticizing the mofo when the team's been doing relatively well. However, he's an imbecile for hiring Valdes. This better not mean De Gea's losing playtime. There's a reason fans have voted him the player of the year two times in a row.
  10. That's exactly my point: who says they can do it again? As mentioned already in this thread, the creators are moving on (which is great - I'm hoping they come up with some new, good stuff), and who knows who they'd leave in charge and whether (s)he'd be able to capture tha magic of both series, not to mention keep the same level of quality.
  11. Not really sure it should be picked up by Netflix and continued (not to mention they'd have to fork out big bucks to acquire the rights). Both series are over and fine as they are, not to mention milking franchises is never an enjoyable sight and more often than not it results in a noticeable quality drop. Either way, here's hoping they release both series on Blu-Ray sometime soon.
  12. I only join to reckt Gota and conn . Shame one of them isn't even playing this time around hahaha.
  13. Watched the awful Dungeons & Dragons movie on TV, so I could watch The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and not be as disgusted.
  14. Quite a shame. A huge loss for the internet. Good thing they're back up and just moved to a new country.
  15. Watched Casablanca at the movie theater. Got to love this movi.
  16. Watched Redline on TV. Pretty entertaining movie, with some nice animation. Wouldn't be surprised if the guys who made it are F-Zero fans.
  17. Watched District 9 for the first time. Very enjoyable and it has a few great concepts.
  18. Watched both Wayne's World and Kick-Ass yesterday on TV for the first time in quite a while. Got to love the product placement scene.
  19. The Big Lebowski, in all its shittyness.
  20. The first Matrix movie.
  21. Nolan's latest movie. I was gladly surprised with it.
  22. Oh, it's a classic for sure, but it's not a quality read. It's kind of the same as Todd's Spider-Man run - it's defnitely a classic and the artwork is top-notch, but the storylines are crap. Well, you've read God Loves Man Kills already and got Dark Phoenix as well, so I'd recommend Fatal Attracions next (might as well read Onslaught afterwards, too, but it's not really great). There's also Peter David's X-Factor (from which I've read but a couple of issues but I've been told it's amazing), Wolverine (Miller and Claremont) and probably some of the newer issues, such as Uncanny Avengers. Might as well read House of M, given how related it is to mutant-kind. Bendis is hit and miss. Some love him, others don't and then there's those that are mostly indifferent. I don't really like him. He started building his career by killing everyone he could lol. He's also one of those authors that tend to overlook past details and write characters as he sees fit, disregarding previous situations and decisions that displayed them differently. That said, some of his stuff is worth reading, such as Avengers vs. X-Men (disgrearding some of the more forced plot-points) and, from what I'm told, Uncanny X-Men.
  23. Just remember many people consider Amazing Spider-Man #700 to be good (or anything by that douchebag Slott), and same goes for Age of Apcalypse or Morrison's New X-Men and many others. There's a lot of imbeciles doing 'reviews' out there, same as tasteless fans.
  24. I feel bad for you for actually buying and readin that thing .
  25. I'd like to know where you live so I can go and slap you in the face with my Manchester United jersey . I know he's not a scorer, I've been watching the sucker since he was at Benfica, but guess what he loves to try to do lol. He dribbls past 3-4 guys, has his teammates wide open, and tries to shot for goal and sends it to orbit. I'm aware Falcao isn't up to par yet (it's obvious), but lack of gametime isn't going to help him either. The thing is Di Maria isn't really a midfielder, he's an offensive midfielder who is used to run the sides (and swtich from one to the other) and even got used to sometimes play as a centre forward in Real, so that's not really a position I see him fitting very well at. Of course, the English football schedule has never been kind to me, and the team not being in European competitions means I see it even less often, so I'm not entirely sure of him not playing as what I mentioned above all the time, but during the Chelsea match he seemed a bit too confined to one side and rather uncreative (and he did what I criticized him all the time for, too: dribbling everyone and shooting to the sky).