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  1. Yeah, that's the only thing one can hope for; that and him, Mata and Rooney getting a good rythm going, so they can give Van Persie and Falcao a gajillion balls and they somehow score them, but alas, they ain't doing that anytime soon lol. And he's been doing what he used to do at Real until last season: get everything but the finishing right, which is a shame. It's obviously a rebuilding process, but chesmitry and cohesion aside, the team lacks strategy and organization. Van Gaal, "the genius", has been failing hard in that regard. It's been pretty much nothing but individual prowess that's gotten the team ahead, and even then it's only gotten them 3 wins so far. 16 goals in 9 matches, which isn't exactly good when you consider who they've signed, and even then, only thee of them have managed to score 3 goals. There's also how most of those goals have helped jackshit to win matches - which is what they need to do.
  2. Yeah, he's shit, and I'd take him over Rojo, Smalling and Rafael.
  3. It is a disgrace. I was talking with Gota after the match was over, and we both agreed that the defence is pathetic. It's always great to knw your keeper's great, but the fatc that De Gea shines so much is a warning to how often he has to go beyond the call of duty and save the team. Smalling, Rafael and Rojo are awful and disorganized as all fuck! I can't believe i'm missing Evans and Vidic so much. There's also how all the firepower Van Gaal bought has been lackluster as all hell. As you say, they have no chemistry, so there's hardly any use for the lot of them to be together, for they can hardly score when put together. Then there's also how Van Gaal is considering signign Valdes, Ferguson help us all.
  4. No wonder he died, pouring all he had left to live into that last album. Yet another saddening day in music. Blated Sunshine of Your Love all night long yesterday in his honor.
  5. Leo Missing strikes again. Neymar did one thing and never showed up again. Same for Suarez. Luis Enrique is definitely shaping up to be an average coach. We'll have to wait and see what Patetico de Madrid does to them when they face each other, same when they get past the group stage in the Champions League and have to face better teams (specially ones with a good defense, unlike PSG). All in all, a great day. Good to see Benzema score (yet again) and James and Kroos getting assists. Ancelotti is truly one of the best coaches out there. Better watch your spelling. Atletico (Madrid) is one team, Athletic (Bilbao) is another. One has a shitton of trophies (even though they've won Jack in over a decade) and a huge nationalistic view of football, while the other has less and lives in the shadow of Real Madrid . And they had to sell Costa. They wouldn't be able to keep paying him, so they were better off selling him for a ridiculous amount of money. There's also how the asshat was a huge factor as to why they lost the Champions League final lol. Regarding Curtois, they would've never gotten him. Mourinho wanted him back, and even if Atletico tried to reach a deal to keep him a bit longer, Chelsea would've never let go of him. Cech, afterall, is already old, and he won't last much longer.
  6. Oh boy, we're on opposite sides of the spectrum then. I wanted to puke when I saw the trailer for WANTED hahahaha. Kick-Ass, on the other side, is a movie adaptation I actually enjoyed. The movie itself isn't exactly bad, and the tongue-in-cheek style of Kick-Ass was translated really well to the screenplay and to the movie itself. I think the issue is the disastrous movie he got, which kind of ruined him in the eyes of the public eye. He's never been a hugely popular character, which is saddening, for as someone told me the other day he's one of (if not the) best written characters in comic history.
  7. I'm the same. I hardly go to the movies, let alone to watch Superhero movies. Last ones I watched were Dark Knight Rises, which was awful and Captain America, which I thoroughly enjoyed - which has made me not want to watch any other Marvel films because they won't measure up (the ones I've watched already are crap anyway). I also tend to not overlook a lot of the 'liberties' they take with the characters and plots. I'm a huge Green Lantern fan, and that was one of the reasons I didn't watch the movie (and never will): no matter what they do, they'll try to adapt it differently and it'll end up being something I won't enjoy but will criticize to no end.
  8. Yes, but well, this is a comcis thread, not an "adaptations from comics" one . Either way, we'll have to see what they're planning. It could mean they're not using Barry Allen nor Oliver Queen for Flash and Green Arrow. Me and a couple other people I talked to think they'll have Wally (or maybe even Bart, god help us) and Speedy/Arsenal (can't remember his name at this moment) show up instead of them, which could make sense - afterall, we're talking about the movie having an old Batman, so who knows how far into the future the damn thing is.
  9. Hmm... Might consider watching it if you recommend it .
  10. I can't believe we got a thread for this match only, but not for the tournament as a whole . Either way, the match started great. For a good 15 minutes, Liverpool looked like a competent team, but alas, spirit ain't enough lol. Match could've had a bigger score, though. Ronaldo had a great chance and Real screwed up many attacks. Still a better and much more entertaining match than most of yesterday's (I'm looking at you, Roma - Bayern...). ...That never happened. They had a 0-3 combeack against Milan in the 2005 final. Not counting today, they only played Real Madrid three times: 1981's final (Liverpool won 1-0) and in the first knockout-stage of 2009 (Real Madrid 0-1 Liverpool, Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid). So that makes three matches won out of four so far (and most likely will be three matches won out of five lol).
  11. The thing is he's all commitment, no class. He's a bad challenger (usually ends up fouling, intentionally or otherwise) and he's bad at marking. Many times have they suffered because he can't mark a player. And I changed the channel after the fourth goal. Roma screwed up intensely, and Bayern took advantage of that horribly lol. But hey! At least they took Neuer's blanksheet away from him (and with an offside goal, too). He can start playing starting this weekend. Everyone suspects him to start in Saturday's match against Real Madrid, and if not, to at least be subbed in. Then we'll see for sure how "amazing" Barcelona will be this season. Hasn't played lately to be considered. If we go by what he did pre-Chiellini bite, for sure, but lack of activity ought to take him out of consideration (until Saturday at least).
  12. I think that it goes without a doubt that Ronaldo is, right now, above everyone and everything. That said, Messi is still a great player (just not as good as before, when Iniesta and Xavi were at the top of their game), and Neymar's finally showing what he's made of at Barcelona. Hopefully Iniesta gets back his titularity soon, so he can show everyone why he's the best Spanish player in decades. Aside from that, I agree that Iker, Neuer, Buffon and De Gea are arguably the best keepers in the world, and the same with pretty much everyone else you mentioned but Pepe, who is an imbecile.
  13. That depends on the teams and the leagues, though. I'm sure an average coach can win the French league if they have PSG, or the Ducth league if they have Ajax. Then there's Spain, which has 2 teams (and once every 5 years 3). His time with Barcelona is one Barcelona fans like to forget about, and there's a few good reasons to that, regardless of what they accomplished. Then there's Mancini. Awful coach, yet won the English league with City, and got two titles in a row with Inter (three if you count the one they were awarded because Juventus and Milan are cheating bastards lol). Anyway, watching the match right now and the team's strategy has pretty much been nothing but "cross the ball and hope for something to happen". Hardly a good strategy, and it if weren't for WBA being more interested in defending and counter-attacking, it surely wouldn't have worked well enough for Fellani to score. I honestly just hope they get their shit together against City and Chelsea (mostly Chelsea). Can't have them trashing the team two seasons in a row. I agree with Precision on there being no reason to update it. If anyone cares, they check the league standings in the website anyway.
  14. Hey, not my fault you all sugarcoat everything and actually think Van Gaal's one of the best coaches out there. Then again, you also seem to think Rojo is a good defender lol. And no, I watched Stoke City's though. Should've watched something else .
  15. Guess what, guys? It seems the guy in charge of identifying the DNA fucked up, so the supposed identity is *gasp!* not Jack the Ripper. WHO WOULD'VE GUESSED!?
  16. Great Gin avatar you got there.

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      Thank you dude. :D

  17. You're on a roll with high-quality stuff .
  18. I wonder what Skips and Muscle Man would look like were they happen to be in your avatar.

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      Muscle Mans a human I think

  19. Watched Hotel Transylvania on TV. Typical animated movie: average but entertaining.
  20. I didn't know we measured text in time, either. Sheesh, I must really be falling behind .
  21. Watched Avengers on TV, followed by Shrek to get the sour taste off my mouth.
  22. It was never a long arc, but it's one of Claremont's best stories (and that's saying something, given how his X-Men run is legendary). Hope you enjoy it.
  23. I couldn't watch the mathc due to how early it was for me on the other side of the pond, but can anyone tell me what the nuts happened? I'm under the impression it all started with a penalty that shouldn't have been, but that's it. I'd like to assume it was Van Gaal's idiocy and not really the defense's idiocy - but with Rojo there I can only hope that was it.
  24. Eh, Guardiola copied Aragones's tactics with Spain and then focused on buying as many national team players as he could, he also was loved by refs all over the place (that semi-final against Chelsea is a perfect example among many). It was wasy as hell to notice he, as a coach, has little talent, for all those times they were either losing or tied, he wouldn't order any tactical changes nor do any modifications - he'd rely completely on his players. He also loved to make idiotic changes. One of my favorite examples on that regard was a match they had against Arsenal, in which they were winning 0-1 at London. He changed Villa for someone else, the team lost most of its offensive capabilities, Wenger made 2 modifications and Arsenal won 2-1. I also find it funny such a greaaat manager got himself a team that raped Barcelona 4-0 and 0-3, reinforced it, and got raped 0-4 at Munich. He's so stuck up his own arse copying Aragones he can't figure out another way to have his players play. There's also how when he left Vilanova faced a lot of issues regarding injury, and when he left and Martino was in charge, he faced even worse injuries - especially Messi's, not to mention he was being forced to play Neymar, who couldn't play as well as he could (and never did) because the one playing in his position was Barcelona's golden-boy. Barcelona's debacle has little to do with it changing managers, and a lot to do with the issues they've faced regarding health, not to mention the blatant dislike many of the players had with Martino - much like some United players with Moyes (except Martino is a way better coach). Good to see Van Gaal took that back. I still don't think they'll win, but as I said ,as long as they kick Chelsea's ass and get Top 4 I'm content.
  25. There's too much behind every stars to just say the coach was fundamental in earning them. Guardiola's a great example of that. His honesty is welcomed, though - he knows and admits he ain't getting shit done. I just hope they kick Chelsea's ass and ruin their chances - that's all I'm asking for hahahaha.