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  1. For the briefest of times, I was back to my completion percent. And then Xcom happened... love that game! So if we are going the same way as last time I am going to continue my bastardization of the idea that @BillyHorrible had and play each game for 3 hours, stop and then move on. This gave me a lot more flexibilty to move between games without a set date requirement. With vacation, I was still able to get 9 games in last time. So with the Thanksgiving holiday during that month, I should still be able to do the same. I also tried to vary the genres as best as I can. Here is my tentative list for this upcoming KYC, assuming the format remains the same: - Banner Saga (strategy) - Marvel Heroes Omega (beat 'em up) - Ratchet and Clank (action) - Salt and Sanctuary (2d platformer) - Darkest Dungeon (???) - Shadow Complex (metroidvania) - Undertale (rpg) - Dying Light (FP action) - Crysis 3 (FPS) - Swindle (roguelike) This is a list I might never recover from, so I might do some tweaking to minimize that destruction of my completion, but for the time being, this is what I'm looking at.
  2. A skeleton crew would be an IMPROVEMENT over our o-line... November gives us all more time to recover 😎 If you try Evil Within, please post impressions. I have it on my backlog but I don't know of I wanna jump into it.
  3. ::bows to your greatness:: I'm not worthy... 😝 Hey everyone. Been kinda MIA on this thread. Sorry. Not much to report since I haven't made a hell of a lot of progress on the games from this event. I picked some beasts last time. I didn't realize that Mad Max was a 100+ hour Plat. Horizon and Far Cry 4 also have my collectible OCD in high gear. Between the 3, I'm up to my eyeballs in maps with icons all over the place. So I'm about -.60 short of my completion at the start of July. I had 19 games from the 2 events I participated in. I'm done with 9 of them. (7 of 100% or plat, 2 that I completed the story and never wanna see again; I'm looking at you Tearaway and Rochard). Now that football has started I'm probably going to have even less time (even though my Giants and Scarlet Knights both suck reeeeeally bad). Dont know how I'm going to possibly get through the next event... have there been any announcements on the timing of it? I'll try to be more active time the next event but make no promises. Right now, @PerryToxteth are neck deep in Far Cry. That's my next plat. See you all around!
  4. Final Rundown for KYC 4! First and foremost, thank you @Hemiak for hosting yet another successful event! I wanna give a numerical and review/ranking breakdown of everything. Even with a vacation I was able to get 9 games in for this event. It did add significantly more unearned trophies to my total than the last event. So I'll jump right into the numbers. At the end of KYC 3: I earned 127 of 328 trophies for the event. (38.7% earned) This was over 10 games. My completion fell 2.09% to 73.04 At the end of KYC 4: 154 of 400! That's 38.5% which is weird as hell. That's from 9 games. A total completion drop of 1.91% to 73.37% So odd how the two sessions very closely mirror one another. Even with the addition of 70 extra trophies to my unearned totals. This one is going to take me a lot longer to dig out from. The AAA titles are all collect-a-thons with huge times to plat. On the plus side, my backlog is under 15 items now, and I highly doubt I will be able to collect that many new titles between now and the next event. So I'm going to rank these in order of greatest enjoyment. There was nothing I hated this time around (looking at you Rochard) but I had some games that I could have lived without. The gems: Horizon Zero Dawn - This game is just so good. I feel like it might end up on my 'best of all time' list. This game is just so good all around from the characters, scenery, voice acting, design and I could go on and on. It's amazing. Play it. Resogun - I'm throwing this out there : I suck at this game. That doesn't stop me from loving it a lot. It is a crazy, hard, schizophrenic shmup that was designed so perfectly. When I die, it's my fault because I suck so bad. Amazing. Can't go wrong (these can be interchanged in any order) Life is strange - The fact that the game looks like a polygonal water color painting doesn't detract from the awesome story. Im about 50% done and I'm trying to play slowly because I just don't want it to end. Far Cry 4 - It's Far Cry. So I've gotten killed by a honey badger who I emptied a whole clip of bullets into while running from a wildfire that I accidently set when I tossed a moltov too close to the high grass. So yeah. Mad Max - I never thought I would enjoy car combat from third person so much, if at all. They have done it so well. Blow up the gas tank? Shoot out the tires? Use the barbed wire on my rims? So many destructive choices. And it gives me Far Cry Syndrome with so much to do on the map! Enjoying it for what it is... Broken age - I'm really enjoying this little puzzler. It isn't hard by any stretch but the expected Double Fine humor is there, making this a worthwhile play. It's like cucumber on white bread... Volume - a stealth game that is way too easy, has way too many check points and just isn't all that fun. It's an interesting concept and it's bad though. Abzu - It's a pretty "swimming simulator" that just gets weird 3/4 through. Tear away - the most redeeming thing I can say is the art style, that makes everything look like it was made from construction paper, is beautiful. It's also so boring. So there it is. I enjoyed reading everyone's reviews. Have a great summer all! Keep the thread going!
  5. Couldn't have said it better! As long as I can enjoy it on the first run though, I won't let that stand in the way of a shiny new plat. 😜
  6. Game 9 Far Cry 4 Initial Impressions Playtime: about 1 hour Full disclosure: the first 20 minutes or so of my playtime was an opening cut scene. This cinematic however set the stage for this game and really showed the antagonist in all his glory. Vaas was batshit crazy in the best way from Far Cry 3, but Pagan Min, the villain here, is a completely homicidal sociopath who brushes it off with humor that makes it all the more twisted. (He takes a selfie with your character after he stabs someone in the neck with a pen to commemorate the moment.) Once I got into gameplay, it is very much Fad Cry. Lots of ways to accomplish kills, and a ton of variation on skills. Within 5 minutes, there are three groups of thugs, and the tutorial basically says kill the first set with stealth, second with a bear (yes a black bear, not a typo) and the third guns blazing. The game is also gorgeous. It might be some of the most beautiful environments I've seen in a game (second to Horizon). So right now I'm super impressed. Can't wait to play more of this!
  7. I'm working on game #8 & 9 at the same time right now, so I'm going to give some initial impressions on both. I probably won't have much play time for the rest of the month except maybe Sunday so I might as well do this now. Game #8 Broken Age Impressions Playtime: 1.25 hours... ish I love point and click adventures and just about anything made by Double Fine. That being said, I was a bit dubious about a title with a speedrun of under an hour. There are two main characters (I have only played 1 thus far) and the game is divided into two acts. Each of he main characters shares half of each act. I would say I'm almost done with Act 1a, and should move on to Act 1b shortly. The first playthrough, if I continue at this pace, should take me about 5 or 6 hours. It's a fair length for an adventure game. So you play as either Shay (far flung future) or Vella (long ago past). It is your standard point and click with Double Fine hilarity. For example, Shay is being held captive in a space ship with an AI that calls him 'sweetie' and herself his 'mom.' The puzzles aren't challenging at all and the majority of the trophies seem to be awarded for merely progressing the story. I'll post more the next time I get to play, but right now, I'm enjoying it and it's making me laugh!
  8. Fair enough. Though the further you progress the more the environments change. All this talk makes me want to go back and play more bloodborne...😎
  9. I feel like that is exactly why there SHOULDN'T be a mini map in souls games. The levels are huge and multi layered. They are designed to learn by trial and error. They are also supposed to be replayed often enough (read: die so often you see it lots) that you memorize them. Everything is connected and there are shortcuts all over. A minimal would look like a mutant pretzel. It's been months since I plat'ed Bloodborne, but I can still see all the areas in my head. It's a part of the game and it's allure. Having a mini map would break the whole design.
  10. So I'm done with my initial 6 game list and I'm starting in on the bullpen. I'm going to try and go with length of time the games have been on my list after I polish off Abzu that I started on a whim last night. Game 7 Abzu Review I know the prequisite for this event is 3 hours worth of play. I never expected to finish this in a little over 2 hours... so I'm going to go back tonight and try to clean up the few collectibles I missed and be done with it. This is a really tough game to critique fairly for a few reasons. The main one is I played Journey and loved it. This is OBVIOUSLY trying to be Journey. The main character looks like the Wanderer, the main mechanic is a chirp from the diver, it's an exploratory adventure with "deeper" themes of mortality, and there are environments that have their designs plucked straight out of Journey. At one point, I was being pushed through a jetstream and the camera swung to a side view and it looked just like the sideways sliding scene in Journey (the best scene in that game imo). So I'll try my best to be as neutral as possible with all that being said. The game is beautiful. Stunning almost. It is very colorful and absolutely full of sea life that is all so well designed. It runs very smooth and I only experienced slowdown twice, both times when I was swimming through a school of at least 100 fish. So pretty impressive. The sound is really nothing to speak of. Literally. Most of the environments have no music, so on comes Kinda Funny Daily (kinda breaks the whole mood of the game I know 😝). I'm super impressed with the controls though. Swimming mechanics are usually bad to ok. This game does it really well. I mean I would hope it would since that's it's only mechanic. It's really smooth and easy to control once you turn inversion off (which is on by default). My biggest knock on this game though is near the end they try to introduce an environmental danger into it and it's just annoying. The game isn't designed for avoidance and evasive manuevers. These things can't kill you, just shock you and stop your progress for a few seconds. So there really isn't much danger and on the way to what was the final door, I must have run into 6 of them because the mechanic wasn't fun and I just didn't care. Overall, it's an OK experience. I missed a few collectibles which I'll try and grab tonight with a guide but afterwards, I won't ever think about this game again. Trophies: 10/12 ; 60% Completion: 73.41% (-1.87) Personal Grade: C
  11. Thanks! Looking forward to that review.
  12. Not in the slightest. First of all, its third person. The combat can be described like Uncharted crossed with Max Payne. It's awesome. The only thing it shares with Far Cry Primal is the primitive asthetic. @MarkusT1992 is snake pass any good? It's on sale now. Is it worth picking up?
  13. Going to roll several entries into one post for various reasons. I completed my requisite 3 hours of Tearaway last night and then transitioned to Horizon: Zero Dawn. 5 hours later and it was 230 in the morning and I could barely keep my head up, but I wanted desperately to play more. So technically, I am going to give a final of Tearaway, and a final for Horizon, since I never did an initial and I have already passed the 3 hour commitment I set for myself for this event. Final Thoughts Game 5 Tearaway Unfolded To be perfectly honest, I don't feel any different than what I felt during my initial impressions. This thing is just ok. It's not bad, but it isn't in any way interesting or keeps my attention. It is beautiful and quirky, but that only goes so far when the game isn't entertaining. To be perfectly honest, every time I can see a collectible, but know I don't have the power to reach it and I'm going to be forced to come back and replay the level, it just makes me more angry at the game. I love metroidvanias, but this is essentially forcing a NG+, not backtracking. I don't like it. Trophies: 11/35; 17% Completion %: I will post after Horizon review since PS4 now synchs trophies in the background now (which is so awesome) and didn't get the number before I started Horizon! Personal Grade: C Will I plat?: Highly doubt it. It is honestly going to be a struggle just to come back and finish. And now... Final Thoughts/Initial Impressions Game 6 Horizon:Zero Dawn Oh. My. God. I have not been so addicted to a game in a very, very long time. I feel down this rabbit hole hard and I don't wanna come out. Last night, the thought actually crossed my mind of dropping out of the event altogether and play nothing but Horizon until I complete it. 100%, not plat. I want to squeeze every last bit out of this game. I refuse to believe that anyone doesn't know what Horizon is unless you have been living under a rock, but I'll try to do a little bit less gushing and a bit more info. That being said, I am going to jump in assuming you know at least a little bit about this game. That and I think @MarkusT1992 already did a pretty substantial review for this. To start off there are a few issues. The character models are beautiful, but they lead to the only technical problems I have seen yet. Textures are slow to load when there are a lot of NPCs on screen, which happens quite a bit when in a town, especially during a cut scene. There is also texture clipping that is pretty pronounced during dialogue: Necklaces run through fur coats, etc. Aside from those two above, there is NOTHING bad I have to say. This game gives me Far Cry Syndrome. 'Oh, a new icon just appeared on my HUD compass. Let's go see what that is.' Suddenly two hours have gone by and I haven't touched the main quest line. Killing robosaurs is just so much fun even when you are super weak and puny. I have only encountered 4 types so far and I am ok just killing them over and over again. Aloy moves so smoothly and incredibly responsive. The voice acting is great and the writing is very well done. The NPCs have actual valuable things to say that adds to the lore and they are all voiced very well thus far. Without spoilers, the story seems really pretty obvious and seems to be leaning heavy into Sci-fi tropes, but I have read in other reviews that this is a total red herring so I'm super excited to see what happens. I can't stop gushing about this game and as I write this, I want to go back and play. I haven't enjoyed a game this much in quite some time. This is a must! Trophies: 7/58; 9% Completion %: 73.41 (-1.87%) Personal Grade: A+ Will I plat?: Hell yes. I will continue playing until I have hit the 100% mark, well beyond the plat!
  14. It's not a case of you being rubbish. The souls series is ALL about timing and pattern recognition. You cant go in guns blazing and expect to win. From everything I've seen about salt and sanctuary (so excited it's on sale, gonna pick it up!!!) It plays just like souls should in 2D. Pick you spots, block a lot and learn attack patterns. If you are running out of healing potions you are doing it wrong and being to aggressive.