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  1. Final Review Game #4 Dying Light is like if Dead Island and Mirrors Edge got together and made a love child. This is what you would get. I am of two minds on this game. From my previous summation, I loved Dead Island and hated Mirrors Edge (sorry). I typically hate first person platforming in all forms. This is all Mirrors Edge is. On the other hand, I loved Dead Island because you ran around, collect junk, turned it into awesome weapons, and proceeded to beat zombies to undeath with them. The game is incredibly hard and unforgiving. I have only gotten to about level 8 because everytime I try and fight something it kills me. Every weapon I create sucks and deals seemingly no damage. To top it off, every time you die, you LOSE XP! On the other hand, the game uses a parkour system for running around the city that is actually really responsive and quite a bit of fun. So my parkour skill is significantly higher than my combat skill, which is probably not helping matters much. There is also a day/night cycle which further complicates matters. At night, a new type of zombie comes out, that is fast, follows you anywhere you go, and can one shot kill you if you aren't at full health. The plus side is that at night, you gain double xp for everything you do, and can't lose xp when you die. So there's that. There are various locations scattered around the map. Some are safe houses you have to liberate, others are settlements you can visit, and others are random encounters that pop up when you are close. There isn't really ever a moment when you have nothing to do. But again, you have to fight to level up your power skill, and I die, all the time. I am feeling very boxed in right now. Missions mostly consist of 'Go to point A, retrieve item X, go to point B, use item X after killing zombie, return to camp.' What a terribly written review this is turning out to be. It just shows how conflicted I am about this game. So let's break it down here. Parkour = awesome. Combat = punishing and hard. Missions = kinda repetitive. Dying = frustrating and makes you feel like a failure. Am I having fun? Surprisingly yes (for the most part). I am still so early in this game and making such little progress that it hasn't gotten old yet. I can see that it might, but right now, I'm enjoying it. Play time: about 9 hours Trophies: 9/69 for E ranking and 11% Completion %: 74.68 (-1.01) Personal Rating: B- Chance I platinum: 5/10. This plat is a bit of a grind so it depends on how close I get after I beat it.
  2. Initial Impressions Game 5 I played this one last on purpose. From everything I heard, I wanted to play this without interruption from other games. Amazed doesn't describe. I am utterly, completely blown away. A few quibbles: The combat is a bit repetitive. Its very simple, but can be engrossing if you let it. There is a bit of a frame rate stutter when entering new areas. You can tell the game is loading up in some places. That's it. That's literally all I can find wrong. This thing is a masterpiece. It might be the most beautiful game I have ever played. I am playing on a G1 PS4. I just played Horizon a few months ago. This is gorgeous. The highlight is the sound design though. Play this with headphones and it will be the coolest, creepiest, most engrossing audio gaming experience you have ever had. I can't say enough about it. I am about 50% through it and I love it so much. I will be much more thorough in my full review, but right now, I wanted to get initial thoughts posted since I'm a bit behind on the posts. Next: Final review for game 4 to follow shortly...
  3. @Kevvik Thanks for the Amnesia review. It was an awesome review and now I wanna play it. I have it from PS+ but never got around to it. You are totally right that good horror games are so rare right now. This is why I love this event. 👏
  4. Your review is hilarious. I watch this show against my will w my wife. There are 7 seasons. I enjoyed 2 of them. The rest run the gamut between meh and argh! As for the telltale game, I haven't played, but it sounds like you are describing a House affiliated with the Starks of the North. As a rule of thumb, nothing every goes right, EVER for a Stark or a friend of a Stark. So you probably aren't going to have any luck no matter what choice you make. Have fun! Lol.
  5. Final Review Game 3 Play time: about 6 hours I'm 3 for 3 in this event thus far. This is the third game for this event, and I really enjoyed it. It is the game I enjoyed least from the three, but it was still very solid and enjoyable. I only have a very things to expand upon from my initial impressions. The difficulty is appropriate for the beginning of the game, but as you progress, the power of your character quickly overwhelms any opposition you might face. About 3/4 of the way through, you actually pick up a set of power armor and then all bets are off. You can almost stand toe to toe with a tank, trading shots, and come out the other side alive. This game screams "Metroidvania" and leaves items throughout the map that have to be accessed later. This is great and part of the DNA of the genre, but let me tell you, backtracking isn't easy and in some cases not fun. There aren't shortcuts or any type of fast travel. In some areas, they are one way and getting back around takes you the longest way possible. The cleanup stage (which I am in right now), can be really aggravating because of it. The story is ridiculous and really throw away. There are revolutionaries who don't really explain any of their motivations, and the main character is better at what he does than Rambo, but the only training he has had was his father being a high ranking military officer (he never enlisted). So its ridiculous. Ignore it. All this sounds negative, but I gushed pretty effusively in my impressions, so I had to balance it out. I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend. I just wish the trophy list had been less ridiculous. Trophy Progress: 18/40 for an A rank and 31% Personal Grade: B+ Completion %: 75.25% (-.36%) Chance I plat: 01/10; not a chance in hell. There are several trophies that are for various different runs with various requirements. Speed run, speed run on the highest difficulty, speed run with 100%, a run with completion of only 4%, completion with a percentage equivalent to some significant number. Its insane and I guess creative if you want to be generous, but not for me.
  6. Evening y'all. I've put in about 3 hours since yesterday of my Game 3 so I thought I would post some initial impressions: Shadow Complex is a remaster of a 2009 xbox game. It is a Metroidvania but relatively linear in it's presentation. You have all your typical Metroidvania elements: powers that you pick up that help you advance, doors that only open after picking up a certain power, power ups placed just out of reach. It also adds a something new by making it 2.5D. This is NOT a positive improvement, but I will get to that in a second. The game drops you in (literally) as you jump down into a big canyon while hiking. While in the cave, you get swept up in some conspiracy to over throw the US government by this organization that has set up shop in this huge base build into a subterranean cavern. As you run around and collect more of their tech, it allows you to advance deeper into the base. There is a huge blue line on your map that literally leads you to your next objective; this is a nice little feature since the biggest problem with most Metroidvanias is the sense that you are lost and don't know where to go. The remake was done relatively well with the textures and animations done pretty well. There are two GLARING issues that I came across thus far though. The 'videos' on monitors scattered throughout the base were not redone. They look like they were pulled straight from a ps2 cut scene. Just plain ugly. There are also sections where you ride a mine cart down a track. I have never seen something stutter so badly. The aiming is the biggest control problem I have found thus far though. When an enemy is on your plane, its fine. You use the right stick to aim, similar to a twin stick shooter. When they are in the background though, good luck. The game tried to auto aim for you, which works, maybe 15% if the time. I have found the best technique is to just run back and forth while shooting and eventually enough bullets will connect to kill the guy. Its super annoying. I know I mentioned a bunch of negatives, but I am still having fun. I'm only about 3 hours in, but it seems that I am about 3/4 of the way through the story. I'm enjoying it, but there is no chance in hell I go for the plat. There are trophies for speed running, min/maxing and doing both on the highest difficulty. I don't find any of those fun. I'll be back in a few days with a full review. Progress: 10/40 for a C ranking and 14% Completion: 75.17% (-.44%)
  7. Game 2 update I'm going to do a pseudo review here as I just finished it and all that is left is some speed runs for trophies. I will say that I'm super annoyed because I played without a guide and now I have to do an additional 3 playthroughs because of the choices I made. Argh! So I played this game relatively blind with the exception of the trophy descriptions. It didn't spoil much of anything for me story wise. I did make a choice at the end that I thought was the "good" choice and yeah, not so much. According to the guide though, it's a 3 playthrough plat at minimum anyways. As I said before, this is a 2.5D "choose your own adventure" game where your dialogue choices affect the outcome. The art style feels handrawn water color esque. I liked it a lot. The island that the story takes place on is big and relatively diverse. This is a bit of a pain when there is no fast travel, but that might change when im speed running and not hunting for collectibles. Many of the dialogue choices have obvious "good" or "bad" outcomes. It's similar to the Mass Effect response system of nice/neutral/total dick. Ironically though, there are choices along the way that seem pretty innocuous that actually make the most difference. This is why two of my outcomes didn't play out as I expected. The whole game is basically one long running conversation. It is voiced very well. I liked the characters that I was supposed to like and I really hated the characters I was supposed to hate. There's very little music to speak of and the majority of the soundtrack is piped through a radio that you carry around. The radios is a really important mechanic in the game. By tuning the radio you pick up various frequencies of either story snippets or very important plot points that you have to act through. At later points in the game the radio is even used as a sort of key. It's a very interesting mechanic and I've never really seen anything like it. It works really well in the context of the plot and the type of game. I left a plot for last simply because this one is very important. The whole game rests on this plot and it actually has a good payoff. I really enjoyed it and I don't wanna spoil anything for you. It has some worth to playing through twice though the 3 or 4 play throughs I'm probably going to need is a little bit annoying. It was a really enjoyable play through, not too long if you're not running around looking for collectibles and really totally worth it. I highly recommend. Trophies earned: 9/14 for 69% and A ranking Completion %: 74.40 (-.21%) Likelihood to platinum: 10/10 It's just going to take time and the patience for multiple runthroughs. Personal rating: A (I've had two excellent games thus far, which is an improvement over previous events) P.S. I finished early so I have time before the next selection. I'm thinking Shadow Complex or Dying Light. I'm saving Hellblade til last.
  8. Initial Impressions of Game 2 This game is weird. Not a bad way weird, just tripping balls weird. It is a 2.5D platforming/walking simulator that has branching dialogue that gives it a "choose your own adventure" feel to it. Yup. None of that is to say that I'm not enjoying it, because I am. Quite a bit actually. I seem to be about 3/4 through the story after about 2 hours. My biggest concern is the repetition of mechanics. They are using a time bending mechanic (for reasons I won't get into at the risk of spoilers) and I have seen it 3 times now. One more and it might start to get old... I'll go into more detail for my final review, but after going through the trophy list (big mistake it contains spoilers) this warrants at least 2 play throughs, for good story reasons, not just farming. Enjoying it thus far. Trophies: 1/14 for E ranking and 3% Play time: 2ish hours Completion %: 75.09 (-.52)
  9. Just lost my whole post as I'm doing this on my phone.... 😒 Game 1 Play time: 7ish hours Trophies: 26/51 for a C rank and 40% I suck at shooters. I have accepted this. But I still like a shooter w a good story behind it. This game isn't kicking my butt like I expected. I mean it's easy difficulty is called Baby for a reason right? For those who are uninitiated, this is the latest reboot of the series that started the genre. The game starts with a tutorial set at the height of World War 2. Your character, William Blaskowicz, is part of a strike force whose mission is to assassinate the Nazi head of technology. This tutorial is comprehensive and WAY too long. It over stays it's welcome by quite a bit. Fast forward to Chapter 1 and the real game begins... I don't want to give away too much if the plot but the characters are kinda shallow. The driving force is the no one likes Nazis. That's the only reason you need to root for the characters. The level design is pretty standard for a FPS. Linear levels that are pretty easy to navigate. There is a decent amount of variation between levels so it mixes things up a good bit. What doesn't have much variety is the enemies. There are only a handful that you see: grunts, armored grunts, commanders, dogs, drones and mechs. Granted, I'm about halfway through the campaign, but still not much variety. It's a good thing that they are a LOT of fun to kill. Good segway into the mechanics. The shooting is really on point and responsive. The enemies are responsive too which is huge. They show reactions when the are hit, not just act as bullet sponges. Throwing a grenade? They drop it. Shoot them in the knee? They drop to the ground and crawl. Pop out of cover and take a bullet in the arm? Duck back in cover. They are very responsive when in a fire fight. While in stealth? It's another story entirely. There are big chunks of the game that can be played in stealth (and should or else the sections would be hard as nails!) If a nazi sees you and goes "huh?" All you have to do is duck back in cover. No investigation or anything. So that's a bit of a let down. The last point I want to mention is one of my biggests problems. In between missions, you return to your base of operations. I've been back 3 times now. Each time, you go on a fetch quest to find something missing within your base. Ugh. I could do without that. All in all, I'm having a great time! Final score: A Likelihood I will plat: 8/10. You have to beat it on Uber (super hard) and it can be on NG+ to carry over perks, so if it doesn't beat me too bad, then yes. Up next: Oxenfree
  10. Game 1 Initial Impressions I'm not good at shooters. I played the Old Blood (the standalone doc for this) and it was ok, but I was terrible at it. I was hoping for a good story and decent shooter mechanics. I'm having a blast! I've played about an hour and only got through chapter 1 so far. But the controls are tight, the levels are well designed and detailed and it's just fun. Killing Nazis, no matter the situation is always fun. The main antagonist gets introduced near the end of chapter 1 and is appropriately detestable in true Nazi fashion. The difficulty seems much more manageable than OB and doesn't have spikes that make it feel really unfair. The trophies are also really pretty easy. They pop just by playing and killing Nazis in certain ways (headshots, stealth, etc) Can't wait to play more. This one seems to be a winner so far!
  11. Sigh. Well against my better judgement, I'm in. Here are my stats. Completion %: 75.61 (.09 less than last time...) Unearned trophies: 994 (1838 w dlc) Games completed: 79 Trophies for this event: 189 Best of luck all!
  12. So two of those are 100+ hour games, another is 50+ and SF5 is just brutal. Good luck! Lol. On a personal note, crap I can't believe this is starting already. I have yet to recover from the last event. Class just started up again Monday and work sucks. This is gonna be fun. I will make a final decision by this afternoon, but I'll put in 5 games that I will do if I decide to participate. There won't be any play time tonight either, so if so, I'll give final numbers. In no particular order... - Hellblade - Wolfenstein TNO - Oxenfree - Dying Light - Shadow Complex P.S. just saw the PS + games for March. Holy crap! I platted both, but I loves me some Bloodborne and if anyone adds that to the list and wants a hunter to help, I will def jump back in!
  13. Final Wrap Up Better late than never. I got through my 8 committed games plus one extra. Posting this a little late, but here are the 9 games in my event in order of preference. All in all, I'm a bit disappointed by the titles for this event. It's a shame, but it is what it is. Frozen Wilds (A+) This was bonus content and not even on my list but I started it the day the doc came out. It's so good because it's more Horizon. The new machines are great and ramp up the difficulty. The new map is beautiful and it just adds more awesome to an already amazing game. Fallout 4 (A) The few criticisms I have about this don't really take away from the total package. It's a great rabbit hole that I'm going to fall down into. It's going to be a long time before I can walk 10 feet and not discover something new and cool. What Remains of Edith Finch (B+) Yes its a walking sim. But its a beautiful, weird, quirky and very different walking sim. It tells a really heart wrenching story that is worth playing. And honestly, the scene with the swing set choked me up... Marvel Heroes Omega (R.I.P.) (B) Most of my hours in Novemeber were spent trying to complete this before it closed. I couldn't do it. Oh well. That plat is lost forever. But I was actually enjoying it despite the ridiculous grind. Darkest Dungeon (B-) This one is an absolute beast. At the end of my first mission I had lost half my party to death and one other was at "death's door" when the mission finished. It's punishing at every turn. I enjoy it, but man it's going to be tough to get through. Crysis 3 (C) A beautiful, gorgeous, punishing FPS. It doesn't hold your hand, it's full of monster closets, and the checkpoints are far apart. The story is totally uninteresting so the gameplay is what would keep you coming back. I'll finish it, but I don't feel terribly compelled right now. Salt & Sanctuary (C-) Maybe it will take some getting used to. Taking the Souls formula and bringing it to 2D changes things a lot. The rolling through/past enemies and jumping makes it a totally different experience. I hadn't gotten used to the changes by the time I had to move on to another entry. Hopefully I do. Banner Saga (D) I just discussed my issues with this yesterday. The more I play, the less fair it feels. Seems like the AI doesn't play by the same set of rules. This one is going to be tough to finish. Undertale (F) why does everyone love this game??? Why would u play it more than once? I had to force myself to finish the first play through. I just don't get it. Honestly, if anyone wants to try and explain it to me, I'm all ears. Thanks to @Hemiak for hosting yet again. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!
  14. Trophies: 14/40 for a C ranking and 20% Despite what seems to be universal love for this series, I'm not sold. The game is broken down into two parts. A visual novel like section where you have lines of text (no voice acting) with still pictures of the characters speaking. No motion whatsoever. Your dialogue choices seem to have an effect on events thus far which is nice, but I'm not even sure what the he'll is going on. From what I can gather there is a race of undead who are coming from who knows where to over take the villages in the north. You are the leader of a caravan of hundreds of people trying to outrun them. Here is where some resource management is thrown in to confuse the issue further. As your caravan travels, it consumes food and it's morale steadily decreases. Your dialogue choices are supposed to accomplish several goals: accrue resources, protect the caravan, and keep moving so you don't get overrun by the undead. Part two is a turn based strategy played out on a grid. This part is my biggest issue. Each character has two combat choices: attack and special. Many times the specials aren't especially useful. When u attack, you can either attack their shield or health. This is my other issue. The shield has to be reduced before u can really damage their health. The enemies seem to ignore this rule. I don't know if it's something I'm missing or just an element to artificially increase the difficulty. But it seems unfair. Because of the obtuse nature of things and what might be the unfair nature of enemy AI, I'm giving this a C. Final summary to follow in a little bit.
  15. Super late Final Review post (sorry) We've got a really mixed bag on this one. A OCD rpg that looks and feel old but damn do I love it, and a weird visual novel/turn based strategy game that i have very mixed feeling about. Let's get started. Trophies: 9/85 for a E rating I'll start with the trophy list. It's a big difference from previous iterations. I plat'd both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, so I have a good idea of what to do to get the list done most efficiently. They have removed the karma system which flips the list on its head. The majority of trophies are mission based. There are a LOT of missions. With the removal of the karma system, there are several other changes. The dialogue system has shifted to the industry standard of giving the general feeling of the response rather than the exact dialogue. The targeting system in Fallout, called VATS has changed too. In previous iterations, the action would completely freeze and you could target various enemies and body parts. Now, the action just slows down. So the percentages could change as a huge enemy is charging at you. Adds a new level of tension to the combat. The other big change is the perks system. You were previously stuck with the stats you picked and got to pick a perk every level based upon those stats. Now, all the perks are available to you and you are able to slowly tweak your stats based upon what perks you want. I don't know if I like the new layout (it's a big overwhelming) but you get used to it. Some criticisms next. This game looks like a ps3 game. It's looks old and a little ugly. The textures are super bland. I will say the draw distance is really pretty impressive. I have yet to see any pop ins and the load times are really not that bad. In the 10 hours or so I've spent, I haven't had any crashes either, which is impressive if you played previous Bethesda games. My other criticism is the character models. They are really stiff, clunky and lip syncing is really off. Despite all that, I'm obsessed. I love it. There are so many locations to discover, places to find, and stuff to open and collect. While the map seems a bit smaller than previous iterations, it is littered with locations to discover. I've only done a small portion of the main quest since I keep getting pulled to check something out I see on my HUD or the horizon. Fallout is a huge game that is going to take me ages to complete, but I'm really enjoying it. Grade: A Trophy Completion: 73.80% (-1.80 since event start) ** I will post my review of Banner Saga and final wrap up later today**