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  1. Final Wrap Up Better late than never. I got through my 8 committed games plus one extra. Posting this a little late, but here are the 9 games in my event in order of preference. All in all, I'm a bit disappointed by the titles for this event. It's a shame, but it is what it is. Frozen Wilds (A+) This was bonus content and not even on my list but I started it the day the doc came out. It's so good because it's more Horizon. The new machines are great and ramp up the difficulty. The new map is beautiful and it just adds more awesome to an already amazing game. Fallout 4 (A) The few criticisms I have about this don't really take away from the total package. It's a great rabbit hole that I'm going to fall down into. It's going to be a long time before I can walk 10 feet and not discover something new and cool. What Remains of Edith Finch (B+) Yes its a walking sim. But its a beautiful, weird, quirky and very different walking sim. It tells a really heart wrenching story that is worth playing. And honestly, the scene with the swing set choked me up... Marvel Heroes Omega (R.I.P.) (B) Most of my hours in Novemeber were spent trying to complete this before it closed. I couldn't do it. Oh well. That plat is lost forever. But I was actually enjoying it despite the ridiculous grind. Darkest Dungeon (B-) This one is an absolute beast. At the end of my first mission I had lost half my party to death and one other was at "death's door" when the mission finished. It's punishing at every turn. I enjoy it, but man it's going to be tough to get through. Crysis 3 (C) A beautiful, gorgeous, punishing FPS. It doesn't hold your hand, it's full of monster closets, and the checkpoints are far apart. The story is totally uninteresting so the gameplay is what would keep you coming back. I'll finish it, but I don't feel terribly compelled right now. Salt & Sanctuary (C-) Maybe it will take some getting used to. Taking the Souls formula and bringing it to 2D changes things a lot. The rolling through/past enemies and jumping makes it a totally different experience. I hadn't gotten used to the changes by the time I had to move on to another entry. Hopefully I do. Banner Saga (D) I just discussed my issues with this yesterday. The more I play, the less fair it feels. Seems like the AI doesn't play by the same set of rules. This one is going to be tough to finish. Undertale (F) why does everyone love this game??? Why would u play it more than once? I had to force myself to finish the first play through. I just don't get it. Honestly, if anyone wants to try and explain it to me, I'm all ears. Thanks to @Hemiak for hosting yet again. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!
  2. Trophies: 14/40 for a C ranking and 20% Despite what seems to be universal love for this series, I'm not sold. The game is broken down into two parts. A visual novel like section where you have lines of text (no voice acting) with still pictures of the characters speaking. No motion whatsoever. Your dialogue choices seem to have an effect on events thus far which is nice, but I'm not even sure what the he'll is going on. From what I can gather there is a race of undead who are coming from who knows where to over take the villages in the north. You are the leader of a caravan of hundreds of people trying to outrun them. Here is where some resource management is thrown in to confuse the issue further. As your caravan travels, it consumes food and it's morale steadily decreases. Your dialogue choices are supposed to accomplish several goals: accrue resources, protect the caravan, and keep moving so you don't get overrun by the undead. Part two is a turn based strategy played out on a grid. This part is my biggest issue. Each character has two combat choices: attack and special. Many times the specials aren't especially useful. When u attack, you can either attack their shield or health. This is my other issue. The shield has to be reduced before u can really damage their health. The enemies seem to ignore this rule. I don't know if it's something I'm missing or just an element to artificially increase the difficulty. But it seems unfair. Because of the obtuse nature of things and what might be the unfair nature of enemy AI, I'm giving this a C. Final summary to follow in a little bit.
  3. Super late Final Review post (sorry) We've got a really mixed bag on this one. A OCD rpg that looks and feel old but damn do I love it, and a weird visual novel/turn based strategy game that i have very mixed feeling about. Let's get started. Trophies: 9/85 for a E rating I'll start with the trophy list. It's a big difference from previous iterations. I plat'd both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, so I have a good idea of what to do to get the list done most efficiently. They have removed the karma system which flips the list on its head. The majority of trophies are mission based. There are a LOT of missions. With the removal of the karma system, there are several other changes. The dialogue system has shifted to the industry standard of giving the general feeling of the response rather than the exact dialogue. The targeting system in Fallout, called VATS has changed too. In previous iterations, the action would completely freeze and you could target various enemies and body parts. Now, the action just slows down. So the percentages could change as a huge enemy is charging at you. Adds a new level of tension to the combat. The other big change is the perks system. You were previously stuck with the stats you picked and got to pick a perk every level based upon those stats. Now, all the perks are available to you and you are able to slowly tweak your stats based upon what perks you want. I don't know if I like the new layout (it's a big overwhelming) but you get used to it. Some criticisms next. This game looks like a ps3 game. It's looks old and a little ugly. The textures are super bland. I will say the draw distance is really pretty impressive. I have yet to see any pop ins and the load times are really not that bad. In the 10 hours or so I've spent, I haven't had any crashes either, which is impressive if you played previous Bethesda games. My other criticism is the character models. They are really stiff, clunky and lip syncing is really off. Despite all that, I'm obsessed. I love it. There are so many locations to discover, places to find, and stuff to open and collect. While the map seems a bit smaller than previous iterations, it is littered with locations to discover. I've only done a small portion of the main quest since I keep getting pulled to check something out I see on my HUD or the horizon. Fallout is a huge game that is going to take me ages to complete, but I'm really enjoying it. Grade: A Trophy Completion: 73.80% (-1.80 since event start) ** I will post my review of Banner Saga and final wrap up later today**
  4. I'm gonna apologize to everyone for totally dropping the ball for the end of this event. I haven't earned a trophy in a week and I was only able to get to 6 of the 8 games I committed to for this event. But with hosting my in-laws for Thanksgiving and and then a trip I just returned from, I haven't put in any real gaming time since about the 20th. (The sudden closure of Marvel Heroes f'd everything up good too) So I'm committing to getting the other two games clocked and reviewed ASAP. Once again, I apologize and now that I'm back, I have 2 games left that I plan to put in the requisite time for and review: Banner Saga and Fallout 4.
  5. Sigh... I've been delinquent and compelled to play nothing but Marvel heroes too. Unfortunately, that compulsion is only that. Only gotten 2 hours of gaming in the last 4 or so days. I would have had the plat if I had til December, but if the rumors are true and it will shut down in less than 2 hours I'm screwed...
  6. @PerryToxteth Sexy Brutale sounds amazing. Thanks for the great review. I gotta keep my eyes out for this one!
  7. Game 6 Initial Impressions This is not a survival horror or horror game, but it makes you feel about as powerless and weak as one. There was not a moment I felt comfortable and confident and that seems to be by design. Darkest Dungeon is a 2d turn based strategy dungeon crawler. There is a disclosure at the beginning that says something to the effect of "this is a game about making the best of a bad situation" and goes on to say "your heroes will die. A lot" which kinda sets the tone for what you are in for. The art style is very unique and I can't think of a corralary so I'll just see to be it. It looks like hand drawn stop motion cartoons with only two or three frames per movement. So more than a handrawn comic, less than full motion. It's super dark and unsettling. This game is also incredibly deep. So much so that I feel I made a mistake putting this in a KYC event because there are so many features and numbers to understand and manipulate, any amount of time away might cause a forced restart because of forgetting the minutia. Lastly, it is hard. Very, very hard. I lost a party member and was one turn away from losing the entire team. This game is unforgiving, brutal and definitely stacks the odds against you. That's the point. As an example, the dungeons are dark (hence the title) and if you have torches burning, then the difficulty lowers. As your torches burn out, the difficulty organically ramps up. I was down to my last torch when I opened a chest with t more in it! I was ecstatic. My knight stole the torches and the rest of the loot in the chest and kept it for himself because one of his personality traits was Kleptomaniac! This prompted the next fight to nearly kill me because the difficulty was ramped up. I'm enjoying it, but I realize I'm going to restart from scratch post event.
  8. I have to agree w @Melanogaster1987 that there is a lot to love. I played this on my ps3 years ago so the gripes don't stand out in my memory. What I do remember is loving the open world and having so much fun I 100%'d it. As far as the combat, Wei is just a cop. Maybe a cop really good at fighting but still a cop. He's not Batman so if the acrobatic fighting of the Arkham games bothered you, you won't find it here. It's smaller groups, and the environment plays a big part in the fighting. See a fish tank? You can probably put someone through it. Stuff like that. So it's a slower and more deliberate version of the same system. Make sense?
  9. I'm of two minds on this one @mking_63. Part of me is upset that this happened and am saddened because 'my game that i enjoy will no longer work in a little under 6 weeks.' On the other hand, I'm psyched because everything is free, I don't have to do a ridiculous grind anymore, and I can enjoy everything the game has to offer without worrying about costs. It's just such a shame that this game is getting canned. I very much was enjoying. Oh well. I hope the holidays don't get too much in the way and I'm able to play. The plat seems achievable now...
  10. Game 5 Final Review Not much new to say. I've only gotten through one more 'memory' but my earlier position still applies. This might be the best walking sim I've played. One interesting thing to mention: each memory has a different feel or asethic. For example, the first is like a first person platforms. The 4th is like a hand drawn, first person melee game. Very different feel for each one. Highly recommended! Personal Rank: A Trophies: 4/9 for 20% and E rating Completion: 74.68% (-.1.01%) Now starts my first stretch of none gaming so I'm going to miss game 6 in the rotation. Won't really play again til Sunday.
  11. I just saw that as a top thread in the forums. Thanks for the heads up, but unfortunately, I already started it. The worst part? I'm totally addicted! I loved it. I'm really hoping I can at least grind out a bit more. I've got 2 characters to 60 already. Just hoping they give us a bit more time to trophy hunt before taking this away.
  12. Game 4 Initial Impressions What Remains of Edith Finch is a walking simulator. I've played good and bad ones, and it's really the story that makes or breaks this genre. Thus far, this one had been a mindf#&k. Let me explain. The only thing I knew about this going in was it was about a woman going back to the house that she grew up in. Everyone in her family died in that house. Period, stop. The previews I have read all talk about a scene involving a swing set. That's all I knew going in. This game is gorgeous. The environments are so well crafted and the detail is amazing. Each room that was occupied by a different family member has it's own flair and personality. There are bulletin boards with drawings and notes, newspaper clippings, etc. It's stunning. So you walk around this house, slowly gaining access to bedrooms. Each bedroom is locked and preserved just as the inhabitants had left it when they died. A little creepy yes. The first one you enter has a calendar on the walk turned to 1947! So this story spans years and generations. I had to put the game down after the 3rd family member story (of which there are 11) because it was the swing set scene. I actually got motion sick. I don't get car sick or anything, but I was super nauseous, that is how convincing and well done this scene was. I'm really enjoying it thus far. It's going to be a short one, but I'm excited to learn about the rest of the family.
  13. Type Game 4 Review I suck at traditional FPS so keep that in mind. Crysis 3 is a different kind of shooter. It introduces a super powerful compound bow that wasn't found in the previous interactions of the game which means it can be played completely stealth. Now THAT is right up my alley. So what is this game? You play as Prophet. A man who has been bonded to an alien exosuit that gives you superpowers. Specifically, you can stealth and become completely invisible, tank and become almost invulnerable or do other less impressive stuff like jump high or easily melee kill. The flip side of the equation: Your suit has an energy level and using those power depletes your energy VERY quickly. Once it's depleted, you have to hide out and let it regen, which is pretty quick. The world is a post apocalyptic world in which this group of aliens, called the Ceph, invaded Earth years ago. They were pushed back, but this left a power vacuum in which an evil corporation called Cell stepped in and took over the world. Mechanics. You can play this like a traditional shooter and run and gun with cover. The armor portion of the suit was designed for this approach. That would be a bear. This game is very unforgiving. A handful of bullets downs you quick, the enemies and really on point with their aim, most rooms are huge Monster Closets, and the checkpoints are few and far between. The other option is to play like me: . I'm about done with chapter 3 of 7 and haven't used my gun yet. Sniping with the bow and stealth melee kills is quite fun. The game is designed very well to cater to both play styles. It is also stunningly beautiful. This is a ps3 game, but man, it is gorgeous. I've never played anything from Cryteam or the Cryengine but I've heard about it and it really lives up. I'm not a multiplayer guy so I haven't touched that mode and the trophies look really tough for that. They also require public matches only. Don't know if I'll ever do that unless I can get some people together and try and fill a match just to boost. I would imagine the servers are empty enough now that it would work. All in all, really high marks for this. I'm enjoying it a lot. It isn't your typical shooter and the mechanics that the suit adds make it different enough that I can recommend it. Rating: B+ Trophies: 13 / 51 for 16% and C ranking Completion %: 74.60 (-1.09%) since the events beginning.
  14. That's a shame you feel that way. I played Broken Age last event and it isn't nearly as obtuse as old point and click games. The formula is mostly 1) walk around the environment and pick up EVERYTHING you can 2) try and solve puzzles using the items you have collected 3) any puzzles you can't find, randomly try and use items with puzzles that make no sense to try and make a solution pop 4) repeat. I loved the humor in it though. Thought that was it's most redeeming quality. @Myu I was really intrigued initially by your Dungeon Traveler review. Thanks for the honest assessment. And btw, that totally reinforces the terrible stereotype that most westerners that have zero interest in anime have about anime: women are going to be naked or scantily clad for no reason at all. Lol.
  15. Game 3 Final Review I have nothing to add from my initial review unfortunately since I haven't been able to game since. Rating: B Trophies: 20/30 for 40% and a D rating. Completion: 74.71 and -.98% since the start of the event. I do want to pose the question to everyone who might have played this. I only bought this game because of the hype and all the reviews of 9s and 10s. Everyone fell all over themselves about how amazing it was. So tell me, what am I missing? It's interesting and good, but I probably won't think about it again once I'm done.