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  1. "Bobby boucher, foozeball is the devil!" (Don't get me quoting the waterboy, I wouldn't ever stop!) Pandemonium? 😜
  2. All I have to say about that...
  3. First off, damn son. Super Meat Boy plat is hardcore. Super impressive. Second, I'm excited about this new event. Two weeks to recover from the last event and only .28% left. Got a vacation with my wife right in the middle of July, so I hope the changes allow for some wiggle room. Can't wait!
  4. Thanks. Yeah, I am a bit of a completionist, so I'm not talking just story. It's why mass effect 3 and fallout 4 are still in my backlog. I know once I start them, down the rabbit hole I go. The last few rugs I've played and finished: Fallout NV South Park TSOT Child of Light Mass effect 1 So yeah. Thanks for the suggestions Hem and Voodoo! Welcome!
  5. You seem to be all about rpgs. And I'm Jonesing for a good rpg. But here's the thing... it can't be too long. Ideally 20-30 hours. No 100 hour rpg. So can you, or anyone on this thread, recommend a good rpg that wont devour 80+ hours of my life??? Thanks ahead of time all.
  6. Little less than 1 month til KYC 4! 😀 I'm super close to my original completion percentage (-.54%) but I'm about to hit a big brick wall. The majority of games I have left have huge grinds standing in my way. AC4: Reach level 55 in MP (12/55) Borderlands: Reach level 50 (29/50) Stories: Achieve all 24 endings (13/24) Talos: Collect all red sigils (24/49) Each of those is a considerable time sink. Forget about the brain pain from the Talos puzzles. Those are just a beast. Really looking forward to the next round if for nothing more than adding some new stuff to my rotation. Just hope I can take down one or two of those before July! Headlander is awesome! I've got Resogun and possibly Swindle on my list if your looking to team up on those.
  7. Holy $#!+ it works! Thanks so much!
  8. So I hit two KYC Hangover milestones tonight. - I am now exactly 1% lower for my completion rating that I was at the start of the event. (74.12 vs 75.12) - all of my KYC games are c or higher now (2s, 5a, 2b, 1c) So now that I'm much closer to baseline, I can think about the next event a little. I would like some community input from people on the tentative stuff. I'm doing a list of 6 (3 definite and 3 slots to fill) because I will do the KYC lite in July if Hem is still allowing that. So if anyone has suggestions on the last three from my list or would like to get impressions for themselves on something i listed, let me know. Definite: - Resogun - Life is Strange - Mad Max Maybe (need 3) - swindle (since there was so much love this past event) - banner saga - darkest dungeon - shadow complex - broken age - tearaway unfolded - salt and sanctuary Thanks ahead of time all!
  9. That was actually a shout out to Billy to read my Headlander review from this KYC thread. Which he apparently did already. And already commented on. And neither one of us remembered... lol Dont have a review of Dishonored or Deus Ex for you to read, but they aren't both exclusively stealth. If stealth isn't your thing, you can play both as a homicidal maniac or something in between. But they are both built so well you have the option to kill everyone or literally go through the whole game with a no kill run (and a shiny trophy for it showing you did). I can't recommend them highly enough.
  10. Dishonored was one of my favorite games of last gen. I played it a second playthrough on high chaos immediately after my low chaos playthrough. It was just that good. I would say the same about deus ex if it wasn't for the boss battles. The whole thing let's you play super stealth no kills until the bosses. If you made your build a stealth build like I did, the bosses induce controller throwing rage. But they are both exceptional stealth games. Awesome. You should read my review. I loved it. Lol. No Billy. It's obviously the Chinese zodiac dragon granting wishes. Duh!
  11. So here's my super late, without any real milestone update. I've gone back to each of my kyc games since the event ended. So brief updates for any games where my feelings have changed or have new info. - Plat'd Headlander which I still love. - AC4 officially has terrible combat and I avoid it at all costs. But the rest of the game and exploration is so good I forgive that. - Still hate Rochard. - Aside from some collectible cleanup I finished Valiant Hearts. It was an awesome story. It should be played by all. - Stories is going to be a tough Plat purely because I've done 12 playthrough and am burned out. 12 more seems like a chore. Updated numbers: I still have not recovered from this event. Completion: 74.01 (-1.12) Unearned: 970 (+112) Trophies earned: 6095 (+216) Slowly chipping away. AC4 and Borderlands are huge time sinks. Once I finish one of those I'm gonna jump back to Talos. Strangely I'm looking forward to/dreading the next event. Stay awesome all. I guess u r right and I haven't been paying attention. I missed someone posting a list that early. Didn't think anyone would plan that far ahead with a 2 month cushion. My bad. I only came into the KYC thing last event. And by then most everyone only had a handful of big games on their list. I didn't know that's how y'all rolled for the first event. I bow to your superior knowledge Billy.
  12. Aaaaaaaaand we have our first list! Welcome Lars! If I may make a suggestion, you should really mix some shorter games in there. The way the event is structured, you only 3 days to play each. You will hardly make any progress on most of those AAA during that time period.
  13. Ha! I'm still not even close to breaking even yet. I wanted to wait til I was only down by 1% before posting an update but it doesn't look like that will happen soon. I'm still trying to dig out from the mountain of trophies from AC4, Borderlands, and Talos... maybe I'll do one later tonight. As for the next kyc, Hem, are we still doing KYC lite in july? With vacation right in the middle of the month, no easy I can do 10 full games.
  14. I think this is fantastic. Honestly, this community is so great it is rare that people join a session, get their trophies and leave. When it does happen, it really stands out and makes you want to leave feedback. Here is my suggestion to tweak the system. Most people seem concerned about revenge ratings, etc. So what about making the rating system completely objective. For example, 3 ratings: "no show" (with maybe some kind of 'can't join another session for 2 weeks penalty'), "participated fully" (from session start to finish) and the last something like "hurt the session" (did something to hurt the quality of the session like leaving early, flaming, etc.) I think this is such a great addition. Thanks for reading!
  15. You are so right. Two down, 8 to go. I'm working on the longest ones first though so AC: IV and Borderlands are my games now. Two huge treks to the plat... And if the moderator didn't make the event so much fun and created such a great community atmosphere, we wouldn't be so talkative. 😜