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  1. Updated background photo.


    "Call the Ambulance, but Not for Me!"

  2. What if you platinum this game without skipping all text?
  3. My Renzo Racer guide is done and submitted for review.
  4. Since the PS3 version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 doesn't have the trophy list when the second game had. The PS4 version would have a really difficult platinum that may take longer. And Sigma 2 would be even more harder. What did you think?
  5. It's back on sale for $10. Don't miss it.
  6. What did you think about the trophy list for the PS4 version?
  7. Getting started writing the guide for Renzo Racer. What a fun experience the game was. Really enjoyed it and absolute worth playing.
  8. This is why the PS4 version is better than the PS5 version. The mechanics for the PS4 version is not bad but the PS5 versions' mechanics was not that good.
  9. Bayou was my favorite as well.
  10. The different trophy image as the PS4's version. What did you think?
  11. Super Animal Royale is coming to PlayStation.
  12. What did you think about the list? It's all about Poker and.... Tits. And the platinum was easy as well.
  13. We got an another DLC from Immortals Fenyx Rising. What did you think about the new DLC trophies?
  14. I may help you on the Level 68 World Bosses in Tera. ;)

    1. Hakoom


      Thanks iam just waiting for my friend to finish his game then we will do it together 👍

    2. ShadowGreenBeav


      Unfortunately, I'm on the different server.

      I was on NE Asian server.

  15. The placeholder icon was terrible. It needs a better icon.