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    I just recently passed my nursing boards and will have a job working on an oncology unit. So to wind down and escape reality I play video games. I also love movies. A lot. I would like to go one day where the only way i have conversations are through movie quotes.

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  1. There is an Anime on Hulu of Persona 4. It's the same story, but a good substitute for the time being.
  2. This was the first PS3 game I played and I really liked it! Dang it was pretty looking. Too bad I never beat it.
  3. Man there are a lot mentioned here that I have not played!
  4. What is the video game sequel you've been hoping for but probably will never be made? I've been waiting for a Dark Cloud 3 to be announced for a long time. I'm starting to doubt it will ever come. Also, a new Legend of Dragoon would be awesome.
  5. I've heard that silicone cases will absorb more energy if dropped and hard plastic or metal cases just transfer the impact energy to the device and damage it. Not sure if it's true but it sounds legit.
  6. Bioshock Infinite. For some reason the trophy Combination Shock (8 vigor combos) wont pop for me . Or maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  7. Bayonetta!