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  1. Try to delete the save because an acquaintance of mine had the same problem but with the trophy of completing the tutorials. The trophy only came when he deleted the save.
  2. Play 5 different maps if you don't leave the same way do the following Play the map until you reach the end (the part to press the button to end the level) reconnect the internet and finish the level and the trophy will pop. That's how it worked for me. Edit: Guys I managed to publish the map just now
  3. Well, I tried to buy from them and I couldn't even register on the site. I believe it is fraud. PS. I am Brazilian too. PS2 - Guys I'm sorry I made a mistake talking about the site, so to test whether it was reliable or not I bought a dlc on the site and really they sent me.
  4. The dlc works with the region 1 game, because I also took the dlcs from assassin's creed Brotherhood and Revelations in hong kong since they are free and it worked, and the dlc from pirates of the caribbean I found in hong kong too it works? PS. I didn't find the pirates of the caribbean dlc in pns of korea