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  1. @Vinny122004 most of the trophies can be boosted against easy bots, but you will need three real players on your team to start a match! I will make a more in-depth video tomorrow or the day after, but I would say the difficulty is 4/10, and the estimated platinum time is 20-30hours, depending on how many people you have to boost the online bots match. The most challenging trophy is the triple kills one seen above. The longest trophy will be the 100 wins, but this can be semi-boosted in 1v1s.
  2. @KatzenSebi I saw your other post in the forum. Maybe my last video will help clear things up 😊
  3. DKO is a brand-new, fast-paced, Brawler set in a stylized world of Gods and Mythology. DKO combines physics-based combat, a deep roster of deities, and Third-Person combat that puts you right in the heart of the action! Due to having the alpha, I've been able to access all the trophies but one due to the maps being taken out of the game, meaning the game only has six playable maps, but you need 8! I'm also aware since the launch of the game (6th of December), the game has stopped tracking stats which is a trophy hunter's worse nightmare! however, I do have some videos I would like to share with the community. Bronze Trophy - Air-Time Achieve 'Air-Time' Gold Trophy - Triple Kills Gold Achieve 'Triple Kills Gold' Gold Trophy - ReboundAchieve 'Rebound'
  4. Hey, currently the guy at 96% trophy earnt! Quite a few of the trophies are bugged, but one of the trophies is currently unobtainable: Traveler’s Tall TaleAchieve 'Traveler’s Tall Tale' Which is to play on eight unique maps. They have currently taken 2 out of the game due to bugs 😅
  5. @light772sandwich added some more guides if you're missing any 🙂
  6. @TankklesTV this might help! for a start💙
  7. Goat Simulator 3 is the third installment of the popular franchise where you wreck havoc as a clumsy goat destroying the lives of everyday people for your own hellbent pleasure In this video, I will show you how to obtain all trinkets in the Fairmeadows area of the game. There are 49 trinkets in this section that consists of Fairmeadows Ranch, Pointy Food Factory, and Brumehill Cementary, and here are all 49 trinkets.
  8. @light772sandwich you should be able to edit your own post from above just highlight the box of my videos and press the delete or arrow key 😀 if not it's not much of an issue hope you're enjoying the game!
  9. @light772sandwich Could you remove your quote from your post will make the forum page cleaner 😇 in terms of all the trophies you have listed they will be out within the next 12 hours working on it now! sorry, they were not added early today! 💙 @ROFL-WAFFLES very easy platinum but no one has made a smooth collectible grind over 150+ to get! the platinum can be done in under 24hour but let us be prepared for 8dlcs hahaha 😂 working on the collectible video now as well so will take me maybe until this weekend to get everything out
  10. @Infected Elite hey bro could you remove the + Quote from your message looks messy with my videos duplicating 😇 but to answer your question the game has have 150+ collectibles which is going to take sometime
  11. Goat Simulator 3 is the third installment of the popular franchise where you wreck havoc as a clumsy goat destroying the lives of everyday people for your own hellbent pleasure. In this post, I will be taking you through some of the games' more miscellaneous trophies that can help you on your way to the platinum trophy and take your place as the GOAT. Nasty! Trophy Guide Get squirted on by the Fossil Fuel mascot 401 (K.O) Trophy Guide Use your Kärring to knock another Kärring down Beauty, Fitness, Mindfulness & Meditation Trophy Guide Sit through the entire yoga session (5mins worth of afk) Where is It? Trophy Guide Find That clown Egg Simulator Trophy GuideBecome an Egg Into the Matrix Trophy Guide Find the train station Who Baywatches the Baywatch? Trophy GuideRun on the beach in slow motion French Fika Trophy GuideLick the croissant StreakingRun naked on the football field A Center for Ants?Interact with the shrunken shrink house CannibananaLick a banana as an Abominana [REDACTED]Equip the [REDACTED] while playing as [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED] fur Raider of the Lost Parking Garage Find the perfectly round boulder CrocsquatchGive Big Foot some shoes will upload more soon if you have any questions please leave a comment down below in this forum!
  12. In this Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3 tutorial, we're going to show you the quickest way to earn coins in Slime Speedway. We'll explain how to get the trophy sweet capitalism and how to buy everything in the shop in the fastest method! If you're looking for a quick and easy way to earn coins in Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3, then this is the tutorial for you! By following my tips, you'll be able to earn this trophy in 8-9hours Trophy - Sweet Sweet Capitalism Buy everything in the shop Requires more than one controller
  13. Hey @Unrelated hope you managed to find all documents just updated this forum with all 3 parts 😊
  14. All Chest Locations! Set in the Greco-Roman-inspired city of Aphes, Asterigos: Curse of the Stars sees the player controlling Hilda, a young warrior following after her father and his band of men that entered the city but never returned. Upon entering, she finds that the city has been struck with the titular curse for the last thousand years. In this video below, we're going to be exploring the first 50 chests in Asterigos This video is split into two parts, so make sure to check it out to learn all about the Asterigos: Curse of the Stars chest locations! In part 1, we'll be covering the first 50 chests, and in part 2, we'll be looking at the last 50 chests. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  15. Another year, another yearly installment of EA Sports' flagship franchise FIFA 23, also the last under the FIFA name. With a trophy list that is pretty similar to the same type of grindy trophies, I have prepared some videos for the more difficult/less than 5% trophies to speed up the process of acquiring your final ever FIFA platinum. Thanks all! Silver Trophy - High Grades Get an "A" rating for a transfer negotiation Bronze Trophy - Life - Like Complete a season with a real manager and his original team Silver Trophy - Girl Power Win a tournament with a team from the Women's League