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  1. I'm down bad right now 😬 At least 5+ trophies are not popping for me. any advice on how I can fix this 😀 Dead in their Tracks Trophy - not popping in Bot Game Command and Conquest Trophy - no popping in Bot Game B gun's dry Trophy - not popping in Bot Game Universal Soldier (Earn T1 mastery Badge) is stuck at 58k out of 60k for over 12hours+ now πŸ˜… just completely stopped together can't even make it move in a normal game. Clean Exit trophy - (successfully extract in Hazard Zone without anyone in the squad having died) hasn't popped even tried doing 2x one after each other and won't pop it either
  2. After spending 50+ hours grinding, I've noticed that the Hazard trophies may take a little bit of skill. As a trophy hunter, I want to make the multiplayer trophies as easy as possible for myself, I decided to make a class setup guide for early access players/launch of the game players. Operator - Mackay: Most highly mobile operator in the game allows you to escape from risky situations with his grappling hook should make Pack Rat trophy a breeze (Successfully extract with 50 Data Drives in Hazard Zone) Primary Weapon - DMR 7 (3shot weapon) Secondary Weapon - Magnum - (1shot to the head) Would recommend taking the faster regen perk whilst searching in the Hazard zone lobby! Video guide here if needed, let me know your thoughts below always here to help πŸ’™
  3. It's on Orbital but not sure if it's just my trophy popping randomly or if this works haha
  4. can someone check if this works randomly tried it and got it the first time haha! otherwise, I will close the post. Map - Orbital
  5. @DDOSyourNan have a look now sorry was my fault! 😬
  6. I've noticed in the forums people have been frustrated with their trophies not popping..... This method below is custom lobbies with 1HP which should hopefully speed up the process. πŸ’™ Forum guide: - Find a custom game under the Battlefield Portal - Make sure the custom game is 1HP (Must be lower than 7 people otherwise you'll become the bot πŸ˜‚) - If you have a knife or grenade in your hand you're most likely a bot - If you have the weapon you have chosen you're on the correct side Now farm your trophies!
  7. Thank you @DaivRules for adding the Spoiler Tags looks a lot better πŸ’™πŸ‘Š will make sure to use this feature going forward.
  8. Sorry for the long thread @LastMinuteSaviorπŸ˜… I should really request a trophy guide instead of a forum 😁 @Vinny122004 The game will be really hard to boost as you can't do any of the trophies in a private match Unless you manage to communicate a group of 5 other players into the same game. Feel free to ask any more questions here to help πŸ‘Š
  9. As we all know Knockout City will be the free Playstation Plus Game for November! I want to share my experience of Platinum and make the game a lot easier for you! There's a grand total of 50 trophies in Knockout City and the main way to get most of them is simply by playing the game, with some being related to experience points, played matches, and KOs. However, some players might have difficulty with the secret trophies in the game (Will add these further down). Before you watch any of my videos or guides I do believe the game will still be extremely buggy for the launch of PSN+. so do be careful if you're a 100% trophy hunter. Difficulty 5/10 Estimated Time: (you will have to play the game at least for 30days anyway) 100 Contract trophy - 70/80hours Highly Recommend Playing with a Friend/or someone from PsnProfiles Intro to the game: This video will explain my experience on the Platinum but also how to make it easier and more enjoyable! Earning Miles In Rooftop Rumble, Glide from the Bandstand to the Gardens from the Bandstand to the Gardens Taking Out the Trash Warning this trophy was really buggy at launch... This will need to be done on Galaxy Burger,e One Small Step for Man - BY FAR the quickest method! Be airborne for 30 seconds straight while holding a Moon Ball - Can be done in the lobby zone! Get Off My Lawn Easy guide to follow - In the Hideout, tackle the T.A.R.G.E.T. Dummy off the roof U Unstoppable - One friend recommended Score 10 KOs without being KO'd Pendulum Very easy trophy! In Concussion Yard, ride the wrecking ball in for 15 seconds straight Hasta Luego! Trophy is slightly bugged - but make sure to use the red tube! Hasta working with other players may help when trying to acquire some of these trophies, so if you've got friends trying to snag some as well, they'll be a great resource. In any case, patience will be necessary for your quest to perfect Knockout City. Feel Free to fire Question at me about this Plat!
  10. " looking forward to the new excuses why people cant get the trophys now." you have pissed me off just reading your comment...... Was in the 1st fire team to complete insane..... Was with the 1st fire team to plat the game...... Games does a patch and breaks my weapon trophy..... logged in today and still doesn't pop for me. Not going to clean up my other trophies if the game is still a buggy mess
  11. this grind is so stupid! imagine if we couldn't do 1sec races with 1minute loading screens πŸ˜‚ took me 9hours straight to get 25k-30k coins - bought 59 crates made 35k profits
  12. This video shows the fastest way to make money in Hot wheels Unleashed. This method could be patched soon so would advise working towards these grind trophies soon. Trophies that are pretty grindy: Unbridled luxuryGet a total of 100,000 Coins. Not enough!Get a total of 10,000 Gears. Video Method:
  13. Hot Wheels Unleashed is a bit light on level and event type variety but still delivers a great racer worthy of the Hot Wheels name with plenty of speed, detailed customization, and a meaty roster of fun vehicles. In the video below I have provided some tips on how to beat some of the mid-levels in the game which do duplicate sometimes throughout the campaign. highly recommend obtaining the legendary Rocket car before trying some of these out 😊 Will help obtain - King of the city (Gold Trophy)Complete the Unleashed Goal of all the Race Pads. e
  14. if you're about to jump into this game - this might help out at the start... pretty much zigzagged my way to 25 πŸ˜‚
  15. agreed had to say it in the video though because it could happen! the last thing I want is more angry trophy hunters haha πŸ˜‚