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  1. Cult Of The Lamb is a brand new roguelike game developed by indie newcomers Massive Monster and published by the renown Devolver Digital. Cult Of The Lamb is a new twist on the roguelike genre, combining the regular gameplay elements common with these types of games with management sim mechanics to create a hybrid that feels fresh and has tons of replayability. In today's video, I'm going to be showing you how to obtain 4 of the game's silver trophies, all requiring you to defeat 4 of the game's 5 bosses without taking any damage. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Rumbleverse is a brand new battle royale brawler by Iron Galaxy Studios, published by Fortnite Developers Epic Games, which features funky characters battling to the death to become the true champion of Grapital City. Although the game doesn't have a platinum trophy currently, I thought it would be useful to cover one of the hardest trophies to obtain 'Extra Easy' which is to win a game without any special moves equipped. In this method, I take you through the easiest method to obtain this games only gold trophy. Enjoy!
  3. @coldspectre I can always help if it becomes issue 🙂
  4. eating chicken outside the zone is bugged so yeahhhhhh this 100% is going to be a struggle
  5. Multiversus is a brand new game (currently available in early access via an Twitch drop) which features characters from multiple different Warner Bros properties, such as the DC Universe with Batman and Wonderwoman fighting off against Looney Tunes' Taz and Bugs Bunny in a smash bros inspired brawler which is available on all platforms. In this video, I am going to be showing you an easy way of obtaining several trophies, most notably "And Your Little Dog Too" and well as "Catch This" making the game less of a challenge and guiding you to that sweet sweet platinum trophy as quick as possible!
  6. Hello, Everyone! - Hope you're still enjoying hitting cars 😁 After Playing a considerable amount of games already Noticed that Ratu is the best character in Mayhem (Free All) Very Easy to earn S+++ Nearly Every Game and easy to get wins! As many people on this site will be going for that Platinium hopefully this can make your life easier. (50+ w games/150 wrecks). - you may do these trophies naturally by going for the difficult specific trophies but if you want to speed up your process and enjoy the experience whilst doing it! give Mayhem ago! (with Ratu) Her Ultimate is a radius spread that can kill up to 6-7 people depending on how close they're to you. Video Provided shows you how easy she is to use in free all! - The gold trophies in this list are very straight forward in my opinion which can be done in 1-3 days. Gold trophies difficulty [3/10] 15+Hours depending on your skill level Silver trophies for each champion [7/10] The Reason why I'm giving this a 7! - Some of the champions are really difficult to use and you need the RNG lords on your side. Hope this post helps you! PSN: Wheatlium
  7. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is a old school beat'em up game developed as a tribute to games such as Streets of Rage as well as the old arcade version of TMNT itself. Playable in single player or co-operative multiplayer, the game has up to 6 players at once in a single session. This trophy guide is for one of the harder trophies to obtain 'Do You Need A Dock' which is to defeat Super Shredder without taking a single hit. In this video I'll take you through the most time effective and efficient strategy in order to obtain this trophy.
  8. Hey everyone! you might have noticed that Taz has been nerfed however I just checked tonight and this can still be done using this method!
  9. Following on from the previous post, noticed some people were asking about projectiles specifically, so I made a separate video showing a better method to scratch this trophy off the list' Multiversus will be fully free to play from the 26th of July which features characters from multiple different Warner Bros properties, such as the DC Universe with Batman and Wonderwoman fighting off against Looney Tunes' Taz and Bugs Bunny in a smash bros inspired brawler which is available on all platforms. In this video, I am going to be showing you an easy way of obtaining 200 Projectile kills within 30mins!
  10. @TheBubaknight Shaggy (sandwich) Iron giant (Ult little harder to use) Velma (has a ton of projectile and rage attacks) Batman (Batarang) But honestly, I think Velma would be the best option against bots!
  11. @veinte-justo Not a stupid question at all! so basically i did make a video on how to use a spike here (it's pretty much down button and square) and for the projectile trophy if you don't have enough coins or don't want to spend money you can just pick up the items within the game or use shaggy!
  12. @Ares_Carries glad i didn't waste your time with the guide! goodluck with the plat bro!
  13. @Ares_CarriesI've heard some similar responses on youtube! it's weird because my trophies are popping in bot games so they must be working! Will try get the trophies on another account to check!
  14. @ROFL-WAFFLES in a 15min game you can get 10-20 double ringouts, but depends on RNG slightly! 0-200 Projectile seems like it will take a little longer but should be fine! You could get both trophies in one night if you really tried
  15. Arcadegeddon has finally launched on PS Plus with a brand new update 1.0 which adds a new zone with new enemies, new surge abilities, and most importantly trophy support! In this video, I'm going to be showing you guys how to obtain one of the hardest difficulty trophies "Pyrotechnical" which requires you to kill 15 enemies with one fireball. There are several other trophies like this that require you to kill enemies in one go, and I will also be making guides for these on my channel. Enjoy and I hope the videos help you guys out!
  16. Arcadeggedon, which is currently on the PS Plus service, has recently launched as a full game coming out of early access with fully trophy support. Of these trophies, one of the most time consuming will be to collect all 50 figurines, which requires you to defeat all 4 bosses each run to gain 1 out of the 50 necessary. In this video, I go through the quickest route possible to allow you to complete this in the fastest time. (The two trophies "The Collector" and "Start Your Collection" are currently glitched as of 08/07/2022, hopefully they resolve the issue soon)
  17. Hey @wvwwvvv I'm currently the only one to get the trophy on psnprofiles thought I would show my method! pretty straightforward with a squad. I've reached solo stage 28 difficulty 30, and not enough mobs were spawning so had to do this. I could be wrong but was sick of trying it on solo 😬
  18. Arcadegeddon, one of three games coming to the July 2022 lineup of PlayStation Plus Essential, is a game released in early access form back in July 2021. Developed by Illfonic, the studio behind Predator: Hunting Grounds and Friday the 13th, this co-operative based multiplayer shooter combines elements of different genres like a rogue-like looter shooter mixed with the fluidity of games also promoted by Epic Games such as Fortnite and Rumbleverse. In this video, I show you how you can get off to the best possible start to this game from a trophy and gameplay perspective, with 10 tips to help you dominate the playing field when the game launches on the 5th of July. (next Tuesday!)
  19. TMNT: Shredders Revenge contains a mode similar to its 1989 counterpart in the form of it's perfectly named Arcade Mode. On this mode, you fight through the levels from the story in one consecutive run, having only a limited number of lives to achieve it. In this video, I'll show you the easiest way possible to finish the mode on the Gnarly (Hard) difficulty on your path to the platinum trophy. Also big thanks to @Belmont85- and @dusfire96 for the written version 😊 hopefully the video guide will make this a little easier for anyone struggling Must be below 85%!
  20. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is a co-op game that allows you to play the role of 7 different playable characters, Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Splinter, April, Casey Jones. This trophy is required to max each of these 7 character seperately to reach level 10, which requires you to obtain 2000 points by killing enemies in each level or picking up collectibles and power ups to achieve this goal. I tested many different ways of making this as quick as possible, and here is my guide in doing so. also, big thanks to the other written forum from @aoshi900 really help make this guide!
  21. @EPICRAGE ahhh okay, my bad about the 85%! it's just a nice safety net as I know people are trying at 90% above and it's not popping!
  22. Cowabunga It Is a Trophy to perform A 250-Hits String. This can easily be done at almost any level, but I did it on Level 5 Just defeat all the enemies but save one Robot then make your way over the left side of the counter All you need to do is juggle the enemy by pressing square and holding the left analog stick to the left.[Quick Note] You can juggle enemies once they go dark, but there is a short moment when the enemies fall down and go back into bright colors, if that happens - it means you lost the rhythm. Video Guide to explain the location (two parts)
  23. Hey @Xugoshi all trophies can be obtained on your own or from local play 😊 you will just need some help with Sharing is Caring!Cheer up the same teammate 3 times in a single stage.
  24. @WyndigoSpirit congrats on doing it legit 💙 I know it can be quite painful to load straight into the boss scene and get hit straight away