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  1. Thx for the info. Got shiny plats just now.
  2. Already beat pink monkey on her island. But I cannot advance to the next island/levels. Is there anything I haven't done yet? Thx
  3. -edited- got trophy as england manager
  4. I'm so proud my Fall guys (PS4) platinum. And I intend to get platinum ps5 version in 2023.😅
  5. granblue fantasy... another easy but 'hard' platinum, cause you must buy all dlc first. recommended download v1.0 or buy physical disc. CMIIW
  6. Thanks man. Finally get the platinum
  7. Hello, Is there easiest way to get this @#[email protected]#$* event? Got 11,798/15,000. And already walking around about 3-6 hours, load and save file, and watching utube methods but still nothing. Thank you
  8. Sayonara Wild Hearts. This game have a great soundtracks