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  1. Yeah, I met the requirements for Low Baller this weekend and reached out because it didn't pop. The Customer Service rep said that they "unlocked" it on their end, but still didn't unlock on my end. So from what you're saying reaching out to Customer Service did more harm than good for my account lol. I'll make a new account if they bring Golden Goal back around, out of the whole weekend I only had three games that went 1 - 0 (two of them I was on the losing team).
  2. Add another Low Baller glitch to the pile, I was playing on the PS4 version though. Won 1-0 on the 3rd round of Fall Ball and lost the final round which was some random game (Kraken?). I've played so many rounds of Fall Ball and only got to a 0-0 Overtime once, which we lost immediately. I'm gonna set this game down until they have a Golden Ball event, pretty disappointed that the Support Team "unlocked" the achievement on my Fall Guys account, but it did not pop on my PSN Account.
  3. #59: Shovel Knight Shovel Justice Total Achievers: 3,557 (5.83%) 3,000th trophy The game takes a long time the first time around because you are exploring every secret room and shoveling at every crack, but by the third or fourth playthrough you can get through each level in about 5 minutes. Completing the game in NG+ will make your remaining NG runs easier because your health bar essentially doubles (Your take double damage in NG+). Still, you really have to like the game if you're going to run through the same levels atleast 6 - 7 times. Want to tackle the DLCs someday, but that's basically like doing the Platinum all over again for only two trophies each.
  4. About halfway through the game and things do get a bit more manageable once you've established some upgrades and crafting materials. I did spend about an hour collecting berries and ores just so I wouldn't have to near the endgame. The mages are still repetitive and can potentially kill you from full health in one or two hits but I'm relieved that I don't have many left.
  5. Signed up today but got added to the "waitlist". Kinda weird that sometime randomly between now and two months from now that I'll finally be a part of the program.
  6. #55: For the King The Completionist Total Achievers: 169 (3.12%) 3rd Fastest Platinum Time I went into this game having no expectations to Platinum it, but it kind of took over my life after beating the game on Journeyman. The Wikia had excellent guides on how to overcome the Master difficulty and get a good team based on speed and interrupting. Getting the trophies came naturally while playing through each campaign and hunting down the Scourges as they popped up. I did grind for 50 Stone Statues by restarting in Gold Rush mode because I wanted the extra Focus for my party in Master difficulty.
  7. There wasn't a lot of info on the internet about this game, but the wiki had two really good suggestions that I aimed for, speed & resetting.
  8. Just got the platinum today, thanks for the heads up.
  9. It would be hard to know what you're doing if it's your first time playing, right?
  10. I definitely regret going for Undertale. After playing for the first hour, I quickly wanted to bounce off. I would have rather deleted it, but went for the Platinum to get it out of the way. My most unenjoyable grind may have been Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order given how complicated the map system is and how much backtracking is involved to get specific collectables.
  11. How were you able to maintain a neutral alignment? From what I understand, using a hero/dark character will lean the Chao in those directions if you keep feeding them animas/drives. Finishing up SA1 and probably about to jump into SA2
  12. I've tried using Adventure Mode and going through Story Mode a second time, but they are not popping. Anyone know what I can do to get them to trigger? Edit: Probably not a surprise to anyone, but I had to delete my save and start brand new.
  13. Elden Ring is on the way to being the highest completed platinum out of the series. Unless you don't like Dark Souls mechanics, most people will be able to platinum it.
  14. Looking at people who get the platinum in under 5 hours, I can only assume they are doing the following things: 1. Backing up the game right before the most available trophy boss fights available without actually completing the game (I.e., ) 2. Killing all those bosses on PS4, getting the endings and platinum 3. Uploading the save to PS5 and teleporting around, killing those bosses again in NG, getting all 3 endings 4. Starting NG+ on PS5 and killing all the early game bosses as fast as possible
  15. I didn't say it like it was a done deal, at the time players were settling around 120~ because they weren't sure if everyone was going to migrate to 150. Do you understand that it's easier to go from 120 to 150 rather than 150 to 120?