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  1. How were you able to maintain a neutral alignment? From what I understand, using a hero/dark character will lean the Chao in those directions if you keep feeding them animas/drives. Finishing up SA1 and probably about to jump into SA2
  2. I've tried using Adventure Mode and going through Story Mode a second time, but they are not popping. Anyone know what I can do to get them to trigger? Edit: Probably not a surprise to anyone, but I had to delete my save and start brand new.
  3. Elden Ring is on the way to being the highest completed platinum out of the series. Unless you don't like Dark Souls mechanics, most people will be able to platinum it.
  4. Looking at people who get the platinum in under 5 hours, I can only assume they are doing the following things: 1. Backing up the game right before the most available trophy boss fights available without actually completing the game (I.e., ) 2. Killing all those bosses on PS4, getting the endings and platinum 3. Uploading the save to PS5 and teleporting around, killing those bosses again in NG, getting all 3 endings 4. Starting NG+ on PS5 and killing all the early game bosses as fast as possible
  5. I didn't say it like it was a done deal, at the time players were settling around 120~ because they weren't sure if everyone was going to migrate to 150. Do you understand that it's easier to go from 120 to 150 rather than 150 to 120?
  6. If you want to be picky about what the community has settled on, then you can atleast recognize that people are cautious about going past 120 on their main character.
  7. I honestly think that the final bosses in Elden Ring were designed to be challenged at much higher levels than the previous games. However, the community has settled on 120~ as the meta level and are afraid to go past 150 which would lock them out of post-game content with the community. That's not to say that these bosses can't be challenged and defeated at the standard meta level, but the boss fights will be borderline unfair for your average player.
  8. Yep, after doing 40 damage with a +10 Moonveil, I went back and equipped a pair of fists that made quick work of them.
  9. With a guide and how easy it is to dupe souls, we are probably about to see the platinum trophy number explode. The game doesn't require a lot for the legendary items and you only need one playthrough for everything.
  10. I killed him without using the horse (which makes it harder) or summons/magic. Went in at level 65~ and a +16 Estoc
  11. Since you log into a third party server, can you log into the PC version, complete acts, and have the trophies autopop on your PlayStation next time you log in there?
  12. Yes, I did this on PS5. You have to hold down the PS Button instead of pressing it. That will take you back to the main menu and you can take all the time you need to turn off the Internet.
  13. Yeah I got about 800k until I didn't pay attention and accidentally logged-in while online.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up. Seems like I'm just getting 50,000 right now for each log-in. Here is the December 2021 Bonus Schedule: 12/01 - 12/08 - 50,000 Zeni Bonus 12/08 - 12/15 - 15 Premium Z Coins 12/15 - 12/22 - [Title] "I'm Excited" 12/22 - 12/29 - 50,000 Zeni Bonus 12/29 - 01/05 - 15 Premium Z Coins
  15. PS3 - Dark Souls 2 - The Dark Soul I just completed my Souls journey by getting Platinum in all 9 games from PS3 to PS5. I did not expect to go after the PS3 trophies, but sitting around and waiting for Elden Ring to come out left me anxious for more. I'm proud to see how many people still play even the older games and wish everyone else the best of luck for getting through the most frustrating parts. It's a series that has been the most impact on me for the last decade.