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  1. I highly suggest to NOT look at that list if you don't want spoilers.
  2. Hearing reviewers got their copies just 2 days before release, which is usually a red flag =X Crossing fingers.
  3. If it's anything like past CC2 games (Naruto Ultimate Ninja games), probably looking at a 30h-ish plat.
  4. Wait, there isn't a time limit in Shemnue III like past games?! (Was wondering because you're suggesting we grind for 1000 fish until a 100% guide comes out)
  5. Season 1 started yesterday and added new Spec Ops missions (among other new free stuff), but no new trophies. Maybe safe?
  6. Hey FranciRoosters, was wondering what are the requirements for getting S-Rank aside from having to play Premium on Hard difficulty? Is it time-based or anything like that? Thanks!
  7. This looks to be the easiest NHL plat since NHL 15.
  8. There are 250 collectibles and you only need 120?! Omg
  9. Looks like a very straightforward "do everything" Platinum. Can't wait!
  10. Oh. Don't worry, I will buy, play and platinum the game =P Just sad that when they first teased that they were making the biggest/most ambitious One Piece game ever, I got way too hyped (my fault I guess) and now am somewhat disappointed at the open world and gameplay shown so far.
  11. I'm honestly very skeptical for this game, but One Piece is my favorite anime/manga series of all time, so it's an instant-buy for me. Trophy-wise, it looks very straightforward. Looks easier than Unlimited World Red.
  12. Here it is finally! I spent whole last year getting Plats for all KH games on PS4 (and I did it!). Can't wait to finally get this one =) List seems easier that usual? (I suggest avoid checking the list for spoiler reasons)
  13. Looks like another typical RE list! Can't wait to get into this, but...what's with that 14 000 steps trophy?! Urgh...
  14. Never got the chance to play this last gen. Very interested. Trophy seems...simple?
  15. Glad to see the Vita getting some love here! #VitaMeansLife