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  1. Omg I just found this thread. I want to be in ! Completed: - Kingdom Hearts (PS3 & PS4) - Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS4) - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (PS3) - Kingdom Hearts II (PS4) - Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (PS3) - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PS4) - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4) - Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage (PS4) - Kingdom Hearts III + Re:Mind (PS4, 100%)
  2. Sorry, when I used "you", I meant people that complained about macros in general. I wasn't aiming that critic at you specifically. Sorry for the confusion. Yes I'm with you on the fun aspect of the argument. I've enjoyed playing Dreams a lot. It's just this 2 specific trophies that force me to sculp and make music for ~2 hours that I'm not interested in (I'm more of a Player in Dreams rather than an artist). Again, let's say that I love "cheating my way to platinums", why should you care? There's no harm done to anyone. People have their own ways of having fun; different hobbies and passion. You wouldn't see me going around the forum judging how other people have their funs. I'm not even arguing whether scripting is cheating or not. I just don't appreciate people that just come in, leave a snarky remark and don't offer solutions to a question/problem of the thread. If you don't like what you're reading, move on.
  3. I'm with you, I'm super against cheating too when it comes to PvP-type situations. In this case, there is no harm done to anyone. So my point is, why do you guys even care how others earn their trophies? It's not going to change anything in your life. If you somehow feel insecure that I'm earning more trophies than you via unorthodox methods, that's your problem lol. I'm not out there bragging about my trophy list to anyone. I do this for own enjoyment.
  4. Lol, the whole Trophy/Achievement system has no real value; we aren't earning anything "real". If we're going by your logic, we should all quit trophy hunting altogether. Anyway, I won't try to change your mind because I have no business with how you want to earn your trophies. And I suggest you do the same with not just me, but with the rest of the trophy hunters in this site. Like, why do you even care how other people earn their trophies? Are you feeling insecure that people use unorthodox methods to earn more trophies than you, therefore are better than you? Try to be helpful instead of judging how people do things. Else, you're in the wrong community. With that said, In case anyone is having the same issue with AutoHotKey, I got it fixed; You simply have to minimize your Remote Play window and the script should be good!
  5. i remember when people minded their own business. if you're bored and/or have no actual solutions to provide, just move onto another forum thread. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't know what you expect from a trophy hunting forum.
  6. I'm having the same issue. If you found a fix, you mind sharing?
  7. Who's backed this here?! Trophy looks like the typical Platinum Games list!
  8. No NG+ I'm guessing? That would make it easier for the Hard difficulty trophy.
  9. Game comes out on March 27th.
  10. Maybe with the Coronavirus situation. some places got permission to send it out early? I know some local comic book stores got permission to sell some comics before official release date because they will be forced closed soon due to government regulations.
  11. None of the DLCs are present in the PSN Store (including the character pass that is only attached to the Deluxe Edition). The weekly PSN store update is today afternoon in NA, might be when they are putting them in it. Else, will be up on release date.
  12. Phew, I only saw the title at first on the homepage, thought you meant all Vita online services are shutting down
  13. That was considered an exploit?! Haha! I thought it was intentional, a way for them to make you think of how to use the weather to your advantage.
  14. This doesn't look as long as past games and doesn't look grindy for a Musou game?!
  15. This is WAY easier than vanilla P5.