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  1. Just got the Plat! One of the most fun lists I've done in a while! It was very easy to earn most of the trophies once you finish the story. I was so OP at the end that I didn't know what to do with my loot lol. Highly recommended for those still on the fence! Cheers!
  2. My guess is that the initial plan was to release old + next-gen for the bigger install base because new IP and Dishonored series, despite high critical reception, didn't perform that well in terms of sales. Once PlayStation funding came in/deal signed, they probably got the funding needed to go full next-gen and not worried about making a PS4-compatible game. Also possible we'll get a PS4 version down the line like Godfall did...
  3. This issue sounds similar to what we had with Returnal earlier this year. We noticed that the issue occurred if you play offline and/or lose connection during a playthrough. KillLaGil said they played offline...Maybe related?
  4. Review embargo just lifted! Very good reviews, makes me even more excited for tomorrow's release! Also, Powerpyx just released the trophy guide! It's a fun platinum as we suspected ^.^ (and seems easier than Dishonored series)
  5. Damn...this sounds more and more common as more of us reach that point where the trophy bugs seem to appear. I just beat the 4th Lord myself. Let's see if I have issues moving forward....
  6. Oufff...This could be troublesome. Crossing fingers I don't get this issue 😬
  7. How hard is it compared to Dishonored? You can also get killed after a few hits in Dishonored (Normal difficulty).
  8. Since the player that invades you can actually help you out if they want (ie your friend), I wonder if doing this in "co-op" would be easier for some of these trophies.
  9. Looks to be a very fun platinum and love the trophy images
  10. Tales of Arise is currently the best rated "Tales of" game of the franchise (you can check metacritic) with generally very good reviews everywhere. If you decide to trust those forum posts and YouTubers, that's your prerogative (Although I doubt most of forum posters have finished or even own the full game yet, it's not out until tomorrow). The same applies for people that are in this thread. The best thing you can do know is to go watch/read reviews that actually finished the game (because of early review copies), read on the game/features to see if it interests you and lastly you can try the demo for a taste of the gameplay and characters from a ~1 hour section of the game. If you want opinions from "normal" players, you're gonna have to wait at least a week until the most hardcore peeps get the time to finish it.
  11. There isn't any save transfer options available (for now?) according to PowerPyx.
  12. This sounds very good compared to Zestiria T_T Can you say that we can practically just play the game "normally" (No difficulty-related trophies?), explore and enjoy the story? Then, grind the rest of the trophy post-credit?
  13. Welp this sucks. This means that if you want to 100% both PS4/PS5 automatically, you'll have to earn them all on PS4 (including new expansion content) before transferring. So, if I want to experience the new content on PS5, I would have to leave my PS4 trophy list uncomplete....🙃 (No, I don't feel like redoing the same content twice, especially if I need to 100% everything in the expansion)
  14. Hmm, I didn't do the New Game+ trophies and this is an excellent opportunity to do it with the PS5 enhancements. Really hope we get PS5 -> PS4 cross-save so that PS4 versions of those trophies will auto-pop 😬
  15. Yes, cross-platform save is now available on PS4/PS5, which means you can play with the same save across all devices as long as you link your PS4/PS5 account to a brand new MiHoYo account. There are some caveats, like exclusive PlayStation items not being fully effective on other platforms and you can't buy and use Genesis Crystals outside of PlayStation to name a few. I recommend reading the whole FAQ here: https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/news/detail/12389 ^^^Just to be clear, you do this if you want to play outside of PlayStation's ecosystem (i.e. PC and Mobile). There is already an automatic cross-save between PS4 and PS5 so you don't need a MiHoYo account for that. Cross-play, on the other hand, has been a thing since the game's launch. That's not new. As for the trophies, it's all tied to your in-game achievements. So, once you earn them on one platform, just login on the other and open your Main Menu. Trophies should then auto-pop.