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  1. Thanks for sharing! I assume this will probably work the other way around? (i.e. Do the requirements on PS5, then go back to PS4 to unlock trophies from PS3/PS4 set) I still haven't done my 1000 levequests/FATEs on PS4, but I want to play the PS5 version ASAP
  2. Thanks for this guide BlackTorito! So, to reiterate what you wrote on Method A based on my situation: If I'm already at the endgame (thus, have left Osaka), you would recommend that I start NG+ (in any difficulty beside Merciless) and play until Osaka so I can use the script, correct? And, I don't understand your warning regarding keeping your "Cleared" save. Could you elaborate on that?
  3. I would like a place in this I have plats of: Persona 4 Golden Persona 5 Persona 5 Royal Persona 3 Dancing Persona 4 Dancing Persona 5 Dancing
  4. Phew, it's been a busy few months for me, but happy to be back here to report that I just earned the Melody of Memory Platinum and back to 100% all KH games~ =D
  5. Thanks for sharing the guide! Could you please point me to the part where you have to "pull the lever several times"? I don't want to get spoiled on the puzzles =P
  6. Hmm, I wonder if there are any missables
  7. It's like how Hitman 2 did it. So, you will need to redeem the legacy pack from older games.
  8. Never got the chance to play Hitman 1 & 2 and then heard that you can play the "remastered" version of them in this one so this is like perfect!!! For those that played all of them, how all the trophies overall in terms of difficulty? Including the "Expansion" ones (which seem to be a condensed list from past games?)
  9. "Value" shouldn't be evaluated solely by the length of the game in opinion. The production value, your level of enjoyment and so on should be a factor too. . So what do you do with long games like Witcher 3? You would be willing to pay 200$ for a copy?! Must also be fun paying ~10$ watching a 2 hours movie.
  10. Based on what I'm reading here, this seems like more difficult than the Persona Dancing games but a bit easier (or sometimes on par) than Hatsune Miku games. For those that plays rhythm games, is this a fair assessment? Getting my copy later today, can't wait =) And thanks in advance @soziaLSturmi for all the insights!
  11. Whether it's at launch or a few years down the line, defective consoles (or any electronics for that matter) will always exist. Assembly lines are not 100% robots, so you got the human error factor. Then, you got potential shipping damages, both from manufacturer to retailers and retailers to customers. So, like some have mentioned here, you should wait and see if this issue is widespread once the millions of consoles get to gamers/customers' hand before you panic.
  12. and that's a platinum blocker because...? Difficulty?
  13. Haven't played NBA 2K since the 2017 version (I think)....what's this 594 Dominations Stars thing? The list looks pretty easy overall? Don't see insane online trophies like win 10 in a row.
  14. Looks like a classic AC list, but potentially less grindy due to "no side-quests"? Can't wait to add another AC plat to my collection~
  15. Some people love love their trophy stacks.