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  1. I'd suggest not reading this list if you wanna avoid spoilers. especially for the bosses. Nothing is missable apparently, so I'll be going in this blind!
  2. Now that Spec Ops is available, curious what are the thoughts on them this time around? Remember back in MW19 took many tries for me 😅
  3. I'll be pessimistic and say that they probably thought that you meant the in-game achievements when you said "trophies". 🙃
  4. Battle.net is really unstable right now (i,e, what the cross-progression is based on) and they have confirmed those who have linked PC/Console cannot login... Best to wait until things settle down, yeah. List of known issues: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-2-known-issues-october-4-2022/694774
  5. Yes, but it will take more time as new players don't get access to all heroes right away. Plus, new heroes that get added will be locked behind the Battle Pass progression = you gotta play more.
  6. The game officially launched about 30 mins ago actually (12 PM PST) in NA. Ninja'ed
  7. No one can even get into the servers yet and Battle.net is down (i.e. what is handling the cross-progression)...Let's wait a bit until things settle down before concluding
  8. Heh. For once I'll defend Activision Blizzard and say that this is moreso PlayStation's fault with the way they designed their UI. Similar "issues" with other games before =P
  9. Ah, then you should go search for Overwatch 2 in PS Store (Assuming you mean PS4) Right here for NA https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP0002-CUSA01842_00-OWORIGINS0000000
  10. That is basically the "starter kit" version where you can get access to premium battle pass among other perks. It is completely optional and NOT required to play Overwatch 2. If you have Overwatch 1 already installed in your system, just get the latest update and it'll change to Overwatch 2. If you have a PS5 and want to play the native PS5 version, you'll have to download it separately from the PlayStation store (it's up btw! Downloading rn)
  11. So basically: PS4 -> Overwatch 2 is treated as DLC for Overwatch 1's list (Not a separate game/list) PS5 -> Brand new list, exact same trophies as above.
  12. Huh. I wonder if PS5 will get a native version at this point. Lol, nvm it's happening!
  13. Description says that it can be done on the first playthrough: "Completed a new or New Game+ playthrough on Ultra Hard difficulty.", but ya I think the original game gave you a warning for changing difficulty. Don't remember. But hey, there's a trophy for completing the game in NG+, so you still have to do another playthrough anyway =P
  14. Wait, so for those of us that didn't finish the game yet, we can simply put it on Ultra Hard for the final boss fight?! O-o