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  1. Gotcha ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Yes, but if I want to start farming on the Save that has Ending E, I would have to find all the weapons all over again because the save used for Ending is a "New Game" save while the "main save" is like New Game++ (has all the items/level that I've been playing with for Endings A-D), no?
  3. If I understand correctly, when you're doing Ending E you're essentially on a brand new save. So, does that mean that I'll have to find all the weapons all over again and such if I want to start farming on Ending E save after getting that powerful weapon?
  4. Seeing how widespread this is and the fact that increasing the corpse numbers was one of the main fixes, I'm surprised that this wasn't caught by QA before they pushed out the patch =/ Housemarque is also recommending players to not launch the game until new patch is out:
  5. Ouf, seeing a lot of people on Twitter and Reddit reporting the same save issues: https://twitter.com/Housemarque/status/1390024955459407879 (Click on patch notes tweet to see replies) https://www.reddit.com/r/Returnal/comments/n3wk2a/bug_reporting_info_feature_requests_thread/ Best wait for next patch or play this without latest patch...(Although, you may run into Trophies issues =/)
  6. Housemarque released the patch notes for patch 1.3.3 that will drop at 3 PM EST/12PM PT (MAKE SURE TO DISABLE REST MODE AUTO-UPDATE so you don't lose your current run!) @DeclioDukes, unfortunately you'll have to re-earn them =/ Patch Notes: Fixed an issue where certain Trophies might not unlock under specific gameplay conditions. Note: missing Trophies will need to be replayed to unlock. Multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes/hangs. Fixed issue with pre-order suits occasionally blocking item collection and door opening. Fixed incorrect healing behaviour when resting in Helios. Configuration changes to increase the number of scout corpses available in all biomes. Fixed issues with certain custom controller mappings. Numerous minor fixes and improvements.
  7. I...never said such thing? Lol Donโ€™t jump to conclusions And that was my exact point; Some of us just did a guess based on the list that was just released, which is the entire point of early "Trophy thoughts" threads. (If you want to argue over the usefulness of Trophy thoughts threads, that's a conversation for another time). We didn't jump to conclusions. Just making fun guesses until the game launches. When we say something "LOOKS" easy, doesn't mean it will be =P ("Looks can be deceiving" like they say) Don't put us in the same basket as some people that were already angry with the game being easy even before it came out and had reviews. I don't mind being wrong, just don't appreciate when people put us on a corkboard to be ridiculed like idiots just because we had incorrect guesses.. (If that wasn't your attention, then sorry for sounding aggressive, but that's the feeling I'm getting right now)
  8. lol Keyword: Look. We made a guess based on what was available at the time: The trophy list. Not to be confused with some that were determined/angry that this would be an easy plat.
  9. Never got the chance to play this last gen. Very interested. Trophy seems...simple?
  10. Artifact domains can also be "fast and lazy" AR exp =P So yeah, it's just a matter of where you spend your Resin. You end up getting the same amount of AR EXP. I was also in your position a couple of months ago (though, was probably in the 30s AR), but then once I started investing on Artifacts, leveling my weapons and Talents (can be HUGE difference makers and often forgotten), I started breezing through most of the content Good luck!
  11. You can play the game on an alternate account if the % is what's bothering you. Don't skip an amazing game just because of trophies.
  12. I'm curious, what do you spend your resin on? Being in AR48 means that you played a lot (even at a slow pace as you mention) and I can't imagine you not having some decent amount of materials and primos saved up? I suggest farming for some artifacts. You don't need the "PERFECT" artifact with all the correct stats; simply having your characters with all 5-stars artifacts maxed out makes a HUGE difference (Then you can be nitpicky later on if you want to improve your overall stats) And yeah, you probably found out that you actually need TWO full teams (2x4) starting from Floor 5, so you'll have to start building some more characters outside of those main 4 you've been using =/
  13. How hard are the Raids in Savage if I do them unsync? (Aside from Eden) Best place to look for parties doing these?
  14. I think having an opinion is fine as long as you keep an open mind/hold judgement once more information is released. And, it's okay to not agree with someone. Just...don't start treating the other as an idiot or w/e. (I'm not pointing fingers at you or anyone in particular. Just giving my two cents.)
  15. Also worth reminding that, we trophy hunters are a minority and shouldn't be the primary type of players they need to please/cater to. Not saying that I'm okay with the trophies being buggy and all, but also understand why that wouldn't be/have been Housemarque's priority.
  16. Technically speaking, the list is still very simple and straightforward, just that the game itself is hard, which would have been difficult for people to gauge before playing.
  17. Thanks for the quick responses. Wow, okay I feel like the "no progression" narrative I've been hearing is not true/accurate at all. You do progress the more you play, just not your typical permanent stat boosts like in Hades.
  18. Still waiting for my copy, so sorry for the confusion; What do you mean "you keep that progress between cycles" regarding perks? As in, once you get further into the game, you'll unlock new perks for guns and that's when you'll start seeing them more in guns you pick up, even early on during your runs/cycles?
  19. Re-posting here for visibility for those going PS4->PS5: I can confirm that trophies will auto-pop as soon as you open your Main Menu in-game if you already meet their requirements!
  20. Woot! Okay folks, I can confirm that trophies auto-pop as soon as you open your Main Menu (Options Button) ^.^ And, we simply need to 3 stars floor 1-8 for the Abyss!
  21. But it does have one? Abyss: Abyssal Crusader Obtain all Abyssal Stars in the Spiral Abyss. Unless 9-12 don't count for some reason because they rotate? EDIT Now that I think about it, these Abyss trophies are similar to the Achievements you find in-game. If that's the case, then it is only the first 8 floors, which makes this trophy MUCH easier.
  22. OUF. Good call. Hope not...That would be very stupid =/
  23. Expect MANY hours more required now simply for the Abyss alone. If you never played Genshin, it's basically the end-game dungeon and you need TWO complete squads of high level/gear characters (8 total) to complete the later stages.
  24. Thank you MiHoYo for the Plat this time around As for the new trophies...Well, looks like I'll finally force myself to 3 stars all of the Abyss =X
  25. This looks...easy and short? ๐Ÿค”