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  1. If you have at least 2 Ps3 controllers, then yes for PsTV (at least one of my Borderlands 2 Ps4 trophies was achieved in this manner). No for Vita (at least I don't think so). If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.
  2. This is where I first heard about Jim Sterling (quite an interesting story too):
  3. Father of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Larry "The Axe" Hennig, has passed away at the age of 82. https://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2018/12/6/18129352/larry-the-axe-hennig-dead-age-82-wwe
  4. And for a farmable location:
  5. Platinum #39: Cosmic Star Heroine (Vita) Heroine Achieve all possible trophies. Just as much fun the second time around (I already got the platinum on the Ps4 version). For fans of old-school 16-bit area JRPGs, this is highly recommended.
  6. It's spawned during the boss fight with Mustrum. Next time you fight this boss, make sure you let the boss spawn at least one Polestol (and of course kill it) before you kill the boss.
  7. Odd, I didn't have that problem at all. I clicked on the link (US) then went to my download list on the website and clicked on "download to Ps4". When I went to apply the theme, it worked with no problems.
  8. Batman Return to Arkham for only $4.99? There's no way I'll pass that up.
  9. No problems now. Great work @Sly Ripper.
  10. I also got a bad gateway 502 error when trying to view the trophy list for RPG Maker MV.
  11. Been binge watching Designated Survivor on Netflix. I'm up to season 1, episode 14.
  12. After hearing about Stan Lee earlier today, I felt I had to watch a Marvel movie. And seeing as this was one of my more favorite ones of late, I watched this one:
  13. I read earlier today that he will have a cameo role in Avengers 4.