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  1. The reason I think it will require multiple playthroughs to get it was the character voice trophies. This will most likely require recruiting said character and not all characters can be recruited in one playthrough, hence needing multiple playthroughs.
  2. I Am Setsuna Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Final Fantasy VIII
  3. Judging by what I saw, it's going to require at least two playthroughs to get the platinum. Still looks doable though. I'm going to have fun getting the platinum on this game.
  4. To say that I'm excited is a big understatement. Mar. 31 can't get here fast enough.
  5. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone. @Dr_Mayus, thank you for posting that vid. I loved that bit (I loved it every time they did Questionable Impressions).
  6. My next entry: Supreme Sword of Light from Dragon Quest XI
  7. The Soul Reaver from the Legacy of Kain series. It is simply the most badass sword I've ever seen in a video game.
  8. 100% #53: Phantasy Star Online 2
  9. Soul Calibur IV Eternal Sonata Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  10. I am so glad that the Futaba lines trophy is gone now. Out of all the trophies in the original P5, that one caused me the most stress.
  11. I think it's awesome you are doing this. I voted for Resident Evil 2 btw.
  12. 1) Star Ocean The Last Hope Remastered (Ps4) - 0.85% 2) Star Ocean Till The End of Time (Ps4) - 2.65% 3) Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness (Ps4) - 2.84% 4) White Knight Chronicles II (Ps3) - 3.20% 5) Tales of Zestiria (Ps4) - 3.69%
  13. With me recently obtaining my 49th platinum, I decided that for my 50th platinum I will make it this game for Ps3. With that said: trophy progress: 44/47 (still need Ultimate Battler and Chaotic Conqueror) Battle trophy progress: Edge: 91 Reimi: 100 Faize: 98 Lymle: 97 Bacchus: 100 Meracle: 100 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 98 total Battle trophies: 884/900 game time: Main: 523:40 Faize: 181:10 Bacchus -ology: 41:08 Universe: 73:34 Total game time (so far): 819:32