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  1. Congrats. And to have this as a milestone trophy makes it even more satisfying.
  2. Platinum #73: Wild Arms (PS5) Ultimate WILD ARMS Player ARM yourself with all WILD ARMS trophies!
  3. I sure hope so. It would be awesome news if we got it (even better with trophy support, which would be highly likely).
  4. This trophy made me rage so much that I just quit. I might come back to it some day, but for now I'll play game that I can relax to.
  5. A few I'd like to see: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Dante's Inferno Skies of Arcadia Lost Odyssey Legacy of Kain Suikoden (unlikely, but a guy can dream)
  6. Platinum #72: Tales of Arise (PS4) Arisen A testament to the knowledge gained from both worlds after many adventures and even more battles.
  7. You mean it's not a generic RPG? (shocked Pikachu face) /s
  8. Took them long enough.
  9. Platinum #71: Wild Arms (PS4) Ultimate Wild Arms Player ARM yourself with all Wild Arms trophies!
  10. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for this. Oct. 21 can't get here fast enough.
  11. Platinum #70: Pic-a-Pix Classic 2 (PS4) Pic-of-the-Bunch Collect all the trophies
  12. Platinum #69: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers edition Radical Dreamer Acquire all trophies.