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  1. I can confirm this works. Just have a separate browser handy on mobile & also I had to close out the game on my ps5 which was the 2nd console I platted on and reboot the game each time for the logout to get it to register the Link & Unlink but it works as long as you click your correct server progress.
  2. Dude you are a LEGEND for posting this... Got this done in 3 minutes, 1st inning with Nenn I probably spent 5 hours doing this with DeGrom, Ryan and Walker Buelher on my PS4 run. THANK YOU. the CPU linedrives are far more consistent. Don't think just throw it hard down the middle, they may take u deep but they will eventually make a hard out.
  3. If anyone knows how to do this on both let me know.
  4. I must have been really really mad… because I took it out on the game, and got the PLATINUM DONE. THANK U LA DODGERS AND AJ POLLOCK for doing what Gavin Lux failed at, catching a 110+ mph ball!!! I’ll post my footage later… but a mod can lock this topic if they want
  5. I hate the randomness of this trophy… I actually caught a ball at 110, no trophy. I had a ball go 113, the CPU as my fielder Gavin Lux, dropped the ball as he dove so it didn’t count. I’ve been at this game 7 hours past the last trophy I got trying to get this one event to happen. THIS IS A HORRIBLE TROPHY LIST, Sony Santa Monica! I feel like if someone boosted this with me it can be done by just swinging early at 100 mph fastballs in online.
  6. To my knowledge just Create a Diamond Dynasty team & Play a Co-op game, and usually MLB servers are good for 2-3+ years... I think only MLB 19 is nearing or recently shut down so there's plenty of time even if you want to wait for a sale, I just do these early season because the user base is way higher and I can have it beaten before Summer time.
  7. Had no problems doing it casually with Corbin Burnes (MIL Brewers) on a DD mission after getting the trophy. Once you under the mechanics of the pitching and the the percent thresholds u gotta hit, getting perfect isn’t that hard, it’s just the staring strikeout. Also try Max Fried or Charlie Morton on the Braves.
  8. Hey everyone, I found myself stuck on this trophy and I gave up for awhile and played some Diamond Dynasty missions. While playing the Starter Shohei Otani mission I realized he had a Slider and I could trace the slider motion in Pinpoint pitching. If your familiar with fighting games it’s basically a quarter circled forward / hadoken fireball motion, then at the top you bring the line down to the circle at the bottom when you release the pitch. I previously was trying to do this trophy with the quick fastball motion (straight up, down) but I found a tutorial video that explained the threshold for getting a PERFECT fastball pitch is harder because the motion is easier, if you can learn the slider well you can get perfect (green on all 3 categories) I still believe with only 75% accuracy. Check this video out I’ll link below if you’re having any problems. Hope this helps everyone in need.
  9. My batting trophies popped, but while playing the precision stick motion pitching I’ve gotten to a new difficulty but a trophy didn’t pop, also got 100% accuracy and got someone looking, never got the trophy. Played 2 games got 20 Ks each with Pedro and Shohei. Going to try to go back to meter and see if my XP will go up more. The lost looks easy but don’t be fooled it’s random if you can get things to happen.
  10. For me they look very easy considering I platted The Show 18, 19, 20, 21… might take 2-3 days tops once I get the game tomorrow. I like this because once the plats are done I can just focus on playing DD, Franchise and March to October.
  11. The buy ten Turbocharger trophy doesn’t work either I can confirm. Wasted my creds.
  12. Anyone else attempted to do buy the aerodynamic parts & wheels and didn't get the trophy for them? Also did the 10 car washes and nothing happened, what's going on! Bought a GT-R and the starter Honda Fit and both didn't work. Having fun so far, made it to cafe book 10, car collection level 7 but having to wait for the network syncing is bad.
  13. Any tips for this? Still my last trophy for platinum. Having issues playing the game on PS5, the game like to freeze on loading if you restart if you mess up Cabrera 5 for 5 day.
  14. I'm down for doing these missions before server shut down.
  15. Not sure. I haven’t played Show 20 since I platinumed it this summer. As long as online is still available I would say yes, there’s no reason to think they have patched a 2 year old game with Show 22 being worked on now. I would do it as soon as possible tho, I think Show 18 servers goes off online this year. Also the XP you can earn in a 24 hour period is capped so it will take several days of boosting to hit Silver 1 or essentially level 100 prestige