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  1. This is the best method, and I used this… hard to find this guys channel unfortunately. Required: Hori Commander/ Turbo Controller, Duct or Scotch Tape, Two Controllers & Patience
  2. Can this be boosted?
  3. At this point when is the patch coming out? Ready to sell this quickly and move on.
  4. Relocation works on PS5, if you follow this step by step exactly as it was said… I did it before but used active roster and chose a different owner type and it didn’t unlock when I picked London… when I picked San Diego it works. follow this guide for success:
  5. Right now I’m going to try your method, picked a different play now matchup… my third one went with Eagles vs Steelers. I played first play after kickoff and simmed. Then super simmed play by play to the 4th quarter. then took team over (PIT) played last 3 minutes… then and only then it gave me the menu after I finished the game to continue and it gave me the trophy so thanks for your help. I still can’t get the relocation one… STILL and on PS4 super bowl trophy won’t pop… grrrrrr
  6. Can’t get already in Progress trophy to show, I don’t get asked from Play Now if I want to continue. I unlocked Fantasy Draft trophy, just make sure you pick the first and last picks in the fantasy draft still can’t get the relocation one too, even thought I did it twice with the Titans the glitches seems to create very specific requirements
  7. Can’t unlock Super Bowl win, Relocation, Fantasy Draft (on PS5) and few others… very frustrating stuck just a few trophies between both platinums.
  8. Yes I did… twice today, actually. Played full game, not super sim. Won 49-3 over Saints. when I load into menu I get nothing, on ps5 this is where I believe I got the trophy… this game is frustrating, pretty much a joke at release… and it’s annoying because other have the platinum and I can’t get mine to pop when I had 3 days early access. The relocation trophy doesn’t work either. Did it in Year 2 with the Titans. Changed to London Monarchs. Nothing popped.
  9. Anyone else has trophies that won’t unlock? Super Bowl trophy won’t unlock, did it six times, played the playoffs while simming a 99OVR team EA has done a HORRIBLE job with both this and ps5 version releases on DAY 1.
  10. Add me please, seems like an easy list like last year.
  11. You wanna do some of them for me? Three of the challenges keep me from platinum. The Chase Elliot Charlotte Roval one Brad Keselowski Texas Tire wear Dirt Track comeback
  12. No I was talking about MLB 18, much easier trophies. Less of a grind to do. My only recommendation is try to get an MVP edition code/ download for it. It will make the DD mode easier. MLB 20 is a heavy grind even if it not hard.
  13. Any suggestions?
  14. Best way to XP farm? Maybe we should all try to help each other out?