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  1. 1. Yakuza (Done 0, K1, K2, and 7. Also planning on doing Judgment games and Fist of the North Star) 2. Resident Evil (Done 1, 2 Remake on PS4/5, 3 Remake on PS4/5, currently working on 4 Remake PS5) 3. Persona Series (May not do OG P5, but at least P5R on PS4/5, and P3P and P4G on PS4) 4. Infamous Series (Done second son) 5. Soulsborne Series (Why not)
  2. Just checked his guide, cannot use NG+ for getting S+ ranks one Normal and Professional. And to unlock the hand cannon, that is necessary for a trophy, you can't use bonus weapons on Professional
  3. I believe the completion log is cumulative, whereas for the trophy you have to have all that money at one time. You should get it pretty easily doing the cabaret stuff
  4. They actually didn't, idk what OP is talking about, Jill has 8 slots and Chris has 6, they kept it the same as the original
  5. Sat down and fully played through this game last year for the first time and let me tell you, it has aged like the finest of wines. It's probably my fav game in the series, though I'm kinda stuck deciding between it and 2's remake. I will say I did start out like you where I would get a bit frustrated, but eventually you move past those frustrations. I went from only being able to sit down and play for like an hour at a time to being able to do two full runs in a single sitting. I also went from using the modern controls on my first run to switching to the tank controls for my second one despite hating them at first but I grew to love them. The game rules, the tension is impeccable and it never felt unfair to me. Also word for the wise, try to just never down any enemy if you don't have to, running past them is usually not that difficult and saves you a lot of resources.
  6. That's really nice. Hope that fixes your issue!
  7. Really? That's strange cuz when I was trying the ray tracing mode yesterday I was encountering the same issue where restarting defaulted to performance and changing the game default fixed it for me. Maybe try to reinstall the game? Not the greatest fix in the world since it's pretty massive but I can't think of any other way, that's really odd.
  8. Which settings were you playing around with?
  9. Powerpyx says it takes like 60-80 hours I believe and the difficulty is like a 3/10. You can complete it on whatever difficulty it just seems to be a pretty big time sink
  10. I feel like I encountered a similar thing when playing the game but I cannot remember how I fixed it unfortunately. I enjoy that game quite a bit but the map is ass and makes navigation really tough. Hope you figure it out soon though or someone else can assist.
  11. When I replayed this a year or two back, I did have some issues with the game but the movement and shooting was never one of them so idk. I still like the game quite a bit, more than 1 but not quite as much as the others.
  12. You'd have to be delusional to call re2 ultra mega slow when YOU as the player literally can beat it as fast as you want. Want to beat it in 10 hours taking time to read through stuff and gather everything? Or want to beat it in like 2 and a half hours going fast? You're complaining about you being slow at the game lol
  13. RE2 is so nice I platted it twice. Seriously though, the game rules, I adore it. Can't decide whether I prefer that or RE1 Remake as my fav
  14. I just booted it up and tried it and yeah, in the performance mode I'm getting a lot of weird blockiness, regardless of if I'm moving or stationary, and that was me only playing the first couple mins. Very strange
  15. This game rules, one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable platinum experiences I've had. You just gotta trust the process, your first run is going to be a lot of running around cluelessly until you figure it out. The pieces will eventually fall in place. I went from taking multiple sittings to do a single run to being able to do two in a sitting, just be patient