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  1. Mine popped for me at exactly 50. Can’t recall how many were main and how many were side, but it did it at 50
  2. Regarding your question about the dresses, you must play through chapters 3, 8, and 9. Once you complete chapter 3 you can use chapter select to skip to chapter 8 so you do not have to play through the chapters in between. The length of these chapters is also going to depend as the dresses are based around the amount of side quests you do in each chapter.
  3. The big one would probably be Bloodborne. If the game took advantage of the PS5, it would be stunning. Either a remaster or even a remake similar to Demon’s souls. While this would take more time than just an update to the current game, it seems like that won’t happen, but I think they know that a remaster/remake would sell well. I for one would love to see Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 6 get ported to next gen and upgraded to the latest version of the dragon engine, similar to what they’re doing with Judgment. Those games would shine at 60fps, not to mention the higher resolution. Plus maybe they would look less shimmery due to aliasing. Infamous 1/2/Festival of Blood deserve a next gen port, whether it’s a remaster or a remake. The thought of those game at 60fps makes my mouth water. I’d love to see the Sly Cooper games as well as the Ratchet & Clank games (ps2 and ps3) given ports similarly to how Jak & Daxter got ps4 ports. I’ve heard great things about Parasite Eve and Dino Crisis so I reckon those get another chance. MGS 1-5 + Revengeance: this is more of a pipe dream but it would be amazing Silent Hill games, at least 1-3, though this will probably never happen
  4. Just got my 16th platinum for Yakuza Like A Dragon’s PS5 version yesterday. Took me around 97 hours to do, and goddamn I enjoyed it. True Final Millennium Tower kicked my ass but it was worth it. Can’t wait to get my next
  5. I actually much prefer having HDR on all the time since my monitor, when switching between HDR and SDR, will go black for a couple of seconds, so if I have HDR enabled on Xbox going from a game with HDR to the Home Screen which isn’t HDR just never feels as snappy as it should. Hoping they allow for HDR to be on always in a future update
  6. I remember I watched the event on September 16th, but no pre-order date was announced which was odd. I'm pretty active on Twitter and so I saw rumblings from people like Geoff Keighley that preorders would go up the following day, the 17th, or even the same day, the 16th. Later that day I was finishing up some work for college when I noticed I got an email from Best Buy saying that preorders were up, and I rushed to every website I could. Luckily I had pretty much every website's ps5 page open. After about like 30 minutes of struggling, I managed to snag a bundle from GameStop, however, I was not super happy about that since I don't really trust GameStop personally, not to mention I'd prefer to avoid a bundle. Luckily, Walmart announced that the next day they would have another wave of preorders going up at a set time, something like 5 pm. So, I just waited until the preorders opened and I snagged one there. And honestly, I'm really glad I switched to Walmart for 2 reasons: 1) GameStop would charge me like $30 extra just to get the thing release week, while Walmart offered release day delivery for free, and 2) after all this, a couple of weeks later, despite me having "canceled" my GameStop order (I canceled it on their website but apparently it just hadn't actually canceled because that would make too much sense I guess), I got an email saying that the order was delayed indefinitely. My speculation is because the bundle included Destruction All-Stars which later got delayed, but regardless, I was lucky that I switched over to Walmart. Overall, the entire thing was a huge mess, and I honestly wish it had been handled better so that more people could get consoles rather than scalpers hoarding them all. These websites need better ways of determining that it's an actual person making the order. Plus, not having some sort of queue or set time just leads to the websites crashing. But I was definitely very lucky, because a friend of mine struggled to get a ps5 for about a month before he was successful, and there are obviously people who are still struggling
  7. I was just able to add the upgrade to my library!!! Hopefully it’s fixed for y’all too EDIT: It’s in my library but now anytime I try to download it says “something went wrong” bruh
  8. It’s really bizarre. Hoping they fix this soon, but who knows
  9. Oh totally, I’m not taking their side at all, it should have been an easy process. I had the same sort of upgrade with Control last month where I owned the game since October and the upgrade was super simple. And yeah hopefully they fix it soon I wanna play so bad haha
  10. the store has seemingly only been partially updated to show the ps5 version but no upgrade. If the store was fully updated, then all the ps plus games would also be showing up for free since today is the start of that, however only one of them is currently. The store is usually done updating by around 12pm est. it shouldn’t be a huge issue it’ll just take time unfortunately
  11. yep, unfortunately the storefront just doesn’t seem to recognize that you own it, or the upgrade just isn’t showing up currently.
  12. I did indeed hold off. It was really hard, but I managed and in the meantime, I finished up Yakuza 5 and completed 6, so I am all caught up except for Judgment. Can't wait to play it tomorrow, really been looking forward to it