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  1. That's fair enough, like I stated I don't exactly agree with lots of the ratings either, and they are flawed. I wouldn't go as far as to say I don't like them, I just don't pay too much attention to them. I know people out there who feel that exact same way about trophies. If some people do like them though, that's their prerogative and (imo) causes no actual harm having them (I'm sure there would be some 'debating' threads but those people will likely find literally anything to argue about regardless), then I don't see why not when we have equivalencies already being used.
  2. In fairness, virtually everything on this site and in guides is subjective, from 'difficulty' ratings to 'hours to complete'. You could definitely apply that exact point to difficulty scores; it doesn't explain why it may or may not be difficult. You could argue that as a gist it does offer some reference point; I haven't agreed with exact scores on a number of game difficulties but I definitely can appreciate the difference between a 2 and an 8. They have metacritics scores and gamer review scores etc., so I don't see why not. On this site, it would offer a score from the demographic perspective of trophy hunters, which is a niche demographic in the gamer world (the predominate demographic of this trophy hunters site), therefore it would at least serve some purpose aside from the mainstream scores available. I can appreciate your point; if you hate fps, then I'm sure you you wouldn't score any in the upper brackets regardless (like you say context), however I'm sure it could serve some purpose, if a little thought went into how exactly it could be implemented then I wouldn't be opposed to it.
  3. I agree. Took me a (albeit full) day to do all AMG challenges and about 4 hours to do the alfa romeo one (can't remember what it was called) with the DS3; playing around with the settings trivialises most the challenges. However the vettel challenges were an eternity with it. If I remember it took me a solid week just to do 'easy' Monza. Trying to do the colin mcrae dlc for dirt 2.0 atm and its safe to say I'm having flashbacks to this.
  4. I would love to see FFX-3. I know rumours have been floating around for years. I can't help thinking I may be left disappointed even if they did though as I prefer the old turn-based combat systems, modern FF feels more like an arcade game. I actually thought FF12 had a good compromise between turn-based and action systems, don't think many people liked it though. That and FF has had more misses than hits in recent years.
  5. Good call on Sony, Xbox is pretty much cheap PC gaming at this point; all their best exclusives are on PC anyway. Good collection there too. Uncharted games have always held up pretty well visually as they've been optimised for PS. Shame about the whole recent naughty dog debacle, hope they don't go downhill next gen as that unreal demo looked awesome. God of War is fantastic, the older ones on PS2/PS3 were great too, played very differently though. I can't wait for the sequel. Personally I'd load up DS1 first, I'm a sucker for the souls series.
  6. I personally found the nameless king tougher than any of the bloodborne bosses, including the chalice dungeons. I played them in order too (DS1, then DS2 then DS3 then Bloodborne) so can't say it was a 'learning effect'. Gascoigne was probably my hardest fight as its so early on and forced me to learn/use the parry mechanic, which is a good thing as the parrying in bloodborne is really OP and much easier to pull off than in Dark Souls. If we're including DLC then I think Sister Friede and Gael were also tougher than Kos.
  7. Delete your game and saved data, reinstall the game and load it up without signing in to psn and play offline. You have to complete the full roster in one sitting. Quickest way is to super sim 31 teams, and legit play the last one.
  8. Just a couple points to add to this for anyone else going for full set. I did all above; uninstalled, deleted saves and reinstalled, loading and playing the game completely offline. I did a 'legit' playthrough of all 32 teams in 2 separate sittings. I did 20 teams in the first, and 12 in the second, however it did not pop. I remembered a similar previous ea game fight night trophy where you had to do it all in one sitting for the trophy to pop. I carried on after the 12 legit games I did, and super simmed 19 games from the previous day, and legit played the last game. The trophy then popped. In summary, I think the important thing is that you have to do it all in one sitting to guarantee the pop.
  9. Interesting concept, a more 'relative' or 'quality' leaderboard. I'm sure there are some trophy hunters out there who would definitely prefer that over the current pure quantity approach. For example they could take the sum of trophies and divide it by the mean percentage of trophy rarity, then times that by overall mean game completion percentage. x= (sum of trophies / mean% trophy rarity) x mean % game completion That's one way, I'm sure they could refine an algorithm to provide a fairer trophy leaderboard to account for those who are a bit more obsessed with more difficult platinums!
  10. Star Ocean..The holy grail of grinds, definitely one to be proud of. Literally the equivalent in study/work hours of 1 whole full time academic year in university. From what I hear, the spreadsheet tracking management for the game is degree worthy in its own right. Gran Turismo 5 for me, very grindy and some tough trophies in there as well. Spent two whole days on a buying cars screen buying 1000 cars for the last trophy, red bull challenge was ridiculous too.
  11. The same thing has happened to me, won the title multiple times in different divisions and nothing. I tried to search but could not find any solutions either. The only option I can think of at this point is deleting the game data including scrapping the current ultimate team and starting again. I've had this work on other games before with glitched trophies. I may attempt this at some-point again this year, just really disheartening to start from scratch again and I haven't quite brought myself to do it just yet.
  12. I hear you Freddie1989, I seen the topic and I'm here just out of curiosity. Your clearly the only one on this forum post who understands the sport. I'd stick to the boxing forums though, you'll find it hard having a decent boxing conversation with the general public, the majority are clueless and probably couldn't name 5 current fighters outside Mayweather and Pacquiao. It was a clearly dominating performance by Floyd; he held the centre well at times and used great lateral movement/ check hooks off the ropes landing the clean shots. Manny wasn't active enough, and didn't really land much clean; the rounds he was active he clearly won, but you need at least seven of those, not a couple to win a fight. On a sidenote, Lomachenko is my current favourite fighter
  13. Challenges were gone, but EA have put them back on, hence why I got the challenge trophy last week, and I'm going for the plat. Challenges are available as of right now, so if you still need this plat its still 100% obtainable.
  14. This plat is still completely obtainable. Looking for someone to boost the online trophies with. Add: IroN-AllActioN