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  1. I understand. There is no NG+ but I read that after finishing the game you get back right before the final fight so you can fly around to get the missing things. I don't know how this looks like in the terms of available enemies. It is more like Biomutant or Ghost of Tsushima.
  2. Besides I can see you have 31 side missions. So looks like this list is really player friendly =)
  3. Looks like memories looks like that. Is there any info is there a way to visit previous places at any point?
  4. If there will be more than 35 side missions or missions and Memories won't be missable then it will be a really easy and fun platinum. Dying in permadeath is cute 😆 Finally someone know how people usually ends in this mode and just gave them a free gift 😅
  5. Hard to say how long since speeding the game up by skipping dialogues leads to bugs and glitches. I skipped dialogues during first dialogue in the cockpit just before entering the code and game just changed perspective to third person and I couldn't do anything so restarted the checkpoint. It worked. Second time I skipped dialogue after Quill and Rocket fell down on the Milano. After taking control Quill just fall through the ship and died. Respawned in the same spot, fall down and died. I reloaded the last checkpoint to get back to the same spot. So it ended with restarting the whole chapter. Without a lot of patches this game will be annoying to speed up for anyone willing to
  6. Hardest difficulty could be a pain cause save points are set not exactly before boss fights but the battle leading to boss. So we will have to be extra careful not to get too much damage (or none at all) as even on Extreme boss is somewhat 3 hit till game over. Hardest will be 1-2? And looks like none of the abilities moves to NG+. Or will they? It is indeed Pixar game for adults 😆
  7. Maybe one of those is inside? Mine sits quiet with every game so far.
  8. Mystery solved. It was really funny to see that I was stunned so much, I thought that it wasn't Croatian Croatian but some ingame made up alien language 😂 Good work from the devs!
  9. They are respawning with every visit on Sargasso for me. Already after three planets and space station (so early in the game) I've killed over 10 of them. So even the NG+ is not needed. Just couple of visits on the planet itself.
  10. From my experience the newest patch just worsened the performance on PS5. It is 60fps but while I got a split second freezes on the previous patches veeery occasionally now it is just common. Literally every couple of minutes mostly while moving the camera. And which is worse during combat as well, which cost me life couple of times on extreme. I hope the full PS5 code will be more stable.
  11. Yup, same here. I've got every single one of them (not 15 but all of those 17 available) and nothing happened. Also I've killed a ton of enemies with Wung Fu (about 6-7 hours of gameplay I was using only WF during fights) and no Old Gadgets... Looks like I'll have to do I don't know what. Start a new game without any patch... Edit. And of course an hour later Platinum popped. Came out it was another old gadget. The radio during the quest Find the radionics in Big Nucleus 7H. So it was my 18th gadget found to that point... But nevermind. Finally something worked.