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  1. Finally got the trophy and thanks for the tips in this thread. Got all A+ in 9 categories For total score, make sure you got 1.42M before passing no return checkpoint (final battle gives 80K point, so add up to 1.5M) For damage, always try to increase your defense during intense fight For Successful Strategies, that is battle goals during tutorial and first battle in city For Max combo, got it from the entrance to final boss fight, as @Kristycism said, hold attack and move, you will see sword spinning, do not throw to enemies. Actually, the easiest way to get max combo: if you found max combo hard to get with normal soldiers, you can just ignore first 3 battles at entrance and focus on getting minimum damage and 12 sword around you at the end of 3rd battle, and when the 4th battle begins (2 enemies guardians) you use Ifrit supports immediately, then both of them will become weak for sometime without moving😂 just hold attack button and move back and forth... easy 400+combo😉 as I did... play on easy mode...