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  1. Getting a new disc would be the only option at this point. Also, the game isn’t as bad as people like to say it is. Just don’t go into it expecting a great game. It’s absolutely not anything amazing, and it certainly has a lot of flaws and bugs, but it’s enjoyable. I did my 100% earlier this year, and I had a good time with it. That being said, i may not have enjoyed it quite as much had I not already been a massive fan of Alien.
  2. I see Aliens Vs Predator got moved to the Predator series rather than the Aliens series. It fits there just as well as it does in the Aliens series, but I’m wondering what the deciding factor was in putting it in one over the other. I would like to suggest merging the Aliens series with the Predator series, as the two go hand in hand, are in the same universe, and frequently are combined with each other.
  3. Would it be possible to create a series for the Aliens games? I believe it would include the following: Aliens vs Predator ( Aliens: Colonial Marines ( Alien: Isolation (PS3) ( Alien: Isolation (PS4) ( Alien: Isolation (PS4 JP) ( Thanks!
  4. Alright, thanks! Looks like I’ll be getting the PS3 version.
  5. Thinking about buying the game and dlc off the PS3 store, but before I do, does anyone happen to know if the dlc is included in the PS Now version of Sonic Adventure (and the PS Now Sonic Adventure 2 if you know that as well)?
  6. It definitely gets better. I played this game on another account, got platinum. I played it for a little bit, got bored, didn’t play for a week, then decided to push through to up my completion rate, and I really enjoyed the game after a while. Once you get more tools and start unlocking more areas it gets really fun.
  7. Scores can still be uploaded, but even if they couldn’t it wouldn’t matter because you can save them offline, which unlocks the trophy regardless of an online connection. Mirror’s Edge will never be unobtainable as everything can be done offline.
  8. Looks to me like they've forgotten to make the game art transparent.
  9. Gotcha. Figured it could probably be removed, but if that’s the case then I’ll leave it at that!
  10. I understand it’s part of the list, however I just wanted to bring it up as a point since it isn’t possible to obtain anyway. I’m only bringing it up for discussion, it’s not even on my profile. If nothing can be done about it, then that’s that but it’s worth talking about. I stand by it, I think it should be removed. It would not affect player stats, as no one has ever earned it, and it would provide a more accurate list.
  11. I’m sure this game has been mentioned here before, but I don’t have the time to go through all 97 pages. Anyway, I think this is the right place for it. The dlc pack ‘Zombie Sushi’ was never released for it. I think the dlc pack trophies should be removed from the list, since they aren’t obtainable anyway. Obtaining the trophies from the main game and released dlc should qualify as a 100%, however due to this unreleased dlc being in the list, it doesn’t. It’s impossible to earn the trophies from the ‘Zombie Sushi’ pack, because you couldn’t ever buy the dlc in the first place.
  12. Ah, gotcha. Just figured I’d mention it anyway. Good luck on Outlast 2! Insane mode is is a total pain.
  13. They won’t go away until you update your profile on psnprofiles, which you can do on the front page or through the drop down menu in the top right corner. However, I will say that looking at your list, you’ve got quite a few games with shutdown servers, so unfortunately it isn’t possible for you to achieve 100% completion. If the completion rate and stats really matter for you, then you could always make a new account for 100% completion, and use this one to test out games. PS Plus carries over as long as both accounts are on the same console, and you can use all games purchased on it as well. Currently, you only have 6 completed games so if you did it now you wouldn’t lose too much. Obviously it’s not something you have to do, and it’s not for everyone but just keep it in mind. That’s what the account I’m typing this on is for.
  14. So, I’m also interested in doing this game as I love simulation games. Question though, is it getting more expansion packs, or are they done? This is a 100% completion rate account so I can’t have anything that can prevent that such as glitched trophies, and I know this game has had numerous glitches trophies in dlc in the past. So then, is Sunset Harbor the last pack?
  15. Excellent site! I’ve got one suggestion though. Would it be possible to label which games in the store are on PS Now? It’d be really helpful.