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  1. consoles in general are for casual players, the playstation brand is similar to something like Apple. It's mainstream. Both consoles are competitors whether you like it or not. Out of all three consoles, the switch is the only one that makes sense since it has more that 5(!) games that are exclusive to it.
  2. This, but unironically. Hopefully they do DLCs like the first one.
  3. The only reason the servers were pulled was because of the whole RCE thing. Also worth noting the original release is peer to peer, not dedicated.
  4. Season passes are easily the worst. I'm waiting for division 1's season pass to go back on sale again since I've now started playing it with a friend. A lot of the season passes I want haven't been on sale in ages, or have never been discounted (like pc3, as you've already said). PS3 stuff also hasn't gone on sale since what, 2020 at the latest?
  5. "git gud" as the kids say
  6. Glad there's no co-op trophies, at least, although I'll be waiting for it to tank. If you want to buy it at launch and live in the uk, both and thegamecollection have this for 50 instead of 70. Deluxe is 61 and 62, respectively.
  7. It's probably one of those games that throws a bunch of enemies at you, or has artificial difficulty. I have the game sat here (been meaning to play it) and I'm aware it's apparently a fun game on Switch from the reviews I've seen
  8. Bamco (or Spike Chunsoft) at least put forth the effort to patch Jump Force before they pulled the servers. There's a chance the game will switch over to P2P if it shuts down, like F13 did.
  9. Really? Seems like ubi forgot to pull this one. Are there any others that haven't been pulled yet?
  10. This is FAR, FAR better than SS4. If you like the previous games, you'll like this one. Came out earlier in the year on PC, it's more of an expandalone than a full game.
  11. "Dark Void and Dark Void Zero were delisted on Steam on June 27th, 2022. The delisting coincides with the removal of Flock!, also published by Capcom, that had been featured in an exploit made public earlier in the week to generate free Steam keys. It is likely that this same exploit led to the delisting of both Dark Void titles." This is probably the reason why it was pulled from steam. Other games also do this; the base game isn't available, but the DLCs are. (on PS3, obviously)
  12. GameSparks is more than likely dead if the Override announcement is anything to go by.
  13. Very late, but it's fully gone now. GAME had codes available on its site, but pulled them a few months ago. Only way to get it is by gamesharing.
  14. Can you upgrade the PS Plus version of the game? You couldn't with Resi 7 which was the last game I tried to upgrade.
  15. This year has got to be one of the worst in terms of server shutdowns, right? Probably up there with 2014 (GameSpy) and 2010 (Xbox Live 1.0).