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  1. The Walking Dead Season 1 ending is the only time I ever recall crying while playing a game. Tears just literally started uncontrollably flowing out, the game was simply amazing.
  2. PLATINUM #167 Rarity on PSN Profiles at time of platinum - 71.04% COMMON Rarity on PSN at time of platinum - 48.5% RARE Personal Difficulty Rating - 4.5/10 Enjoyment Rating - 6/10 HARDEST TROPHY - N/A I debated for quite some time if I would consider this game a cupcake or actually categorize it, in which I decided to eventually put it with the Platformer games. The main reasons are that this game was not actually a cupcake, and I think the game being rare on PSN speaks more on that. It is much harder than I anticipated it being although repetition will eventually allow you to prevail. Also, most of the games in my cupcake list simply don't fit anywhere else. The game was fairly entertaining and had me close to raging a few times. I would say it took my roughly 5 hours of gameplay to finish the game and get the platinum. PLATINUM #168 Rarity on PSN Profiles at time of platinum - 80.95% COMMON Rarity on PSN at time of platinum - 55.1% COMMON Personal Difficulty Rating - 3.5/10 Enjoyment Rating - 5.5/10 HARDEST TROPHY - N/A The follow up to the original Awesome Pea is much easier than the first, although the mechanisms are the exact same. The levels are just slightly easier combined with the fact that experience from the first game helps. The rarity percentage show that this game is indeed easier than the first. The game was enjoyable like the first and to be honest I would probably play Awesome Pea 3 if it ever got to that point. I am a fan of platformer games although I like ones with more meat in it like Crash or Spyro. Next I will continue with Concrete Genie and probably keep grinding away at some PS Vita games I have been speaking about.
  3. August: Horizon Zero Dawn Wolfenstein: The New Order
  4. Yeah, but if I am not mistaken, there is an auction and a store that you can select the cards you want to buy, just the price will range. Just didn't know the correlation between USD and the in game currency and how it translates to getting all of the cards.
  5. So I'm garnering from these comments that its either impossible due to availability of cards or else you are looking at hundreds?
  6. Game will be released September 18. Featuring over 70 WWE Superstars and Legends, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is an all-new, over-the-top, multiplayer arcade experience featuring interactive environments and devastating power-ups. Battle your friends online or on the couch in loads of match types, including the new King of the Battleground and online tournaments.
  7. Hey guys, I know that NBA 2K20 is pretty big on VC and micro-transactions, and I know that it takes a significant amount of time to collect all of the cards needed to complete the collection. Out of curiosity, how much real-life money would it take to gather enough VC to complete this trophy? Granted I know it would range based off how much real work you wanted to do, but I figured I wanted to get an idea. I am not actually considering doing this, I am just curious as to how much it would actually take to do this, or if its even possible?
  8. Not too much to update on but I reached Level 37 over the 4th of July weekend. I am pretty much grinding away at some PS Vita games now that take awhile to complete (Word Search still and now Pic-a-Pic color). I am just one session away from completing Awesome Pea on PS4. I snagged a few new VR Games to play also and will be getting started on them. I'd like to finish all of the ones I recently started before going too far (Concrete Genie, Jak on Vita). My next new game purchases will likely be Madden and Crash 4. Still considering getting the latest Sponegbob game, maybe on a price increase. But who knows, I have been talking about getting the South Park games for 2 years now and never have!
  9. Instant Day 1 buy! Having obtained a platinum for the other 4 games on PS4, this is a no brainer. My favorite series of all time.
  10. CUPCAKE UPDATE Going to get into Awesome Pea 1 and 2 tonight, and then go back to working on Concrete Genie, which is interesting so far. I have also been grinding away at Vita still, the word search game in particular. Also, big shoutout and thumbs up to the news of a new Crash Bandicoot possibly on the way! My favorite series of all time!
  11. PS1 Gameboy Advance Nintendo DS PS2 Nintendo Wii PS3 PSP PS4 PS Vita
  12. Horizon Zero Dawn Knack II
  13. As far as I know I'm the only one that uses that term, so I'd say I created it myself 😂. I got it from old Football video games. When you wanted to create a team that was the worst possible option and easy to beat, you chose the Cupcake option!
  14. CUPCAKE UPDATE My big 'non-cupcake' game I am working on now is Concrete Genie after some good recommendations from friends. I will likely try my hand at Spider-man next. A pair of PS Vita Platinum Trophies in this update. #151 was 'My Name is Mayo', and #154 was 'Reed Remastered'. Plenty of more Vita platinum trophies on the way, I have been working on 2 of the longest ones which include 'Word Search by POWGI' and 'Pic-a-Pix Color'! Thanks for reading and following!
  15. Just discovered the first game a few weeks ago after my roommate recommended it. Finished it up a few days ago. Loved it and will get the next one also!