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  1. The hardest ones for me were "Piston it Away" which took me longer than any level on Crash 1 (almost 2 hours non-stop), and "Diggin' It" gave me trouble for some reason also. Gonna start Crash 3 tomorrow.
  2. Here are ones worth mentioning for me: Temple Ruins - 1:16.94 Slippery Climb - 2:20.14 Fumbling In The Dark - 1:40.23 Those are the platinums that I have the rest I settled on gold
  3. Hey guys, I figured I would start a thread where we can post our best time trial times for all levels or whichever levels we want! I'm curious to see what everybody has hit on certain levels and maybe how long it took you to get to that point. I will post mine later on when I get home, but I want to see what everyone else got!
  4. Spent a solid 2 hours on this tonight. I managed to get a 1:16 for my best (I only got it once). I would have had 1:12 about 1 hour in but I fell through that hole just before the end of the level. I have been using the ropes the whole time and it seems to work better for me.
  5. Gotta admit I took the cheap route and got My Name is Mayo and Energy Cycles the other day so my last real platinum was The Walking Dead S3 and even that is a joke
  6. My Name is Mayo or Nubla
  7. The platinum for WWE '13 because it took over 75 hours of gameplay and it is one of the rarest platinums around
  8. WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW 2011 and WWE '12 was 2 days later ... That is what got me in trophy hunting
  9. WWE '13 ... glitch where everytime you logged out your rank reset to 0.. a gold trophy for reaching max rank took 50 hours of gameplay and my console staying on for 2 weeks straight with the same boosting partner about 5 hours a night...
  10. I am not afraid to admit I bought it solely to get the platinum. I mean c'mon, my non trophy hunting friends still look at my profile and go "wow, how do you have so many platinum's! I will catch you one day." Little do they know, while they sit and try to platinum Destiny it takes me 1 day to rack up about 3 if you get the right games. If you only cared what other people thought about you all the time then I would want to know why.
  11. 1. The Walking Dead Season 2 2. Resogun 3. Sports Games (NBA, NFL, MLB, WWE) 4. GTA V (PS4) 5. Little Big Planet 3
  12. CM Punk has just signed with.... UFC!? Wow, what a shocker.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! Downloading Garden W. now for PS4. It looks good!
  14. Stuck on 666 silver trophies...