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  1. I reached out to the developer about getting a free code for PS4 version and they pretty much told me they didn't even know it was out for PS4. I argued with them a little and they eventually said they would get back to me.
  2. So at first glance it doesn't appear like it is crossbuy afterall!
  3. SKYLAND: HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN PLATINUM #362 Rarity on PSN Profiles at time of platinum - 81.82% COMMON Rarity on PSN at time of platinum - 37.3% RARE Personal Difficulty Rating - 2/10 Enjoyment Rating - 7/10 Time Spent - 2 Hours HARDEST TROPHY - Master Aviator (Find all collectibles) This game is a puzzler/hidden object game that can be completed in just over 2 hours with a guide or about 4-6 if not using a guide. I decided to use a walkthrough and do the hidden object parts of the game by myself. A nice mix of using a guide and not using a guide. The game is $14.99 and you get the PS4 & PS5 version of the game. The game is a 2/10 difficulty without a guide and a 3.5/10 if not using a guide. I had fun playing this game and would rate the enjoyment level a 7/10. Some of you will likely get more enjoyment out of this game especially if doing it without the use of a guide. There are some things you need to know about the game as far as what you can/can't do to unlock certain trophies that may be more helpful if using a guide so that you do not have to replay the game again. This is my 52nd PS5 platinum and 362nd overall. Continuing to maintain a Top 20 PS5 ranking in the USA but starting to fall back (I do not play identical games across regions like EU). I'm going to continue grinding away at Wreckfest and then possibly play Call of the Sea also.
  4. Are PS5 owners getting this for free or will we have to purchase again?
  5. NA REGION -
  6. ESCAPE FROM LIFE INC PLATINUM #335 Rarity on PSN Profiles at time of platinum - 35.29% UNCOMMON Rarity on PSN at time of platinum - 10.0% VERY RARE Personal Difficulty Rating - 3/10 Enjoyment Rating - 7/10 Time Spent - 6 Hours HARDEST TROPHY - Gotta Catch 'Em All (Rescue every animal in the game) Escape From Life Inc. is a short puzzle platformer that is relatively unpopular among PS5 players, but with its $9.99 price tag and friendly trophy list, I decided to give it a try. The game does not really require a guide but you must collect all animals and fruits before finishing the game as they are missable and would require restarting from scratch. The game itself is not difficult at all, I would give it a 3/10 difficulty rating. I did enjoy the game and had fun playing it. I give it a 7/10 for enjoyment and would recommend it to anyone looking for a small game that is inexpensive. The fish can swim, the eagle can fly, and the deer can break items. The game requires you to strategize them together to get yourself out of rooms and rescue animals. There is no guide for this game but there is a 100% walkthrough on YouTube that you can use when you get stuck. I'm not sure what PS5 game is next up for me, I am going to see what is on the release schedule and work on some Vita games in the meantime!
  7. Yes, at the end there is a point of no return (the game will tell you). You then have the ability to teleport to previous areas of the game for clean-up.
  8. DIRT 5 PLATINUM #322 Rarity on PSN Profiles at time of platinum - 28.54% UNCOMMON Rarity on PSN at time of platinum - 2.8% ULTRA RARE Personal Difficulty Rating - 4/10 Enjoyment Rating - 7/10 Time Spent - 23 Hours HARDEST TROPHY - Some Spare Change For Gas? (Drive 1000 Miles [GRIND]) It has been awhile since I last reported on the thread mainly because a majority of the games I have been playing weren't really worthy of a post. I now have 36 platinum trophies on PS5 and 322 overall, maintaining my top 10 status for USA PS5 players while also staying as one of the best that does not stack games regionally. I haven't completed a racing game in awhile so I turned my attention to Dirt 5 over Monster Energy Supercross 4 and I had a pretty fun time playing this game. The use of a guide is largely unnecessary in this game as completing the career 100% will almost unlock every other trophy with it. I'll admit the game got very repetitive after a few hours of playing, especially for those that play on the easier difficulties and dominate every race by 30+ seconds. I would rate the game a 4/10 difficulty wise as you can complete everything on the easiest setting. Keep in mind that you will need to spend $25 USD on DLC's if you want to get the 100% rather than just the platinum. I gave the enjoyment rating a 7/10, might be higher if there wasn't repetitive racing. There are definitely buggy trophies in the game but some basic research told me what to do so they would properly unlock. I would recommend this game when it goes on sale again, or potentially becomes a free PS Plus game down the line. Next, I will turn my attention to Escape From Life Inc. along with some other smaller games. I will be hitting 40 PS5 platinum trophies in no time!
  9. I especially liked them on Vita because you could do them as you laid in bed at night or something. Working on the Pic-a-Pix series with Vita doing that right now. These types of games are also perfect to bring up on your laptop when playing remote play somewhere because they aren't graphic-intense and you can easily play them without a controller plugged in since you only really use X, O, and directional pad.
  10. It's been a while since we had the last POWGI game, which was PS4 exclusive. The ones prior to that were cross-buy for Vita & PS4. It looks like moving forward the games will now be cross-buy for PS5 & PS4. The game releases on April 27, likely for $7.99 as that is what every other edition has been at release. Make new words by changing one letter at a time. The goal is to turn one word into another using only a limited number of steps. The games can usually be completed in under 2-3 hours with a guide or much longer if you play the word games legitimately. It came out on 3DS a while ago, below is a video of gameplay. What do you guys think about POWGI coming to the PS5 scene with cross-buy games? Will you be buying?
  11. If you had the PS4 version do you get the PS5 version or will you have to buy again?
  12. EA Sports has announced a new golf game that will likely be in direct competition with PGA 2K series. While 2K was able to secure an exclusive deal with Tiger Woods, EA was able to bring back The Masters course along with all official major courses. The 2K series does not currently license agreements with golf's major championships. They (EA) have also announced that several tour players will also be coming to the series. It will be interesting to see if any golfers appear in both games or if they generally appear in one or the other. It seems likely that certain players will extend their licenses to EA Sports while others are in the 2K game. With no exclusive rights deal for either of sports video games' two biggest companies, it'll be interesting to see how the competition shakes out—both from a qualitative perspective and in terms of player/course appearances. No release date announced yet, but the official site for the game is up here - EA has not made a golf game since 2015 (small plug, I made a trophy guide for that game you can see here). What are your initial thoughts on EA coming back into the golf world? I haven't seen a thread for this anywhere so apologies if it exists somewhere.
  13. They have promised to have everything available before Summerslam this year.
  14. This will be the 15th game in the Break Series. Surely we will get Easter H2H next and then maybe Memorial Day Break!? đŸ˜‚ Is anybody surprised these games haven't found the PS5 yet? The same list as previous editions of the series and can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to finish. It will come out tomorrow the 31st according to their Twitter. You can see some gameplay below. Any thoughts?
  15. Then Miami trades with Philly to get up to 6! This is brilliant as a Dolphins fan. They want Chase and 3 is too high for him, so they get an extra 1st round pick now! To answer, yes, they want J. Fields