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  1. From the patch notes; Note that as the next-gen version has a different SKU, PlayStation trophies obtained in backward compatibility will not be transferred.
  2. So heres my update; Woke up and tried for a few more hours with no luck of course. Then checked PSNProfiles to see others having the same issue, and r2r0kid's post. Tried the method described on the PS5 with the PS4 edition of the game, but no dice. Still always downloaded the 1.04 version. Luckily still had my old PS4 pro in the cupboard, so grabbed that out and went through with r2r0kids steps. Worked like a charm. Downloaded 1.0, skipped through to act 3, received the email. Copied my save to USB, transferred to PS5, booted up the game, used test VM and bam, Breakthrough and the platinum. So if you have a PC and your PS4 handy and want this trophy now, steps work just fine, just a pain this has to be a thing at all.
  3. As horrible as it is, im relieved to see people with the same issues so I know im not the only one. Going to do a few runs tomorrow specifically doing different routes and see if that varies anything, will report my findings when done.
  4. I had noticed more of the crashing around the glitchy animations or scene transitions, a similar thing I noticed to 2064. I dont think PS consoles like it when we fast skip VN text. As for the poems I do have the ghost menu. I am; Missing: Look Closely, Things I like about Papa, Darkness Seen once: Nothing is real, How MMMMMM feels Seen 30+ times each: Can you hear me, Script, Joke, Therapy
  5. Good to have confirmation not only that the loop im running is fine, but also that the game is less than stable for more than just me, thanks for that. The thing I find most crazy honestly is the chances of these showing up. The fact that over the course of 6 hours ive had the same 4 showing on repeat, and none of the other 5 (so less than 50% of the options) is mind boggling, and leads me to think that there is nothing random about the chances of which ones you get whatsoever, but there must be a pre determining event or some such. That or 6+ hours of trying to get these with crashes every other run has turned me stir crazy. I think its this.
  6. For the love of all that is holy someone please tell me what im doing wrong here. I have been resetting for 6 hours looking for poem 4, 7 & 9. Every single reset, I have only seen a mix of poem 1,5,6 & 8, never have I even seen a duplicate of 2 or 3. I also have the game crashing every 20 minutes running on PS5, which certainly isnt helping frustrations. Here is my loop. Run reset file - Start New Game - Hold L2 to skip all, press X to go through options, always selecting the cursor default - Finish Act 1 - Start Act 2 - Hold L2 to skip all, press X to go through options, always selecting the cursor default, while also checking all 3 poems - Exit after 3rd poem - Run reset (Loop) Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Will do buddy, did a bit of reading after I made my post. Firstly, on behalf of everyone, thank you and secondly, Ill have my account nice and ready for the start of May. Looking forward to being guided by your expert hand!
  8. Just received my physical edition of NMS but starting it is pre-meditated on being able to get a taxi service to grab the 100% So long story short, is anyone still able/willing to do one? If I get a confirmation I will speedrun everything I need to do beforehand. Will also check the gaming sessions section daily.