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  1. i cant seem to be able to connect a microsoft account to ps4 anyway to fix it?
  2. Already solved it, thanks though
  3. So for the Last Man Standing trophy, how exactly does it work, i started a ng+ hard for the speedrun trophy and i died to the 3rd colossus i loaded a backup save after and my death count still increased by 1, should i just try it in easy or what?
  4. does the exploit still works?
  5. Besides The surge 1 and 2 i played them all I been meaning to play them i heard they are pretty good, but i heard COTDD was a little buggy and that dead cells corrupts files so i really havent been looking out for them, i also heard they are getting a crossover so i will check them out, THANK YOU
  6. Salt and sanctuary is said in the post, oh and i played blasphemous. Ill be checking the others
  7. i get that i despised Mortal shell while i have seen people who like it, since the complete edition of Lords of the Fallen is 6$ might as well give it a shot Already played it was a GREAT game, i really dont see it as a soulslike though
  8. Seeing that people recommend me bb and sekiro i can see that lol PD: thank you all for the recommendations, ill be checking them
  9. So i have played all souls games in ps4 (looking forward to Demon souls remastered in ps4) and i am in need for some soulslike i have played some like Nioh, Code vein, Salt and Sanctuary and i like them a lot, i also played some that i did not enjoyed much like Fallen order and Mortal shell. So im asking recommendations in games souls like games since im running a little short, also since Lords of the Fallen is in offer i was planning to check that out. So, pleased to hear your recommendations.
  10. i guess ill have to farm for omega then
  11. Cool, thanks btw should i get the other dlc trophies before the downgrade? or can i still play the other dlc while playing comrades?
  12. DAMN it, so how do you downgrade it?
  13. give me my damn secret victories man
  14. so i have version 1.30 so can i get 100%?
  15. Im the same as the first guy i didint heal in the first boss but after killing him or in the next room i may have done it