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  1. You can remove the border by changing your Display Area Settings in the Sound and Screen Option in the PS4 Settings.
  2. No, it was only released in Japan.
  3. Well, if anything, this version actually fixed a few bugs. You can't go out of bounds in a few places. (Specifically, two places in Chapter 5-1.) And I've never experienced any crashes with the game myself, having recently finished my 69th playthrough without any problems.
  4. Well, I finished the game on PS4 recently and it's my least favourite version. The Separate Ways cutscenes are just the 240p ones from the PS2 versions, they've never been upscaled (or re-done).
  5. Lego Dimensions on PS3 is the last game on PS3 I played. Mainly for the Sonic Pack though.
  6. Oh wow, this has changed so much from my last visit.

    Thankfully, it's just like another forum I visit, so I should be used to it in no time.

  7. Just going along with what I'm interested in, I guess.
  8. Oh, forgot to say I got my 11th plat on Puss in Boots. Heaps easy!

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer
    2. Spaz


      Games based off an animated movie (Pixar and Dreamworks) or show (Hannah Montana) seem to be ridiculously easy to platinum.

  9. Heck no... sorry.
  10. Haven't really changed it lately, haven't had a need to.
  11. Definitely looking forward to it and totally pre-ordering it as soon as I can!
  12. Bought it due to peer pressure from my friend, who didn't have anyone else to play with on PS3. But I got pretty addicted, to say the least.
  13. Way back in Christmas of 2011, got a fat PS3 with Uncharted 3. Thing was... I unwrapped Uncharted 3 before the PS3.
  14. Nothing has been modernized with the controls, they are the same as the previous versions. You can choose different types to make it so you can aim a gun with R1 and knife with L1, so exactly like the PS3 controls. One thing they changed was the aim speed, which is incredibly slow, but you can't change that.
  15. Whew, second try on this. Oh jeez, pretty close!
  16. Also, some 30fps animations really, really stand out. Like blood splatter and flames. But my main issue is just the aiming. Feels oddly slow.
  17. Oh man, can't wait to be able to pre-order Sonic Mania, totally doing that!

    1. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      I totally understand that ( ^_^)

    2. EternalChaos72
    3. NullRay85


      You're not the only one! ^_^

  18. Platinum #10: Sonic Unleashed. Whew... I'm am done trophy hunting for the time-being.

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    2. Jak


      You SUPER RARELY ever here ppl say that about SU, wow. It is truly an underrated gem tho. At least it has better dialouge, story, voice acting, environments, and char. focus/building, and is actually a challenge unlike that overly praised installment.

    3. Haalyle


      Thanks guys :D

      While there were moments I despised, there were definitely more moments of fun, so (apart from near the end of trophy hunting) it was pretty good.

    4. 30 Year Old Boomer
  19. I really shouldn't go for this, but I only have three trophies left and I'm really, really determined.

    1. Edunstar84


      Go for it! I'm assuming your talking about Sonic. Is it difficult to plat?

    2. madbuk


      imo, Speeding Ticket was the most frustrating trophy. I did the Shamar hot-dog missions after it, so they weren't as bad, but you've done both regardless so you should be good for the platinum now.

    3. Haalyle


      Yeah, the Sonic Unleashed plat.

      I'm doing Eggmanland before the other two because I may as well get the hard things done. Thanks though :D

  20. Project Sonic 2017 looks amazing!

  21. Got a little too addicted to Chao Garden in SA2 recently. Whoops.

    1. TigressLion


      Growing Up on the Dreamcast, that was the sole reason for playing that game. haha.

    2. NetEntity


      Well, it's a welcome escape from the horror of non-Sonic\Shadow levels...

  22. Got one of those easy plats from Minecraft Story Mode.

  23. I didn't. I didn't like it at all. Although, I've heard that that demo isn't actually going to be part of the actual game, just to give people an experience of it.
  24. Screw that RE7, I ain't getting it. I'm kinda just gonna forget it's a thing, to be honest.

    1. smellslikejavier


      not a fan of horror? i just noticed that you only played the (in my opinion, crappy) action games of the franchise and not the good ones like the REmake or RE0, but anyways according to capcom the final game will not be like the demo at all. in the same sense as to how silent hills wasn't going to have anything to do with PT.

    2. Haalyle


      Resident Evil 2 is my personal favourite. But I wish RE7 was more like the Fog version of Resident Evil 3.5.

      And I love the action games, thanks.