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  1. Yes it does. I got it naturally when I was playing custom t20 games. I got it first time when changed to Veteran difficulty. I was adjudged LBW and I felt it pitched outside leg so went for the review and got it overturned. Second time I got it overturned was in Legend difficulty when the ball clearly was edged but I was given out. This was the last trophy that my brother needed to platinum the game. He got 2 decisions overturned in a span of a few overs in the same game on 'Veteran" difficulty of which one of them was a ridiculous decision from the Umpire which was quite surprising. I think Veteran is the min difficulty to get this trophy and the more you play the better the chances. Me and my brother never played for the trophy but only for the fun.
  2. You Must consider doing tricks in the air as it increases the boost meter. I did not know this and had to try for about 2 hours to get trophy for the first race(I did not do tricks in the air). Second race is easy if you unlock the shortcuts