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  1. Made a new PSN ID :yay: So long, bigbladiaman. Hello Bladivostock

  2. Made a new PSN ID :yay: So long, bigbladiaman

  3. Hot chocolate on a hot summer day
  4. 1- Call of Duty (I would take a massive shit on it, then melt it in a vat of acid) 2- Hitman (I'd Reccomend it) 3- Metal Gear Solid (Buy this most definitely... I was a massive fan of it in my ps1 playing days.)
  5. number 1 GMV
  6. Congrats A-Fox. That's one sweet Arcanine sig. And good job to everyone else
  7. I'll take this
  8. #2 looks awesome It GMV
  9. thx guys
  10. You won....congrats! :D

    1. bigbladiaman


      I did? :o

      awesome! :D

  11. Make a Kirby version of the "Obama hope poster"
  12. Yo mama so fat when her beeper goes off, people thought she was backing up LOL!
  13. Number 1 GMV
  14. welcome orenji I got this
  15. such a smexy showcase The winning entry for the Heroes SOTM is my favorite one