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  1. Just playing it now, the 60fps feels real good
  2. From what I understand, I do NOT think playing the PS4 versions of game available on PS5 has dualsense features. From what I've played of Miles Morales on PS5, I remember the triggers giving you a faint feeling of web string tension as you swing through the streets with the most tension when you're at the bottom/lowest point in your swing arch where G-forces would be at their highest. Any vibration that you'd feel on a standard PS4 controller also felt more granular and detailed on the PS5 controller, like footsteps.
  3. For Spiderman Miles Morales, the resolution boost and boost to 60fps and insane loading times merits a purchase over the PS4 version
  4. The biggest hurdle I had to getting to Platinum was the getting to level 50 trophy, very time consuming as the levelling up is exponential. I had done everything the game had to offer, and even though I enjoy the online racing with other players, the XP available there is too low, so I resorted to the race in the offline mode that gave the most XP per hour and did that on repeat.
  5. I'd say as long as you can find good servers, go for it! I got the platinum for this game about 2 months after release and had fun doing it back then.
  6. Would love to try and go after all the PS5 platforms, but am restricted financially there, especially with the more expensive AAA games like Demons Souls.
  7. Pixars new movie called Soul, was nice
  8. I got Invisimals: The Alliance second hand the other day, got it to try out the augmented reality features on the vita
  9. No where close to the worst game I can think of on PSN, only real complaint I have is after trophy collecting on this game, would be cool if there was some kind of local multiplayer mode to give extra life to the game afterwards
  10. So I know that having the PS4 trophies and then playing on PS5 will give you trophies, but does anyone know if it works the other way as well? I haven't played Destiny 2 before, but it would be nice to have my first proper playthrough of it be on the PS5, and wondering if then I can send that save over to PS4 and get those trophies too?
  11. If I remember right, I think Resistance doesn't have a trophy list, the one that came out near PS3 launch. I remember playing it ages ago and wanted to try it again, was bummed it didn't have trophies, but oh well
  12. would love to see a spyro game made from the ground up for PS5, imagine the spyro reignited games but 4K, somehow better than it's already great graphics, and at 60fps instead of the honestly slow input response time of the 30fps PS4 version, would love to see this be a reality!
  13. Can someone help me with this, is there any way at all to download a different region version of a game without having to make a second PSN account? Possibly some kind of VPN thing? idk
  14. Astro's Playroom, then Spiderman Miles Morales