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  1. Yep, I nearly always do. But this is a game I know like the back of my hand so I had no reason to look at the trophy guide beforehand, just unfortunate about the missables!
  2. Unfortunately both of these are easily missable if you don't use the touchscreen to complete each task. I got the first one by accident, but I missed out on the Hungry? trophy and it was only when I actually looked at the trophy list that I realised I had missed it. I went back to Farthy but there wasn't any option to replay the minigame, so I'll need to replay the game again once I complete it. Rather annoying seeing as it's an easy trophy.
  3. Final update: It's been over a month since I last posted here. I've pretty much made next to no progress on my list since then, Fortnite has consumed most of my free time as of late (been grinding it for 12 hours today alone). I did start Shadow of the Tomb Raider and made it as far as chapter 9, but the game is so damn boring I have little to no desire to return to it. The lack of combat is a big letdown, and the sheer number of collectables, while expected, really makes the game a slog to play. It doesn't help that Lara just isn't that likeable in this entry either. I honestly though Rise was the better looking game too, though to be fair I did play that at a higher resolution(I think). I won't bother joining the summer event either, as I just won't be able to give it my full attention, but I'll be lurking for sure. Thanks to @MidnightDragon for hosting as per usual.
  4. Use the pod computer, scroll down to LittleBigStore, press right and click on ‘My content’.
  5. It's doable you'll just need to spend quite some time sifting through different guides in the hopes that one of the solutions will work for you. Not every solution works first time either, some require multiple attempts before they eventually allow the vehicle across. Unfortunately a lot of my bridges didn't save at all. These are the ones that did: Tiltin' North: Tiltin' West: Tiltin' East:
  6. Agreed, there is basically no point in it being there now that you say it. I’m not sure how I didn’t realise this yesterday
  7. Yep, it's in the 'Your upcoming sessions' as normal. It also appears with every variation as normal (Games I own, All Games, the game itself, group by game, date, platform). Ctrl+F yields no results (probably because there's no Game name (Fortnite) with 'x' on my own session, only the game name). I also tried creating a new session just to see if it might've shown up then but no luck. Once I switch the host to 'Me' it's no longer there under any variation.
  8. I'm having the same issue. I have one active session at the moment. When I click on 'Me' it doesn't display any sessions. Also my name isn't under the list of names that come after 'Me'. Searching my own name in the search bar doesn't show up any sessions either. Hope this information is of some help at least
  9. @HusKy Converted my backlog to game lists with no issues whatsoever, everything is looking a lot cleaner now. Also the trophy rarity breakdown is such a useful feature, great work as always
  10. I'd actually love this, the search function on this site can be absolutely retarded at times. For another example type in 'Metal Gear Solid' and look at the results. It's much better over on, the results are what you actually searched for and they are listed alphabetically as well.
  11. I think you should go back and give The Wolf Among Us another go. I really enjoyed it and it's definitely a game worth finishing, plus you'll pick up the platinum easily while experiencing the story!
  12. Sound Shapes has 6 stacks with 87 silver trophies in each one.
  13. I played the PS4 version and had no issues whatsoever with the game. 5 hours seems like a very long time though, I ran through one life mode in under 2 hours when I did it. What is your party set up?
  14. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift has a trophy requiring you to play split screen race with 4 players. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (PS3) also has a trophy requiring 4 controllers similar to the one above but slightly more complicated.
  15. For anyone else having trouble, scroll to the fourth post and jump where the picture tells you too. Should drastically cut down on the number of deaths - the hardest part will be landing at the bottom once you can consistently jump the spikes.