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  1. My pick would have to be Call of Duty: World at War. Veteran mode was absolute hell from what I remember. Not sure if I'd even have the patience to redo it anymore if it were ever to be remastered.
  2. Did you take a look at the 100% trophy walkthrough here on PSNP? I beat the Queen on my first attempt having followed it, I don’t remember my exact build or anything like that but it should be all there in the guide.
  3. Second update: PS3: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - 1% > 100% - 25/09/20 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - 1% Zone of the Enders HD Edition - 3% > 100% - 04/09/20 PS Vita: htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary - 1% Killzone: Mercenary - 48% > 64% Ys: Memories of Celceta - 1% PS4: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - 1% Metro Exodus - 6% Mighty No. 9 - 3% The Last of Us Remastered - 0% Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: Not entirely sure what possessed me to start up this game after my last update but I'm glad I did. This ended up being a very enjoyable, very chaotic racer, despite the fact that I played the majority of it in split screen (4 controllers). I did this so I could work on mods for additional characters, greatly reducing the grind needed when all was said and done. It must've made the races in this game a lot easier because I had next to no trouble with any of them. I came in first in every race in each Grand Prix and was winning by a margin of more than a minute after the four races were completed, and this was on expert mode! The World Tour featured a handful of challenging events, mainly traffic attack challenges but a few of the drift challenges were quite difficult as well. I made use of the Yokozuna glitch so I only had to beat one expert ghost to unlock the trophy, otherwise that trophy would've been hell on earth. Overall I'd give this game a 6/10 in terms of difficulty, and an 8/10 in terms of enjoyment. Don't let the high difficulty estimates of the game scare you, it's actually very manageable and it's a really fun game to boot. Always nice to add another ultra rare platinum to the collection; I've already ordered the Vita version of this game and will more than likely do it relatively soon. My final stats for anyone who's interested: Killzone: Mercenary: Haven't touched the campaign since my last update, but instead went and (almost) completed the online trophies. I've already grinded out 100 multiplayer matches, just waiting for my boosting buddy to do the same so we can load into a public match to pop the trophy together. Grinded out the matches in Botzone but unfortunately the trophy for completing 100 matches doesn't unlock in this mode so we'll need to head online. Will try and get back to the contracts soon before I up and forget the layout of each level and make it harder than it needs to be. [Just completed the online portion for this game!]
  4. @Garfield_Fan I had the exact same issue. I'll quote what I said after I got the platinum for this game: 'Two trophies, 'Superhuman Pilot' and 'Hard Brawler' can't be earned on stage 5, which would've saved me some wasted time. There's also a chance of trophies not unlocking even if you are sure requirements are met, and your only choice then is to start a new game.' I'd also recommend using the video I link for the 'Old Tricks' trophy, it's a lot less complicated then the one over on .org. It only took me 15-20 minutes to get the trophy thanks to this guide!
  5. You’d be waiting a lifetime. It’s already been implemented by a user here as part of his script:
  6. I’m almost certain all of the DLC is free on the US store for MGR. You should definitely go ahead and pick it up when you’ve got the chance.
  7. For the most part, no, not really. You can get away with spamming (for parrying). Revengeance all S-Rank is actually pretty doable with the Fox Blade, would highly recommend using it for your Revengeance run. But when it comes to the harder fights (like VR mission 18) you’ll absolutely need to learn how to perfect parry to complete it. So yes, the harder fights do require a lot of timing. Especially Sam’s DLC, you’ll need to get really good at dodging to have a chance. He plays much different to Raiden so there’s that too, another skill set to learn.
  8. Yep, it's completely badass. The soundtrack does the game wonders. From what I've read over on .org most people consider that challenge from Vanquish to be tougher than anything MGR has to offer so you should be alright. The biggest difficulty spike is VR mission 18 and the boss fight I mentioned in this thread.
  9. Getting the no damage bonus against Sen. Armstrong on Revengeance difficulty in Metal Gear Rising (Sam’s DLC). Definitely the hardest fight in the entire game and there’s a reason it’s in my trophy cabinet..
  10. Yes, so you’ll need good internet otherwise the experience is truly awful. You don’t have to stream PS4 games though which is great, those can be downloaded onto your PS4 and played like any other normal application.
  11. Not every PS3 game on it comes with DLC included so keep that in mind if you like to 100% every game you play. I’d also recommend giving it a trial run beforehand to see how your internet holds up steaming PS3 games as they can’t be downloaded to your PS4 unfortunately.
  12. Hey guys, I started this game recently and jumped straight into the World Tour while also playing split screen with 4 controllers (so I can work on mods for four different characters at once). There seems to be some major inconsistency with the 30 second finish timer that's supposed to appear once I finish the race though (for the remaining three screens). Sometimes it appears when I finish the race, but in other races it doesn't appear at all and I have to finish the race with the additional three controllers which is really starting to become a chore. Is it just entirely random? Anyone else that has experience with this game that can weigh in on the mechanics of the 30 second finish timer?
  13. First update: PS3: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - 1% Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - 1% Zone of the Enders HD Edition - 3% > 100% - 04/09/20 PS Vita: htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary - 1% Killzone: Mercenary - 1% > 48% Ys: Memories of Celceta - 1% PS4: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - 1% Metro Exodus - 6% Mighty No. 9 - 3% The Last of Us Remastered - 0% Zone of the Enders was a decent game that holds up surprisingly well for something that was released back in 2001, albeit pretty short (6 hours to obtain the platinum). I started on Hard difficulty and followed the one playthrough platinum guide over on .org which I can't recommend doing enough. The bosses are nothing to be worried about as they all have predictable attacks/movement patterns which are easy to counter. I didn't have any trouble with the rescue missions either which seems to be the reason why most people bump up the difficulty of this list - personally I'd give it a 3/10. I don't regret giving this game a go, and it was definitely interesting to see some of Kojima's other work. Killzone: Mercenary turned out to be a great Vita title. I'd honestly prefer it over Shadow Fall. The story is typical of most FPS's, serviceable at best. The gunplay feels okay, it definitely takes a bit of getting used to though, but the wide array of weapons available make the combat more enjoyable. Veteran mode was really easy, with only a couple of slightly difficult moments. I'm currently working through the mission contracts, which are basically alternative ways to progress through to missions. It's definitely a little repetitive, but thankfully not that difficult. The covert assignments are what I struggle with the most, and it's annoying having to load in and out of a level every time you make a mistake because the initial loading of the level takes quite a bit of time. It's definitely going to be some time before I pick up the platinum for this game!
  14. I’d probably go with Breaking Bad overall. I’ve yet to watch The Sopranos/The Wire so it could change in the near future. Adding to that, the most re-watchable series for me has to be Peep Show. I don’t think I could ever get sick of it!
  15. Skyfall back in 2012 I’ve always preferred television series over movies.