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  1. One of my favourite indies. Glad to hear that the found a way ensure the game runs well on the Vita. For sure, this game does get easier the more time you spend with it. Returning to this game almost 9 years later was fun, and I found the platinum to be considerably easier the second time around. Knowledge of spawns and which weapons to upgrade/ignore really does help a lot. Endless mode is much easier solo, that's for certain. I'll be sure to check out that post. Relatively new to the Vita so I've yet to build up much skill with regards to using it, so I'm sure your advice will help.
  2. Probably to compensate for the lower frame rate/smaller screen. I was expecting the Vita version to be the most difficult stack! Nevertheless I’ll be sure to complete this game for a third time eventually.
  3. How does the game hold up on the Vita? I recently returned to the PS3 version of DN to give a friend a hand with reaching round 10 and the game really struggled to keep up, especially during the later rounds. The frame rate would drop so low to point where it was almost as if the game was about to freeze.
  4. IIRC I’ve only ever played one fighting game, Tekken 6, so it wins by default. I actually really enjoyed it, even the Scenario Campaign. A platinum I’m quite proud of, given how inexperienced I was with the genre.
  5. I never usually look at the store on the PS3, but I had a browse through it this month as a number of Vita titles were on sale. Ended up picking up a bunch of PS3 games as a result. Dead Space 2 (Super Bundle) Dead Space 3 Mass Effect Trilogy Prince of Persia Prince of Persia Trilogy Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 (Gold Edition) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Not sure when I'll get around to playing any of these games, but I look forward to revisiting Pandora Tomorrow from the Splinter Cell collection the most. Never did manage to beat the game when I was younger..
  6. Broken Age. I have it downloaded and ready to go, but it seems like it’ll require quite a bit of effort. I’m not sure when I’ll be in the mood to try it out.
  7. I wouldn’t bother deleting anything, not even the unobtainables. Quite a few of the games I’ve played would fade from my memory if not for the trophy lists themselves. Also, my milestones would get all screwed up as a result. It also wouldn’t be nice for the people who’ve managed to hold onto a 100% profile since the dawn of trophy hunting, since everywhere you look you’d see ‘100%’ profiles. I guess they could add some sort of indicator that they had deleted lists from their profile.
  8. 43/138 have a completion rate of above 50%. After having a quick browse through of the culprits, I can honestly say that I only really enjoyed 5 out of the 43 listed games.. that says it all really.
  9. The original Most Wanted (2005). I remember the blacklist and how addictive it was to progress through it. Never did manage to beat the #1 car.. it was due to the bounty requirements needed to unlock him. If I remember correctly, you had to rack up so much so of a bounty and then escape the cops to actually cache the bounty. I could never do this, so never made it past the second to last driver.
  10. #136: Drowning Picked this game up for free after entering a competition hosted by 'Sometimes You'. It's a very short walking simulator with minimal content. You're tasked with following a linear path while reading through the boy's thoughts that are typed out on screen as you progress. It focuses on his battle with depression through years 8-12 and the choices he makes regarding it. There are 4 'endings' which require little to no effort to get to as you can skip through scenes. There is also a handful of collectables which are easy to find with a guide. I ran through the game blind for my first play through, but utilised guides for the endings/collectables on my subsequent runs. I'm glad that I didn't spend money on this game as it was honestly quite boring, and it lacked content. Can't really complain much though as it was free I guess. #137: Destroy All Humans! I had no feelings of nostalgia as I never played any of these titles before, but I still found it to be a somewhat entertaining experience. It felt a lot like Grand Theft Auto, expect on a much smaller scale. The game ran smoothly, even with all of the destruction and chaos. The story was pretty basic and enjoyed poking fun at America as much as possible. There wasn't too much variety to the missions, but this was mainly due to me making use of the ability to use cheats at will. The side missions were all easy, and the collectables weren't too overwhelming with the use of some guides. I also knocked out the missable identities trophy during my original play through of the game. I can imagine this game being a decent challenge without the use of cheats. I've already picked up the sequel on sale a few months back, so I'll be sure to check that out at some stage. Not a bad game, but there are much better games out there. The trophies were all pretty straightforward, with only three requiring a small bit of a grind at the end of the game. Regardless, I enjoyed my time with Crypto and his shenanigans. #138: Twin Robots (VITA) My 6000th trophy as well as my first platinum for the PlayStation Vita. Not much to say about this game that I haven't already, as I picked up the platinum for the PS4 version a couple of months back. I must say I'm happy with my purchase of the Vita, even though the wrong model arrived (Received a Slim model instead of the original model, but the trek of returning it and ordering another Vita didn't seem worth it.) 🙃 I have plenty of games to play on it, including a number of cross-buy titles similar to Twin Robots. I'll keep an eye out for Vita sales on PSPrices, as they seem to omit sales on the actual store. My only regret is not picking up the console sooner!
  11. I was young at the time, but I can remember my older brother picking up the PS3 along with Metal Gear Solid 4 back in the latter half of ‘08. What’s crazy is that it took me until July of 2010 to finally connect the PS3 to the internet.. I remember playing some great games (Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction) as well as some horrible games (Far Cry 2, Solider of Fortune: Payback) during that time period. There is definitely a few games that I’m after forgetting about entirely though, which is a shame.
  12. No, you must play from the Condenser all the way through to First Night without skipping any chapters. As for what you can do differently... I’m not sure. Maybe switch the difficulty to ‘I don’t play video games often’? It says in the trophy guide that if the trophy didn’t pop, it’s likely that you did something wrong in the Condenser. So I’m guessing it seems that you may have either failed a QTE or missed an entity entirely. Best of luck, replaying chapters is tiresome in this game.
  13. #133: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition My second time picking up this platinum. Romero would indeed be proud! It's honestly hard to believe that it's been almost 8 years since I got the platinum for the PS3 version of this title. Revisiting this game was a fun experience, and it's led me to believe that this may just be my favourite indie. I started off on Normal difficulty, and got all of the collectibles out of the way first. It was quite tedious following a video guide, and it sort of spoiled my reintroduction to the game, but it was great to have the collectibles out of the way early on. Next up was Grim difficulty, and I coasted through it with little to no difficulty. All that was left was to beat the game on Morbid, and this was once again very manageable. A fully upgraded Shocker was incredibly effective in the later levels, as well as the grenade launcher accompanied by some flares. Highway to Hell has some difficult sections, but nothing too extreme. I was then able to breeze through the game in co-op with a buddy, as well as help him achieve all of the 'Road of Devastation' trophies. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to reach round 10 in duos, but we got there on our second attempt. I had already reached level 10 solo so that was beneficial of course. I would say Endless mode is probably the most difficult part of this platinum, but the video guide provided here made it pretty doable. It took me roughly 5 attempts, so it ended up being more time consuming rather than actually difficult. My final play time was around 15 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. If I ever do decide to pick up a PS Vita, I'll probably end up stacking this for a third time. Excellent game! #134: Energy Cycle Very little to say about this game. I enjoyed the soundtrack, for all of the 20 minutes I had the application opened for. The game consists of three main modes: Puzzle mode, Time Attack and Infinity Layer. The latter two are easily manipulated by mashing the 'x' button as soon as you begin (EU version). This ends up skipping through each level, thus rewarding you with the respective trophies for reaching a particular level/levels. Puzzle mode consisted of 28 puzzles, which are not randomly generated so the solutions provided can be copied by anyone, which is what I ended up doing. Reminded me of the Beat School trophies that appear in Sound Shapes! One of the easiest platinum's I've ever achieved, literally anyone could get it. No doubt I would have struggled if I had tried to do this legit. #135: Sigi - A Fart for Melusina A very simple and silly 2D sidescroller. This is an even easier version of Devious Dungeons, if you can believe that. The game consists of a total of 20 levels, with a boss appearing at every fifth level. I played through the game blind for my first play through, and only ended up with a campaign completion of 46%! The caves are very difficult to spot, as they are only indicated by a very small 'x'. Enemy variety is minimal, and there isn't any section that was in any way challenging. It had some enjoyable background music that fit in well with the game. Completing the game to 100% in under 30 minutes sounds like a difficult task, but is actually very manageable thanks to YouTube guides as well as the ability to pause the game without the timer continuing. If your looking for a quick platinum, then this is the game for you. Don't spend too much on it though, as there's only about two hours of content at the most.
  14. Energy Cycle Sigi - A Fart for Melusina Well, that was quick. Saw this topic and noticed I had 8 of the listed games sitting in my backlog. 😶 Perfect excuse to try them out. Anyway, I'd like to enter into this competition. Drowning (EU) version would be great, thanks. Very nice of you to organise such events!
  15. As of now I'm currently 5 missions into my Morbid play through. It's been smooth sailing so far, but the toughest missions/sections are yet to come. I'm enjoying it a lot and I look forward to having this platinum for a second time. Fantastic game.