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  1. Add me into the Titan category please. I've 6 out of the 7 games completed, all of them bar the latest entry.. should've picked it up on sale but I'll wait!
  2. Another World was an easy 100%. It was given out free on PS Plus so you may already have it. Just follow a guide if you get stuck, there is a few speed run’s posted on YouTube
  3. I love it when the above track plays! Season 5 has actually been amazing so far. Honestly I was expecting this to be just an average season of television but it's been really gripping and it's got me second guessing everything that's going on. Pleasantly surprised.
  4. #105: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker My third favourite entry in what is undeniably my favourite game series. Looking back through my trophy list, it's funny to see all of my failed attempts at completing the campaign. I first started this game in August of 2013, and it wasn't until that same month in 2015 when I had finally finished the story. Four different attempts over the course of the two years.. and I seem to remember me deleting a save file and restarting anew as I'd forgot the story. It's been an eventful journey to the platinum, taking me 5 years and 5 months! The worst part about this game is getting through the ridiculous amount of vehicle extra ops with less than ideal gear in order to unlock the gear that makes these missions a walk in the park.. I thought recruiting staff would be a grind but it was nothing compared to completing the 42 vehicle missions which got repetitive fast. Once you get through those missions and unlock the best gear (M47, Kampfpistole, Infinity Bandana & Carl Gustav FR) all that remains is for you to power through the rest of the missions and obtain an S rank in each of them. My final play time ending up being just short of 100 hours. Went out of my way in order to have this platinum as my 5000th trophy milestone and I'm glad I did so 🙃
  5. Just over 100 attempts later and the prick finally dropped the item... but now I have a new problem. It's saying I don't have the required staff to develop the item... but I have multiple staff in my Intel unit with the Japanese Patriot skill? My R&D team is at level 99 so there's no issue in that regard.. I guess I'll just go back to grinding mission 49 in hopes that the game registers that I have staff with the skill.. very disheartening. Edit: Wow... turns out I couldn't develop the item because I hadn't any staff in my R&D department with the Japanese Patriot skill.. I had them all in my Intel team 🙃 Panic over!
  6. I’m about to go back grinding this.. I’ll message you once I’ve managed to get it to drop and can help you with the two trophies you have left then
  7. Gran Turismo 5, an impressive platinum for sure
  8. I'll pick 5 games that are already on my profile and I'll add 5 games that I've bought, downloaded and just haven't started yet... Backlog Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS3) - The only game I ever bought on release day. Not sure why I stopped playing it... I think I burned myself out completing all of those side ops and just haven't gone back to the story mode since. I cleaned up the online trophies some time last year but made no progress on the campaign itself. Difficult game that'll take a while to get used to again.. The Last Guardian - Possibly the worst set of trophies I've ever tried to complete. Managed to get the trophy for hearing all of the hints but somehow missed the trophy for feeding Trico every barrel which wasn't nice. My last save is an hour into my no death speed run so I'm not sure when I'll be up for getting through the rest of that.. Metal Gear Solid 2 - The MGS I'm least familiar with, and one of the tougher platinum's in the series. Going to take a lot of work and dedication to finish this one up. Mass Effect 2 - I've tried to get into this game on numerous different occasions and every time I haven't managed to play the game for more than a few hours. I had a similar situation with Bayonetta and ended up having a great time with it so I'll be sure to give this game a proper chance. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Probably being very unrealistic with this one. I remember having an extremely difficult time with parrying and the combat system in general so I just gave up on the game. Apparently this game is Dualshock 4 compatible so I'll definitely give it another go with a better controller! I had a similar problem with Batman: Arkham Asylum where I had to borrow a controller off a friend just to complete the combat challenges (The analogues on my DS3's are horrible). Games purchased but yet to start: Horizon Zero Dawn Life is Strange Rise of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Colossus Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition I have high hopes for the above 5 games, and have heard great things about each of them.. I'm just not sure when I'll get around to playing them.
  9. I guess I'm part of the unlucky group. I've switched up my tactic.. I've been searching all over for the best ways of getting the item to drop and it seems that destroying his tail/wings/head with a lethal weapon and then proceeding to tranquilize him offers the best chance of getting the item to drop. Only time will tell I guess..
  10. I seem to be having no luck at all in getting Rathalos to drop his item. What I've been doing: replaying Rathalos / Twilight over and over again, beating him in about a minute each time. I've been using the M47 (rocket launcher) to take him down and it's just really beginning to test my patience now. I thought it would be smooth sailing after I S ranked all of the damn vehicle missions but that has not been the case.. For anyone who managed to get the item to drop, does this sound normal? Can you remember how you got him to drop his item? Lethal or non-lethal kill? Any advice/help would be appreciated. As for now, I'm going to stop playing this mission and go back to batting Peace Walker Custom; haven't managed to get it's leg drop for Zeke either.. 😶
  11. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Will the vehicle Extra Ops missions ever end? Difficult, time consuming and tedious. At least I've been S ranking the majority of the ones I've played. I've about 30 Extra Ops left to do and around half of them are more vehicle missions.. 😶 I also recently acquired the Kampfpistole so that'll make those final few Outer Ops a breeze. I have a feeling I'll have to grind for some more staff once I've completed each Extra Op as I still have a ways to go before I manage to procure the best items/weapons in the game.. but the platinum is in sight. These last few missions will be difficult without the essential gear but I'm sure I'll be able for it. I'm predicting I'll have 100+ hours on my save file before I finish.. good thing I really like the game because this is going to be tough.
  12. #101: Apotheon Two things surprised me about Apotheon: it's high number of game owners and it's low platinum completion rate. Was this a PS Plus free game at some point? I never heard of the game before. It was on sale for less than a fiver so I decided to pick it up. Aside from a few seemingly random game crashes, I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Story wise it was pretty standard, reminded me of the God of War games. The levels were laid out well, and I liked the artistic style of the game. The controls during combat felt a little clunky at times, and the in game physics were a bit odd. I found myself skipping as many fights as I could as the game progressed because the rewards given from dealing with a horde of soldiers just didn't feel worthwhile. The weapon you get from Zeus makes the clean up an absolute breeze, and the silver trophies pop quickly when following a guide. You also pick up the majority of the lockboxes during these side quests. If it wasn't for the Olympian glitch I probably wouldn't have even got the platinum, the one playthrough was enough for me. My final play time was around 12 hours. #102: Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Standard Artifex Mundi game, except this one only required the one playthrough. Beginning to enjoy these point and clicks, they make a relaxing break from the usual games I'm used to. The plot was strange, which seems to be the norm from this developer. An enjoyable few hours. #103: Dark Arcana: The Carnival That creepy background track is still stuck in my head... another point and click that I picked up cheap. This one required two playthroughs, but the game is short so I didn't mind. The trick of leaving just one hidden object on screen made those monaco puzzles a breeze. Really strange plot that is actually pretty dark and sinister. #104: Devious Dungeon Another easy one from Ratalaika games. Pretty short sidescroller that caused no issues. The levels are randomly generated, and you must play through three in a row without dying to progress to the next set of three. The five boss battles are pretty easy, and only certain enemy types can cause problems. You purchase upgrades as you gather coins from breakable boxes and enemies scattered throughout the levels, and I had many upgrades still to purchase by the time I finished up with the game. The only trophy I had left after completing the game was to 'collect 100 keys', but that only took an extra half an hour of my time. I noticed that I'm close to 5000 trophies and I've decided to coincide this milestone with me achieving (well, hopefully) the platinum for MGS: Peace Walker. I think I've about 50 odd hours on my save file and still have a bit to do...
  13. 2018 was my best year in gaming since maybe 2012... it's been a long time since I've continuously played games throughout the whole calender year 😶 I think this was mainly due to me purchasing a PS4 and a new TV during the Black Friday sales in late 2017. The step up in quality engrossed me and I had a plethora of great games to play throughout the year. I think I just needed a spark to get me back into the worlds of both gaming and trophy hunting. I even managed to pick up and play some of my old PS3 games that have been collecting dust for years and finally finish them off. I've enough games to keep me occupied throughout the whole next year between games I picked up recently on sale (the majority under €5) and a PlayStation Now subscription. I also have games picked up throughout the last year that have been sitting at 0% for quite some time... Horizon Zero Dawn & Shadow of the Colossus come to mind! : from 2247 to 3111 (+864) : from 667 to 1140 (+473) : from 197 to 468 (+271) : from 51 to 98 (+47) PSN Level: from 20 to 27 (+7) Trophies earned: 1665 Favourite : Final Fantasy XIII Least favourite : Jack N' Jill DX Favourite 100%: Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  14. I've only recently started to try out indie games and these are the games I've enjoyed so far. I have plenty more bought and not downloaded yet! Fun, unique game. You take control of a character in the form of a detached head and use this to progress through each area. You can dock and undock between a wide range of bodies throughout the game - typically citizens and guards. The game rewards exploration in the form of upgrades for your head making it more versatile and agile in use. Would highly recommend this game, it also has an interesting story on top of the great gameplay. A fast paced 8-bit style platform game with challenging gameplay and a great soundtrack. The background music almost encourages you to rush through every level. Each level lasts roughly 30 seconds each, making it a great game to dip in and out of. Some of the platforming is very precise, especially during the later levels. I think I had around 1500 deaths by the time I had finished up the game. It can be frustrating at times but I found it to be an enjoyable experience overall. Very chilled out game with no combat and a focus on exploration. It has a mixture of platforming and puzzle solving with neither of the two being that difficult. Certain puzzles at the end can become tricky but there's guides up on YouTube. An atmospheric game that also boasts a great soundtrack.
  15. #100: Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Hard to believe it's almost been 9 years since I collected my first trophy.. damn. It took me just over 24 hours to achieve 112% across the 3 games and what an enjoyable experience it was. Impressive graphics, a soothing soundtrack and for the most part fluid gameplay. I was lucky enough not to encounter any glitches over the course of the 3 games and only had a drop in frame rate during one of the Agent 9 side missions in the 3rd game when a bunch of enemies appeared on screen. Motion blur was a little bit of an issue, especially when turning quickly during the flying levels. It's also a shame that the majority of my trophy screenshots for the game are really blurry. 😶 Aside from that I was very pleased with the trilogy overall. Not perfect, but very impressive nonetheless. Year of the Dragon was probably my least favourite out of the 3, but I'm only talking small margins here. I didn't like how there wasn't any in-game maps for the additional areas (small issue I know) and I felt that the newly introduced characters movements felt sluggish in comparison to Spyro's. That being said, the story was decent and I really enjoyed the soundtrack to this game. My personal favourite has to be - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIrZi4rSOPc The level design was complex and some of the eggs were in some very sneaky locations. This game was probably the easiest out of the 3 in terms of getting the platinum, seeing as you only need to collect 100 out of the 150 total eggs. The Super Bonus round at the end was fun though and it's nice seeing this game at 117%! Happy to have this game as my 100th platinum!