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  1. A lot of options as I’ve played a lot of the same games.. I’ll go with Metal Gear Solid 3. Easiest MGS to platinum, plus it’s just one of the best games ever..
  2. #77: Grand Theft Auto III I have been working on this game on and off for the past couple of months and it feels great to finally have it at 100%. I actually have no memory of playing this as a kid and I'm pretty sure it's just a game I used to watch my older brother play. The single thing I remembered was that it had a silent protagonist 🙃 Therefore I had no feelings of nostalgia when playing this game (the same can't be said for Vice City/San Andreas) yet it was still a game I enjoyed completing. Goes to show how great a game it was for it's time (and still is). The platinum itself could've easily been one of the most difficult ones I've gone about obtaining had it not been for the ability to use cheats and the ability to use a tank to help with the rampages post game. Some of the vehicles were also a pain to get so prior experience would've been a bonus when dealing with those. Even with cheats, this game can still prove to be difficult at times and adjusting to the lack of auto-save and checkpoints took some getting used to. In no rush to load up San Andreas as I've already 'd the PS3 release version, but it's my favourite GTA so I'll have no problem running through it again!
  3. My average rarity is currently sitting at 42.36%. I’ve never really paid attention to this figure before. I’m more focused on my completion rate, which is now at 85.04% with 108 games played. Happy to see this figure on a steady incline.
  4. My PlayStation Now free trial has come to an end, managed to get 7 platinum's over the course of the week from it. My trial ended while I was playing through episode 4 of The Walking Dead 😓 Sucks... I'll probably purchase the service again at some stage if ever a deal comes about. The ability to download the PS4 titles onto your PS4 was great! Anyway.. #74: Day of the Tentacle Remastered Pretty wacky game. No way would I have been able to complete it without a guide, let alone platinum it. I just don't think point and click adventures suit me. Still, a pretty entertaining game nonetheless. #75: Magus This game was actually entertaining despite being so terrible. I gave up on the story after a mission or two as it wasn't at all interesting. It's crazy that you can get the platinum easily without ever dying in the game.. a game worthy of the 75th platinum milestone(!) #76: Burly Men At Sea Really don't have much to say about this game, as there isn't much to this game at all. Would never have played it if it wasn't free on PS Plus. Surely one of the easiest platinum's available on PS4/Vita.
  5. Decided to finally try out PlayStation Now this week as I knew I'd have a lot of time off. It's been interesting to say the least.. I'm halfway through my trial and have managed to pick up 5 platinum's so far. #69: Heavy Fire Afghanistan By far the worst game I've played during the PlayStation 3/4 era. Terrible dialog, terrible gameplay, terrible graphics, just plain terrible. Really easy platinum and that's about all this game has to offer. #70: The Wolf Among Us Can't believe I've never even heard of this game before trying it out. My first telltale game and it did not disappoint. Absolutely loved the main character, Bigby, and the plot itself was really interesting. The game is also accompanied by an amazing soundtrack that was really suited to the game. My GOTY for 2018! #71: Seasons After Fall A very chilled out game that I enjoyed from start to finish. The lack of direction proved frustrating at times, and some of the later puzzles were actually quite difficult, but overall it was a nice experience. Loved the artistic style of this game as well. Must really try out some more of these 'metroidvania-lite' style games. #72: N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure Really short and straightforward game. I struggled to understand what was actually going on throughout the game, but I found a plot summary of the game afterwards that summed up the game nicely. The plot itself is actually really dark. Still I enjoyed the 2-3 hours I spent on the game. #73: Eventide: Slavic Fable My first ever point and click adventure game. Not really sure if this genre is for me. I'm not very good at piecing things together. Followed a walkthrough from start to finish and it seemed to me like there was a whole lot going on. A lot of back and forth and a lot of the puzzles were quite intuitive.
  6. Crysis 3 2.77% || 0.58% ~ 100% I've achieved tougher platinum's this year, but this one is the rarest. Happy to have this game @ 100%.
  7. Batman AA: PS3. I played it on Hard my first time as well and I don’t remember it being difficult. Training yourself not to button mash is essential in order to beat those damn combat challenges.. Dead Nation: there is a co-op trophy, but I’m nearly certain the campaign is easier solo. It’s been many years since I played so can’t be 100% certain. Again I played the PS3 version. Metal Gear Revengeance: I have a really hard time with Bayonetta.. I can only play it every so often as it frustrates me, Normal is difficult enough as it is.. I must really go back to MGR and try to get better at parrying. CoD: WaW - Really is a great feeling beating the campaign on Veteran, definitely the toughest CoD at that difficulty that I’ve played. CoD MW2 - Yeah Spec Ops is definitely the most challenging aspect of MW2. I remember that Juggernaut mission really well, that mission can really test your patience.. the Juggernaut mission in the Favela was hell too.. MGS4 - Yeah I understand. No point in going straight for crazy difficulty if your new to the series.. I had about 30+ playthroughs of MGS4 before the trophies were even patched in and I still found that run to be insane. Had to do it though, I’m pretty sure that MGS4 is my favourite ever game.. Crash Bandicoot: Yeah I plan on 100% all of the Crash games too. I had all the gem’s and 25/26 relic’s got over a weekend.. the games really are down to practice practice and more practice. Spyro will be a definite purchase from me as well!
  8. From my games in common with you and from my own experience... Batman: Arkham Asylum - The combat challenges.. Achieving 24 medals in those can be pretty difficult. Dead Nation - Complete the campaign on ‘Morbid’ difficulty. It’s been many years since I’ve played this but I’m pretty sure the campaign on the highest difficulty was pretty brutal. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - ‘Complete story mode on Revengeance difficulty with all S ranks’ ... I struggled with the game on Normal difficulty so much so that I quit it after one chapter (couldn’t parry) so I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult this task would be. I think I’ve read that some of the DLC tasks are insanely difficulty too. Call of Duty: World at War - Veteran difficulty was no joke, especially that level ‘The Heart of the Reich’ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - ‘Earn 69 stars in Special Ops’. Can’t remember how difficult the campaign was on Veteran but I do remember the Special Ops (got 69 stars twice) and it can be very difficult. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Getting the Big Boss Emblem. Beat the game on the highest difficulty, no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no bandana, no stealth suit, in under 5 hours.. I would literally say it’s impossible without a guide. Crash Bandicoot - Getting all the gold relics. Especially for the DLC level ‘Stormy Ascent’.
  9. #68: Crash Bandicoot + 100% Everything was going smoothly until I tried to get the relic for Stormy Ascent.. took me nearly a week of playing a bit every day but I finally managed to beat it! Hardest level in the game by far.. Gathering all the gem’s was easier than I thought it would be, and the relic hunt went by quickly until I reached the level ‘Fumbling in the Dark’. Definitely the second hardest level for me. Great to be able to play these games again looking their best.
  10. Crash Bandicoot at the moment. Going for the platinum + 100% at the same time, and I’m currently at 25/26 levels at a gold or better relic time, but I’m finding Stormy Ascent to be really difficult.. every other level was easy in comparison.. I know I can beat it I’m just struggling to keep playing it for more than 30 minutes..
  11. #67: Crysis 3 + 100% Another PS3 game off the backlog! Not a bad game, not a great game. I would like the 3 Crysis games to be remastered so I could try out the first 2 entries. Big thanks to anyone who participated in the boosting sessions for the online trophies, all the sessions ran smoothly. For an ultra rare platinum, this game actually has no difficult trophy (asssuming you boost the online ones). Supersoldier is really easy as long as your stealthy and plan ahead. Not sure what I’ll go for next...
  12. Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut - 100% Free with PS Plus. Not a bad game, some of the puzzles were quite difficult but I found a great 100% guide on YouTube. Another World - 100% Again free with PS Plus. Never played this game before so no nostalgia. Really difficult game, but it was nice playing something so simple (content wise) again. Again guides on YouTube helped with the 100%. Need for Speed: Most Wanted - 100% If it weren’t for the DLC being ridiculously expensive I would’ve got the 100% when I first played the game back in 2016. Luckily the DLC went on sale for like a €5 earlier this year. I can see why the 100% is so rare (0.51%) considering you have to grind out a lot of miles to get everything done. Not difficult by any means but you have to be careful with grinding miles as you can lose out on progress if you get disconnected from the Autolog servers. Getting a group of 7 to get the ‘Super Freak’ licence plate is the most troublesome part of the DLC. Really happy to finally have this @ 100% 😇
  13. The DLC trophies for Need for Speed Most Wanted. Currently grinding these trophies at the moment. I’m driving an endless 13 mile loop around the city and it really is tedious. As if driving 200 miles with 15 different cars (200 miles per car) wasn’t enough, there is a lot of extra requirements in order to obtain certain licence plates. For example, one licence plate requires me to jump over 6 other cars with a specific car. So i now have to try and organize a session for 7 people just for this plate Any game that has a trophy where you need ‘x’ number of people online to achieve it really sucks. (Like the Wildcat’s trophy in Burnout Paradise) This game would’ve remained at 82% forever if it wasn’t for the DLC going on sale for like €5. The DLC is crazy expensive without a sale. I can now see why this game has such a rare 100% completion rate (0.51%).
  14. For the games that you have played this year, I’d go with Ratchet & Clank. Fun game with a really easy platinum. For the poster below me, pick a PS3 game from my list, can’t decide what to play next 😶
  15. My favourite PS3 game that I’ve played and will ever play is Metal Gear Solid 4. Bought it along with my PS3 back in August ‘08. 10 years of gaming and I’ve yet to find a game that I’ve loved as much as MGS4. A few have come close, but I don’t think I’ll ever find a game that’ll top it. Makes me want to replay it...