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  1. Yeah, you can add it once it gets DLC. Sorry about that! I've updated that game to the complete list and added your points now! Thanks! Hopefully you've had a good June too!
  2. No, just the platinum is enough to earn points, but if you have a game you already did the platinum for and any DLC left on it, it can also count for points. But you can’t say complete a game for points and then do the DLC for the same game and earn points. Each game only counts once. Just wanted to mention, you can’t remove games until August. You can add any game under the percentage limit for now, but removing games is strictly limited to April and August.
  3. No you could start them whenever. I try to be quick about updating lists, but I can check the time and date of your post and timestamps on trophies if necessary if you get the game percentage too high before I update it to your list. You could even start them before you post as long as they’re under the percentage rule.
  4. Announcement: This event just got way more streamlined! Games that are not on your backlog list no longer count for points! It didn't seem right to me that games that weren't part of the event were adding up to more points than games from people's backlog lists. So, due to wanting to keep the backlog lists relevant I've decided to remove all points from games not in people's lists. I was mulling over whether to add points for every single game completed at the beginning of the event and then regretted it by the end of April. Since I've found the time to do it, everything has been updated now according to the new rules. Everything else about the competition has stayed the same. __________________________________________________________________________________ Everything is updated now! I will update again at the end of the month! Great work on the backlogs everyone!
  5. Sorry! I've fixed it now! I didn't even notice that mistake with Terraria. Games getting DLC and then getting moved up on people's lists, or people working on older DLC of completed games makes it a lot more challenging to keep scores correct.
  6. Think I got everything updated now. If I messed anything up please let me know. This is getting really hard to keep track of everyone's lists and points. But I will manage... Probably close off sign-ups at 25 people. I don't think I'll be able to manage more, plus we are already halfway into the year anyways.
  7. Can you quote your post in April where you added it to your list? I can't find the post. Are you sure you added it? I went back through all the old posts from April thinking I missed it and couldn't find it. EditL: Nevermind, I see you updated your original post from February. Please make a new forum post in the future to let me know you made changes. It's impossible for me to track otherwise. Updated your score. It was worth 0.5 points since I already added a completed game for May. Also, the other Final Fantasy I'll count for 0.1 points. It's what I've been doing with autopops. They just don't count for monthly games completed.
  8. Just got a notification in-game. It’s double XP weekend again until Tuesday 10 AM PDT!
  9. I’d like to sign up! The list: 1. Fallout: New Vegas (30/76 - 33%) 2. Life is Strange (12/61 - 18%) 3. PAC-Man Championship Edition DX (7/15 - 33%) 4. InFAMOUS First Light (0/25 - 0%) 5. Journey (0/14 - 0%) Swaps:0/3 Trophies: 49/191 Games Complete: 0/5
  10. My first update in a while! I’ve completed Space Otter Charlie and Pocket Academy from my backlog list. Completed: 1. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 100% 2. The Walking Dead: Michonne 100% 3. Broken Age 100% 4. Space Otter Charlie 100% 5. Pocket Academy 100% 6. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 100% Incomplete: 7. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (28%) 8. Call of Duty Vanguard (17%) 9. Two Point Hospital (31%) 10. Fallout New Vegas (30%) 11. Far Cry Blood Dragon (0%) 12 InFamous: Festival of Blood (0%) 13. Brothers: A tale of Two Sons (0%)
  11. Updated everyone's lists to here! Got busy towards the middle of this month and wasn't able to do a leaderboard update.... I will get the next leaderboard update in in about a week, for the end of the month. It's safe to say, the scores will change a lot, since this is the longest time I've went without updating them.
  12. Everything is doable solo. It’d probably be easier to boost for the kill trophies, but due to the game mainly factoring in time spent in-game for XP it’d probably take the same amount of time whether you boosted with others or not. Just for reference I was already level 30+ but the time I got the kill trophy on Jayto. They massively increased XP gains, and also they’ve been running Double XP events at the beginning of the month the last two months (hopefully they continue to do so).
  13. I got an Xbox Series S, and it is currently the only current gen system I have (after owning a ps, ps2, ps3 and ps4). Here’s my list of Pros and Cons from switching between ps4 and Xbox: Cons: -the digital store sales aren’t even close to as good on Xbox. Which is really bad for me since Series S is digital only. -the controller; The sticks are harder to manage in FPS games. I also don’t like the L2/R2 buttons as much. -No trophies (because I like to hunt them and don’t like achievements). pros: -Gamepass! Lots of really great games on the service. There are a lot of really great indie games on there and also day one releases like(recently): Tunic, Rainbow Six Extraction, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Trek to Yomi, etc. -Backwards Conpatibility and being able to play a lot of 360 games at 4k or 60 fps. -No trophies (yes, as a pro too. Sometimes it’s good to play games without worrying about them. I feel like I play more of what I want to play without them, and if I don’t like a game, I can immediately delete it.) -free cloud saves, not tied behind a sub. -xcloud is one of the best streaming services I have tried. It’s good for when you just want to try a game out instead of downloading it, to see if you like it. I had ps now for a long time and the streaming quality wasn’t near as good. I still plan to get a PlayStation 5, once I can find one and have the money to do so.